You’ll NEVER Guess What Paul Rudd and This Octopus Have in Common

National Geographic on Disney+ has been developing several nature shows featuring our favorite celebrities.

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Will Smith, Awkwafina, and Chris Hemsworth are just a few of the actors who have worked on shows that dive into the world of animals, environments, humans, natural disasters, and more. Now, we are excited to tell you that a new National Geographic show has just arrived on Disney+ starring another very popular Avengers celebrity!

The secrets of a spooky, 8-legged ocean dweller may be some of the most interesting in the world. The octopus is a majestic ocean creature that is shrouded in mystery. But as of Earth Day 2024, you can learn a little bit more about these unique animals on the new Disney+ show Secrets of the Octopus.

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The show will be a three-part series that follows along with octopi to discover their behaviors and intricate communication. While we are certainly excited to learn more about these elusive creatures, we’re probably most excited about the famous actor who will be narrating the docuseries.

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You may know him as Ant-Man, but Paul Rudd is also known for MANY other great movies such as Anchorman and Role Models. And now, he will be the voice you get to listen to while learning all about the octopus! Of course, octopi are incredibly amazing. They can change color and texture and even fit into really small spaces (like coffee pots — if you know, you know). But they might have just become even cooler now that we get to hear about them from Paul Rudd!


The show sounds like it is a tantalizing journey through the oceans to uncover all the secrets about these cool creatures. We can’t wait to start watching! It is now available to watch on Disney+, so log on today to see the action.

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