NEWS: Disney Channel Series Canceled After Three Seasons

We’ve seen a LOT of TV shows getting canceled over the past six months.


Many of those shows were on ABC and even included several long-running series. Some of those shows were on Disney+, including a few shows that never got to the production phase. We’ve also had to say goodbye to some original Disney+ series. Even Disney Channel shows have been canceled, and now another series on that network is seeing the axe.

Secrets of Sulphur Springs, which aired on Disney Channel (and streamed on Disney+) has been canceled after three seasons. This might be disappointing, especially for those who’ve followed it since the beginning — after season 1, we thought it was one of the best original shows available on Disney+.


Secrets of Sulphur Springs followed the story of a 12-year-old boy, Griffin Campbell, who, along with his family moved from Chicago to an abandoned hotel in a small town called The Tremont. The family decide to live in the Tremont while attempting to restore it to its former glory, although there are rumors that the hotel is haunted. When Griffin meets Harper, though, the two become friends and discover there’s a secret portal in the hotel’s basement that allows them to time travel. The two eventually uncover a decades-old mystery, as well as a few ghosts.


So it looks like the show won’t be getting a fourth season, which is sad for those who wanted to know what happens next after the season three finale cliffhanger.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for more TV show cancellations, as well as any other Disney news, so check back with AllEars again soon.

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Were you a fan of Secrets of Sulphur Springs? Are you disappointed by its cancellation? Let us know in the comments!

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8 Replies to “NEWS: Disney Channel Series Canceled After Three Seasons”

  1. Secrets of Sulfur Springs was one of the best series they have put out in quite a while. It surely beats a lot of the other shows they have recently come out with. If they keep this up I may have to cancel my Disney+ membership.

  2. I enjoyed watching Secrets of sulfer springs. It had a great cast. Wish it would return where it left off.
    Why is Disney not renewing this series for a 4th Season? I thought it was getting good ratings. Maybe it had too long of a wait between Seasons is why it is being canceled. Hope Disney will change its mind and renew Secrets of Sulfer Springs for Season 4. I thought it was a great series like Jessie, Bunk’d, Ravens Home.

  3. This is sad. It was a great suspense show that we could watch as a family. I hate it when shows end without closure. At least give it a wrap up season.

  4. Disney appears to be having problems finishing projects. This is disappointing following the cliff hanger from the previous episode. Disney continues to disappoint their customers.

  5. I Really want a Season 4 Please Don’t Cancled my Favorite Ghost Hotel show Why Are They Cancleding Why Please Let The Be a Season 4 of Secrets of slphers spings and Let them Return

  6. I’m honestly so sad and disappointed. This is my mom and I’s show. We should make a petition to un-cancel the show! It’s literally the best and I love the story so much. This show doesn’t deserve to be canceled.

  7. Definitely disappointed this show is cancelled. Definitely one of my favorites! I loved the mystery of it and hate that they left this giant cliffhanger. They should do one more season just to finish it off and answer the questions they left us with. Then cancel if they want. I’ll still be disappointed but at least I’ll have answers.