Disneyland® Resort Offers Healthy, Kid-friendly Foods

Guests on vacation at the Disneyland® Resort can expect to find a variety of delicious food including many healthy items that are appealing to kids and kids at heart. Options such as fresh fruit and vegetables provide guests with variety and balance – factors that are important, particularly to parents.


At the Disneyland® Resort, kid-friendly, nutritious options are well thought out, beginning in the concept kitchen, where everything – from calorie count to color – is considered.

“We recently introduced a whole grain pasta dish for certain kids’ meals,” said Bill Orton, Disneyland® Resort certified executive chef. “In developing the new pasta, we wanted to make sure it was not too dark in color because some children are turned away simply by the color of a healthy choice.”

In addition to whole grain pasta, families can find grilled chicken, turkey meatballs and even halibut as options for their children. Resort kids’ meals are automatically served with low-fat milk, 100 percent fruit juice or water, along with side dishes such as apple sauce or carrots, making it easier for parents to give kids well-balanced meals while on vacation. Families opt for these healthy alternatives in nearly 60 percent of kids’ meals.

These nutritious food choices support the Disney Magic of Healthy Living, a national initiative recently launched by The Walt Disney Company in partnership with First Lady Michelle Obama to support parents in their quest to raise healthy, happy kids.

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