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I just realized I never published these. While not a comprehensive tip listing, it will hopefully help those planning a Southwestern Adventure by Disney… Linda Mac provides the Sedona tips.

Try to arrive in Phoenix the day/night before the Adventure begins. Those who flew in the same morning the tour started were very very exhausted by the time we had dinner.

Skin dries out very quickly in the Southwest. Be sure to bring lotion and use it daily!

If you have motion sensitivity bring your “sea bands” or medication with you. There are a few bus rides that were very windy and could cause problems. One is the final morning trip to the airport at Grand Junction.

When flying out of Grand Junction – it is a VERY small airport. There is only a snack bar available for beverages and food. If you have a choice of whether to have a long layover there or in a major city airport, chose the major city airport.

Hiking shoes are not needed, but boy we were glad we had them on a couple of the trails!

SEDONA TIPS by Linda Mac

If you are craving a soda like I was after the dusty Cowboys and Canyons Jeep Tour, ask for one in the Sedona Heritage Museum’ gift shop. They have cans for soda for only 75 cents but they keep them cold in a back room. As the week went on, I found myself craving water and not soda. Know that is a step in the right direction for me.

If you are an early riser, consider ordering something light for room service at the Amara Resort which I know opens at 7 am, maybe earlier. The Adventurers breakfast buffet does not begin till 8 am on your first morning. The room service menu is reasonably priced. A pot of coffee with all the fixins, toasted bagel with cream cheese and jellies and plate of mixed berries was $17.00 including tax, service charge and tip. It was enough for two people.

After your Sedona Museum visit is finished, that is the time to do your shopping. Most of shops close at 6 pm. So by the time you have dinner, most of the stores are closed.

There is a 7-11 type store just across the street and to the left of the driveway of the Amara Resort.

Take a card from the resort with the phone on it AND call for a golf cart to meet you at the top of the driveway/hill when you return from dinner, especially if it is dark. The driveway down to the hotel is steep and twisty so cars can’t really see you as they round the corners. And after dark, it is pitch black. There is a stairway but it is hard to find and not much better from what I was told.

Watch out for the gopher snake at the Welcome Dinner!

If you are late night snacker, take a zip-lock baggie and make a little sandwich with a dinner roll and whatever you like. I made a little snack with the beef tenderloin and horseradish sauce.

Your room includes a refrigerator and small coffee maker and comfy robes.

On the Cowboy and Canyons tour is great fun but it is dusty and hot. Leave your “good” clothes back in the room and take extra water before getting on your jeep. There will be a cooler set-up for you outside the hotel. The next time water is available will be several hours later when you arrive at the Museum. The cooler is over at the Fruit Packing House where you will have lunch.

After lunch at the museum, if you are tired or not up for arts and crafts. The walk back to town and the hotel will take about 10 minutes.

Enjoy the beds while you are at the Amara Resort and Spa. They are the best beds you will have all week.

Sedona sells T-shirts made with real Sedona red dirt. They have cute sayings like “Life’s Short, Play Dirty” and Older Than Dirt”. I was told it would not shrink but to wash it separately. The day I worn it, a good part of my upper body was a rusty orange color as were my under garments and waist band of my shorts.

If you want a casual, counter type of dinner on your second night there are several places just to your right as you reach the top of the Amara Resort driveway. The resort also has a Cantina there with Mexican food, it is full service but very casual. All the spots have patios with great views, including Snoopy Rock. If you want ribs, try Sally’s BBQ. It is across the street from the Amara Resort driveway. Sally’s has a walk-up window and limited seating. You could even take the food back to your room. The ribs are the best smoked ribs I have ever had. As I was eating them, all I kept thinking was these ribs are worth a entire trip back to Sedona. Yeah, that good, at least to me. I have already order BBQ Sauce from their website.

This is easier said then done but don’t over pack. There are laundry rooms at the second and third hotel. I took DVDs to watch and books to read. Big waste of luggage space as I was too busy or too tired to use them.

Favorite souvenirs for under $10 – 2008 Sedona Calendar and a bag of Desert Rocks which taste like M&M’s but look like different color pebbles you would find on the ground.

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