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I do and I’m sure many of you do it. Using our cameras while on a Disney ride or attraction. In the past I’ve shared one on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Test Track. Please, if you attempt ride photography do not endanger yourself or anyone riding with you. I make sure I am securely in my ride vehicle and my camera is not going to leave my hands. I wrap my strap about my arms and neck to make sure.

It is a challenge. Rides are fast and bumpy or slow and dark or a combination of the two. People who enjoy Disney themepark photography try to outdo each other on flickr and many Disney boards as to who can get the best ride shots. Many openly admit that it takes some luck to get a good ride photo. Just as the one I took on Expedition EVEREST. This is a fast ride which is half done inside a dark mountain with a Yeti chasing you. I thought it would be fun to see what a wide angle lens could do on this ride. The result you see below.

A Yeti mural seen on Expedition EVEREST in Disney's Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida.
A Yeti mural found in one of the caves of Expedition EVEREST.
Nikon D70/Tokina 11-16, 1/15s, f/9, ISO 400, EV -0.3, 11mm focal length

If you look at the shutter speed, you can see why I was lucky. There is a lot of motion blur in this photo but the mural of the Yeti is fairly steady even with the large contrast of the bright light coming from the cave opening. By the way, anyone know where on Expediton EVEREST this was taken? Leave a comment.

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4 Replies to “On-Ride Photos”

  1. Why were you shooting at f/9? On an 11mm lens f/4 would give you plenty of DoF without the blur.

    You really need to be in the front seat for the best view with that wide.

    Scott replies: I know, got to give this another try from the front seat. The camera was in P (program) mode and I didn’t change the low shutter speed in the Auto ISO setting from 1/15 of a second. Had I done that, I would have gotten a faster shutter. Something I shall try to correct in the future.

    However, I do like how this came out as it gives a sense of the speed of the ride and the detail Disney is famous for.

  2. This picture i do believe was taken on the first lift hill as you go from the building on the left of the ride going up to the mountian on the right.

    Scott replies: You are correct it’s at the top of the first lift hill. I took this just before going down it.

  3. The temple building on the first lift hill? Greetings from Belgium…

    Scott replies: You are correct, sir! I never noticed the mural until I saw it later when I got this picture on my laptop. I really have to pay more attention the next time I’m on Everest.

    BTW, nice website on Disneyland Paris!!!!

  4. This is going up the Main Hill if I remember correctly

    Scott replies: Sorry, Terry, nope. But you can get some great shots going up that hill to either side.