Disney Fans Are FURIOUS at These NEW Restaurant Changes

Some changes at Disney World are welcomed with open arms, but some changes are not always liked.

Magic Kingdom

Have you ever found your favorite place to eat at Disney World, and then the next time you go back the menu has changed? It can be so disappointing, especially when you are looking forward to it! We asked our readers about which restaurants they still have beef with after Disney changed them.

After consulting some Disney experts (our readers) about which restaurants they have beef with, four restaurants were mentioned over and over again.

Inside Tony’s Town Square

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

Pecos Bill Tall Tall Inn and Cafe serves up items like burgers and tacos. You can find it in Frontierland in Magic Kingdom. This used to be a go to place for many, but one experience has yet to make its return to this quick service location.

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

The toppings bar has been MIA, and Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe has not been the same since. Our readers Jen, Ali, Jennifer, and Lisa all mentioned that they wish that Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe would bring back this iconic toppings bar!

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Cafe and Inn Dining Room

The toppings bar was really the star of the show here, and you were able to customize your burger. It featured toppings like pickles, peppers, salsa, shredded cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and even PLASTIC CHEESE!  In 2015 the toppings bar changed but still had options for sour cream, diced onions, chipotle ranch, banana peppers, shredded cheese, salsa, pico, and even guacamole. 

Bring back the toppings bar!

Unfortunately, ever since the parks re-opened after the COVID-19 pandemic, the toppings bar has still not made its return, which is a real bummer. Now that space just offers packets of typical condiments.

The modified toppings bar


‘Ohana, over at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, has seen many changes over the years. The meat here used to be served on skewers and was brought around to the tables. Kids could compete in coconut broom races, but once again, the pandemic took some of these experiences away.


Even when ‘Ohana opened after the pandemic, the famous ‘Ohana noodles were missing from the menu which caused so much commotion that Disney brought them back! Unfortunately, some of the other experiences did not return, which our readers have pointed out.

Emma and Stitch at ‘Ohana Breakfast

One of our readers, Trisha, said that they wish ‘Ohana would bring back the chicken and steak skewers and the dipping sauces. Ali, another one of our readers, also wishes that the meat skewers would return. 

Food at ‘Ohana is now served family-style

Another one of our readers, Karen mentioned that their family had always loved ‘Ohana for dinner, but after the pandemic they tried it and they have not been back since. Lisa, wishes for the old ‘Ohana to come back and says it is just not as good being family-style.


Be Our Guest

When New Fantasyland opened in 2012, Be Our Guest was all the rage. Here, you can dine inside of the Beast’s castle! It was so hard to get a reservation, and it still can be today. Some of our readers don’t think it deserves the same hype as it once did over 10 years ago. 

Be Our Guest

Be Our Guest used to be open as a quick-service restaurant for lunch, and it even had its own FastPass+ line due to the popularity. This is no longer the case, and you must make an advance dining reservation to be able to eat lunch here. 

Be Our Guest

Some of our readers, Jennifer and Amanda, said that they miss the quick-service lunch option. Heidi, another one of our readers said they also miss the quick service option here, but especially the original lunch menu. They miss being able to pick their own table. 

Be Our Guest

The menu has also seen some changes as it only offers a prix fixe menu. Before, you were able to order items à la carte. Micheal, a reader, wishes they would get rid of the prix fixe menu. Heidi said that Be Our Guest used to be a twice-a-trip restaurant, but now they are not sure if they would ever eat there again under the current format. Another reader, Chaka, said that Be Our Guest has gotten worse after their first visit.

Be Our Guest

California Grill

On top of Disney’s Contemporary Resort, you can find California Grill. This restaurant has stunning views of Magic Kingdom and is well known for its delicious menu. Unfortunately, the menu has seen a change in format.

California Grill

Just like Be Our Guest, the menu at California Grill is now also prix fixe. Tammy, a reader, wishes that they would bring back the regular menu and get rid of the prix fix one. Another reader, Chris, recalled their party’s old order, which was two appetizers, a cheese plate, an entrée, and two separate deserts. This order is no longer able to be accommodated due to the menu changes. 

California Grill

This iconic spot also used to serve brunch as Sara, a reader, recalls how she also misses the old menu but wishes that Disney would bring back brunch here!

California Grill

We know change is good and Disney World is always changing, we like our readers, wish that these restaurants did not have to take the hit and be changed. We are holding out hope that maybe Disney will listen like they did with ‘Ohana noodles and bring back some of the offerings that our readers miss!

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Do you agree with this list? Let us know in the comments!

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4 Replies to “Disney Fans Are FURIOUS at These NEW Restaurant Changes”

  1. My only complaint was when Disney changed the Tusker House in AK from counter service to character buffet. Same exact food but now it costs 3 times more just to dine with the characters. Switched to Flame Tree BBQ.

  2. I was disillusioned with the “massaged” menu at Citricos. Pre-pandemic the menu was upgraded by a new chef and became a must-do each trip; after the Mary Poppins re-theme (which is beautifully done- whimsical and fun) the menu was a disappointment.

  3. All of these prix fixe menus are ruining my “bespoke” experience! 😏. I’m sure WDW mgmt feels that they make more money off these menus and they probably do on first time visitors. But I know these are very unpopular among repeat guests. I also truly believe mgmt is simply too cheap to bring back the topping bar at Pecos. The last time we went it looked like a bomb went off in the guacamole bin

  4. I agree with the comments made about the Be Our Guest restaurant. I to visited it when it first opened for both lunch and dinner and our family loved it. I have since gone back with the Prie fix menu and the meal is not the same. I definitely miss the quick service lunch where you could get a Grey Stuff cupcake and different choose to eat. The whole restaurant should go back to the way it was in the beginning. I won’t be going back unless it changes.