Someone Is Definitely Going To Lose Their MagicBand in Disney World. Here’s How To Make Sure It’s Not You.

Since they first debuted in Disney World, we’ve learned a ton of ins and outs about using MagicBands.

TRON MagicBand+

They can be your room key, park ticket, and even credit card, too. MagicBands have gone through a few updates here and there, but one glaring flaw has always remained: they fall off way too easily. Luckily, we’re bringing you a few tips to help prevent that!

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MagicBands 101

MagicBands are all-in-one devices that connect all the vacation choices you make online with the My Disney Experience app. You can use a MagicBand to enter a Disney Resort hotel room, purchase food and merchandise, and enter Walt Disney World theme parks and water parks. Plus, the MagicBand provides Lightning Lane access for guests who purchase Disney Genie+.

The ORIGINAL MagicBand

The original MagicBand could be worn only on your wrist. The next generation of the MagicBand — MagicBand 2 — was introduced in late 2016. MagicBand 2 features a new design, making it even more customizable and versatile while maintaining the same convenience as the original MagicBand. The “gem” or fob (the center piece) of the band could be removed (with a tiny screwdriver) and put in an assortment of accessories so that it could be worn or carried in other ways than on the wrist.

Updated MagicBands

And then, MagicBand+ came around. The new MagicBand+ takes the original MagicBand and adds more features like lights, haptics, gesture recognition, and more, and it officially launched in Disney World on July 27th, 2022.

MagicBand+ in Disney World

But, all these designs have one thing in common — the clasp easily pops open, meaning your MagicBand can fall off and POOF! Gone. It doesn’t have to be that way!

How NOT To Lose Yours

The best way we’ve found to prevent our MagicBands from falling off is by using these handy dandy little safety clasps! You just slide them onto one end of your MagicBand, put it on your wrist, and slide it back over.


You can sometimes find these in the parks on limited-edition MagicBands like those for Annual Passholders and Disney Vacation Club members, but they tend to be pricy and these are available to anyone. You can get a pack of 12 different colors for pretty darn cheap!

Shop the MagicBand Safety Clasps HERE

What To Do If You DO Lose Yours

Accidents happen, even in the Most Magical Place on Earth. If you do find that you’ve lost your MagicBand, try not to panic. Retrace your steps and see if you can figure out where it might be. You can also ask nearby Cast Members or stop by the Lost and Found location of the park you’re in to see if anyone has turned it in.

Lost and Found at Disney Springs

If it’s all coming up with nothing, you still don’t need to panic. Head to Guest Relations and explain the situation. They can assist you and help you potentially find a solution.

Keep in mind that you can also use MagicMobile on your My Disney Experience app for things like your park ticket and room key. And if you’re staying at a Disney World hotel and want one, you can stop by the front desk to get a physical room key.

Guest Relations in EPCOT

While wearing a MagicBand can sometimes be a mixed bag, they can be extremely useful for having a hands-free day in the parks. Now that you know how to not lose yours (and what to do if you do) it’ll be nothing but smooth scanning from here.

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Everything You Need To Know About MagicBands

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  1. Lost my Magic band in the Magic Kingdom Parking lot. Luckily it was turned in and I was able to get it back at Disney Springs a few days later.