Wilderness Explorers opens at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Inspired by ‘Up’ movie

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Animal Kingdom's newest attraction, Wilderness Explorers, is built around a theme from the Disney-Pixar film "Up." One of the main characters in the 2009 animated movie, Russell, is a Wilderness Explorer, which is a fictional version of Boy Scouts. As Russell is working to earn his final merit badge, he gets caught up in an elderly man's drama and ends up traveling on an unexpected journey. Now Walt Disney World's newest theme park has developed a Wilderness Explorers program that encourages kids to learn about specific areas of their world by earning merit badges, similarly to how the group functions in the movie. The Wilderness Explorers attraction at Animal Kingdom, which debuted June 1, is open to all guests, though the materials are geared toward kids ages 7 to 10.

UPlifting Family Portrait

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It’s family picture time! Here are some quick tips to capturing an adorable photo. 1. Create multiple levels. 2. Have the taller people kneel down in front. This creates a tighter shot. 3. Make sure everyone’s face is completely visible. 4. Use the flash outdoors to alleviate intense shadows and indoors to diffuse tungsten bulbs. … Continue reading "UPlifting Family Portrait"
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