I Had the Worst Trip to Disney World – Don’t Make the Same Mistake as Me

I go to Disney World an awful lot for work, so I know a lot about the best ways to do the parks.

Quincy in Magic Kingdom

Recently though, I finally figured out the absolute worst thing you can do on your vacation. Do not make the same mistake I did when I had the worst trip in Disney World ever!

First, a little context. I had my worst trip to Disney World while I was filming a competition for our YouTube channel. In the competition the last to leave Disney World won a Disney Cruise, and you can see it right here!

Now while the competition was fun, the trip itself was not what I would recommend. And there was one very big reason why it was so bad for me.
My biggest mistake? I didn’t sleep enough! Disney World is an exhausting trip, and I got just 11 hours of sleep across three nights.

Magic Kingdom

Now in my case, I was competing which was the reason for me not getting a lot of sleep. But in the past I have definitely decided not to get as much sleep as I could have just to make sure I was maximizing my Disney trip. This could happen by staying at one park too late and arriving in another park too early the following day or by not taking a break in the middle of the day when I might need one.

Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom

Even if you are getting pretty close to the right amount of sleep, Disney World is more exhausting than it is to do things at home. That means that you’ll be more tired and less likely to have a good time in the final days of your trip.

Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

For me, I was so exhausted during Last to Leave that it was kind of difficult to have fun with my friends. And after all, isn’t having fun with family and friends the point of the trip in the first place?

Magic Kingdom

Being exhausted can lead to moods running high, and it can lead to not being able to get as much done in the final days of your trip. It’s better to pace yourself. Always try to get as much sleep as you can, even if it’s not quite 8 hours. A midday break can really save you too. There’s nothing wrong with running back to the hotel for a little nap!


All in all, do not make my mistake of not sleeping enough in Disney World. Remember, not sleeping enough can have a major effect on how well you remember things, and Disney World is all about making memories.

Animal Kingdom

Don’t forget to watch our Last to Leave video to see why I only slept a few hours a night and keep an eye on AllEars.Net for more Disney tips!

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One Reply to “I Had the Worst Trip to Disney World – Don’t Make the Same Mistake as Me”

  1. I’ve done this a lot. I’m used to not getting a lot of sleep but the other people that I go with just get super cranky if we’re in the parks from rope drop to close.

    My solution is to let them head back for a nap in the afternoon when the parks are hottest. If I’m tired, I’ll join them. Otherwise, I’ll use the time to do things that the rest of family isn’t interested in (like the circle vision films), hop on the single rider for a ride, watch some entertainment, or just find a nice spot to sit while enjoying the atmosphere.