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Disney Springs
really has undergone an amazing transformation. We have probably spent more time there in the last couple years than we had the 10 prior. Lots of great places to eat with a variety of tastes and prices. In fact, for several months we have been talking about noshing our way around Disney Springs.

We were staying at a Disney Springs hotel recently, so we decided it was time for Noshing Night! Our criteria was to sit at the bar and order a beverage and appetizer. A progressive dinner without dessert. One important note — Linda enjoys craft cocktails and I only drink wine (mostly red). Both of us were certain to be drinking lots of water and most of the bartenders were refilling our glasses without asking.


The sky was clear on this Friday evening as the week of rain had finally ended for a few hours. Still, it was a hot June evening.

Art Smith's Homecoming: Florida Kitchen and Shine

We began at Art Smith’s Homecoming: Florida Kitchen and Shine Bar, one of our favorite places at Disney Springs.

The Homecoming bar has two options, you can either sit inside the restaurant (in air conditioning) or outside. We spotted two seats inside and sat down. Bartender Doug came over and introduced himself, keeping us happy for the duration.

Homecoming Florida Kitchen and Shine Bar

Art Smith's Homecoming: Florida Kitchen and Shine Bar

We perused the beverage menu. Linda feels that Homecoming has one of the best craft cocktail bars in Disney Springs. She chose the Cucumber Cooler, which consisted of Tito’s handmade vodka with lime juice, simple syrup and crisp cucumber slices ($11). Linda asked for it very easy on the simple syrup and it came out perfectly. I actually might have enjoyed it on the rocks.

I chose an Alexander Valley Merlot ($12), although I would have preferred a nice crisp white — but this is a craft cocktail bar, not a wine bar (Winebar George, we can’t wait for you to open!)

Cucumber Cooler Art Smith's Homecoming: Florida Kitchen and Shine

Drinks having arrived, it was time for food. We ordered the Church Lady Deviled Eggs ($10 for 6). OMG! We order them every visit! I recall the first time we ate there I was thinking, “Why pay so much money for a deviled egg?” But you have to try them! Then you’ll understand.

Church Lady Deviled Eggs

Linda then decided some of the Cheddar Cheese Drop Biscuits ($6) would be great, especially since we were drinking. Another OMG! These were quite different than the ones we had here previously. Our barkeep told us they had changed them and added cream cheese to fluff them up. They were outstanding! Who takes biscuits home in their doggie bag? We did!


We chatted, noshed and sipped there for about an hour, paid our bill and left to find another spot.

Rating: Food 5*, Service 5*, Ambiance 5*.

As we walked outside, we talked about where to head next. Linda had a hankering for oysters so off to the Boathouse we went.

Boathouse at Disney Springs

As you might imagine, it was quite crowded over there. There is the Captain’s Raw Bar inside, just as you enter the restaurant, but we find it too loud to talk so we opt for the dockside bar.


Boathouse at Disney Springs

The only outdoor seating was in direct sun, so we walked around a bit in hopes something in the shade would free up. Sure enough, a table for two opened up at the outside bar with our names on it.

Boathouse at Disney Springs

Linda placed an order for oysters along with a Blue Moon Beer. I was still feeling full from Homecoming and wanted something cool and refreshing so I ordered a glass of prosecco.


Blue Moon Beer and Proseco

We have enjoyed beautiful sunsets at this location before, but tonight that wasn’t meant to be. Instead we enjoyed watching folks in the Amphicars. In fact, we even got to see one of them being towed back in due to technical problems. Oops.


After we had been there about an hour, we felt the temperature had gotten increasingly hotter. Soon we were both feeling sluggish. Time to walk!

Rating: Food 5*, Service 3.5*, Ambiance 5*.

We saw lots of different types of entertainment around Disney Springs, which is always fun. I really like that they have enhanced this aspect since the total refurbishment of the old Downtown Disney. We enjoyed the strolling violinist, strolling piano and singer and a Living Statue. It was very entertaining to watch folks who wanted to get their photo with the Living Statue, but were not exactly sure how to approach him. We even had fun checking out the Lego displays.

Disney Springs Entertainment

Disney Parks Legos

Disney Springs Entertainment

Our next and what turned out to be our final stop — Morimoto Asia.

 Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs

The downstairs bar was very noisy and hectic so we made our way to the upstairs bar. Ah, the air conditioning felt so very good and soon we both perked up again.

Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs

Linda loves the Manhattan East here so she ordered one. It is made of hiro sake, Makers Mark bourbon, canton liqueur, and orange bitters ($14).

Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs Manhattan East Cocktail

To no one’s surprise I ordered another glass of red wine, Antinori Santa Cristina Chianti, Tuscany ($12). I have found this chianti works really well with Morimoto’s ribs!

Our two servers, Matthew and Junko, took most excellent care of us. Linda decided the Manhattan that Junko made was the BEST Manhattan East she has had there!

I ordered an appetizer portion of the spare ribs (pork ribs, cilantro, hoisin sweet chili glaze) for $14. One of my favorites — three tender and crispy ribs. Be careful of the red threads on top of the ribs, though. They are VERY hot!

Spare Ribs Appetizer Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs

Linda got a Spicy Tuna Roll with white rice (you have a choice between white and brown). The tuna, with spicy mayo and scallion, is $13.

Spicy Tuna Roll Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs

We were having lots of fun talking with the bartenders and soaking up the relaxing atmosphere. Love the background music upstairs — smooth jazz or New Age, not sure which.

Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs

Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs


Rating: Food 5*, Service 5*, Ambiance 5*.

Around 9 p.m. we decided to call it a night and walked back to our Disney Springs hotel.

The food of the night award goes to Homecoming! The server of the night award goes to Matthew at Morimoto Asia.

You might be asking yourself, “What did all this cost?” The food itself without tax/tip came to $73, divided by two that made it about $37 each. The alcohol without tax/tip came to $78.50, so just under $40 each. All totaled including tip, tax and tags our total price was $185.75.

There were a few discounts available. Homecoming offers the Tables in Wonderland 20 percent discount; the Boathouse offers 10 percent with the Annual Passport (food only), and Morimoto Asia takes the Tables in Wonderland 20 percent.

We certainly won’t be doing this often, given the price tag, but it made for a perfect evening out!
It was wonderful and we hope to do it again when the weather turns cooler.

Have you enjoyed a night of noshing at Disney Springs? Where did you go? Tell us about it in the comments.

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8 Replies to “Noshing Night at Disney Springs”

  1. How fun! My sister and I once did something similar, but at the resort bars/lounges. Once we did the monorail loop, and another time we did the EPCOT resorts. Nice memories 🙂

  2. I have noshed my way around Disney Springs 2-3 times per year since approximately 2015, as dining and shopping are two of my favorite activities whenever I visit the Walt Disney World resort, and Disney springs happens to be the perfect destination for both! Some of my most memorable noshing experiences (and I should mention that I personally do not drink alcohol), was the food truck expo by the lake where they also usually have some nice live music playing.

    I had an order of traditional Asian pork potstickers, which were first steamed and then fried to a light crisp, served with traditional dumpling sauce. These were by far some of the best gyoza that I have ever tasted!

    Another memorable noshing experience would be Amorette’s Patisserie, and I should mention that Disney sweet treats are One thing I must do as soon as possible after I arrive at the happiest place on earth.. I had read about this locale before it officially opened on, so I felt uber-excited to try it out. I was not disappointed one bit. Everything here not only looked great, but it tasted great too. Most recently, I opted for the blueberry lemon curd individual cheesecake, and it was to die for! Perhaps one of my least favorite noshing stations was the daily poutine. I found the overall variety, taste, and price of the Options to be sub-par.

    When you can easily think of so many other great tasty options to try at Disney Springs, it is a shame that the daily poutine does not keep up with its counterparts.

    Finally, full service dining has also been a mainstay at my Disney vacation. First the not so great: I was excited to try the boat house from the moment I set eyes on it, however the two occasions where I actually tried to have a decent meal here that unfortunately, did not turn out to be the case although it was mostly due to the service.

    On a positive note, I’ve had numerous excellent experiences at Wolfgang Puck express, where the macaroni and cheese topped with breadcrumbs is always a hit with my daughters and my seven-year-old even actually enjoys sharing my wild mushroom pizza with me. It’s so delicious she does not even notice there are mushrooms on the pizza. Another great family lunch spot we love is T-Rex Café, which is a nice change but somewhat similar in terms of ambience, menu, and pricing to rain forest café my daughters love the build the Dino experience near the gift shop at this restaurant.

  3. Your night sounds wonderful! We are actually taking a cruise out of Port Canaveral at the end of this year and plan to spend the day/night before at Disney Springs. Can you share the name of the hotel in which you stayed? I’d love a place that’s walking distance to Disney Springs! Thanks for all you do….

    Deb: I stayed at the Doubletree. They are an advertiser HOWEVER, we stayed under my friends name and paid for everything ourselves. In other words, we were “shopping” them. I would stay there again.

  4. I think what you did is a wonderful idea! There are so many new restaurants to try at Disney Springs, its a great way to sample a few all at once.
    The first time we wandered into Morimoto we didn’t want a big meal, so we got a seat in the downstairs bar. The servers were so very helpful, getting the kids children’s menus (which are filled with origami paper and instructions) and helping us order a variety of appetizers. We had a wonderful time and loved the food. Sadly, when we did actually go back for a sit down meal in the restaurant, we didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as our apps in the bar!

  5. Looking forward to moving to the central Florida area in the near future and purchasing an annual pass and Tables In Wonderland. Then, I will be able to visit my favorite place on Earth as much as I want and be able to enjoy all the different types of food available.

    DEB: Sounds like a great plan Jason!