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I’m excited about the addition of the festival marketplaces to the Flower and Garden Festival. I hope Disney does not increase the number of booths as that would really take away from the focus of the flowers. I will admit, it is nice to nosh around in the temperate springtime and enjoy the color!


These are my favorites from the new marketplaces (in order around World Showcase)

1) Florida Fresh: Watermelon Salad with pickled red onion, feta, arugula $3.50
Who knew watermelon and feta went so well together! I don’t care to eat onions so just removed them.

Flower and Garden Festival Marketplace Items

2) Taco de Carnitas – pork carnitas topped with Taramindo salsa, served over flour tortilla with pork rinds $4.95
Loved the crunch the pork rinds added!

Flower and Garden Festival Marketplace Items

3) Rosita Margarita on the rocks – tequila, triple sec and rose infusions $8.50
What can I say, went well with the Taco de Carnitas (see #2)

Flower and Garden Festival Marketplace Items

4) Potato Pancake with house made Apple Sauce $2.75
Light, flavorful and crispy – I took off all the apple sauce – way too sweet!

Flower and Garden Festival Marketplace Items

5) Panna Cotta al Limoncello and Chianti- Limoncello flavored Panna Cotta with wild berries $5.00

One of the best Panna Cotta – had zest of lemon which gave a new extra to the flavor – Of course Chiati – I”m in Italy after all!

Flower and Garden Festival Marketplace Items

6) Smoked Beef Brisket with Collard Greens and Jalapeño Corn Bread $6.75
Not sure why I included this one as I don’t eat collard greens or care for Jalapeno. I think the smells from here influenced me, yea that’s it! But seriously, I thought the brisket was very good.

Flower and Garden Festival Marketplace Items

7) Frushi – Fresh strawberries, pineapple and cantaloupe rolled with coconut rice atop a raspberry sauce sprinkled with toasted coconut and whipped cream $4.50

Something different and refreshing.

Flower and Garden Festival Marketplace Items

8) Baghrir – Moroccan pancake with honey, almonds and Argan Oil $3.00

Tell them LIGHT on the honey and easy on the oil and you’ll have a most enjoyable munch.

Flower and Garden Festival Marketplace Items

9) Chocolate Trifle $1.50

Chocolate – should I say more?

Flower and Garden Festival Marketplace Items

10) Potato, Chive and Cheddar Cheese Biscuit with Smoked Salmon Tartare and Sour Cream $4.25

Ok, this one isn’t mine but Linda’s. I needed a #10. She raved about the savory biscuit and the salmon went perfectly.


Over the course of several visits I ate just about everything my palate would try. I’m allergic to shellfish and tend to stay away from fish. I also don’t like things really sweet anymore (there was a time…..) I thought some of the food was over sauced/ over sweet – don’t be afraid to ask for anything on the side or just for a little.


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2 Replies to “Top 10 Marketplace Picks – Flower and Garden Festival”

  1. great info, is there a resource you can recommend for ingredients/allergen information on the special menu items? our family has a variety of food allergies: eggs, shellfish, peanut and gluten intolerance. it would be great to try some of these items and pre-plan for our trip. also, do you also have any suggestions for the food and wine festival? we do that every single year and love it – i’d love to plan a little better as to which items we can safely eat. jumping the line and/or discussing food ingredients with the cashier is not the easiest of tasks. thanks in advance!

    DEB: Unfortunately there is nothing in advance, that I am aware of, for detailed info on the foods at the booths. Each booth should have a listing of ingredients so you can ask.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this! Can you tell me what the “seaweed” wrapper was in the Frushi? Maybe thinly sliced melon? And also, do you remember if these selections were eligible for use as a snack credit? Definitely planning my Spring trip next year during Flower & Garden to take advantage of the marketplace booths!

    ALLEARS: Yes on the snack credits.