Disney Pic of the Week: Fences

Photographic Innoventions by Scott Thomas

Ah, Canada! A country in World Showcase full of lively music, hockey merchandise, cold beer and the popular steakhouse, Le Cellier. It is also the home to the most unique fencing found around World Showcase as it is not made out of metal. Wooden fencing decorated with red maple leafs, a national symbol of Canada, aline the pavilion facing the World Showcase lagoon.

Looking over Canada's fence at World Showcase in Epcot, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Looking over Canada’s fence at World Showcase.
Nikon D700/28-300VR, 1/80s, f/16, ISO 6400, EV 0, 16mm focal length.

Lisa will be here on Thursday with a familiar take on the Disney Pic of the Week about Fences.

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One Reply to “Disney Pic of the Week: Fences”

  1. As many times as I have been there I have never taken note of that fence with the red maple leaves. Thanks for pointing that out I will check that out in April when I am down there again!!

    Scott replies: This fence is easy to miss unless you look down a little. Oh, and don’t forget to look up, too.