The DANGER of Using Mobile Order in Disney World

Now we’re sure you’re looking at the title of this post and going “uh…what?”

Mobile Order pickup window in Columbia Harbour House

Because we spend a lot of time telling you about how technology can help you a lot in Disney parks, even if it can be confusing at times. Mobile Ordering is a very useful tool that can save you lots of time in Disney World, but there are some downsides you may not know about it.

Mobile Order is a feature in the My Disney Experience app that allows you to order food on your phone at certain locations without waiting in line. At the click of a button, the restaurant will prepare your food and you will be notified when it’s ready for pick-up!

Mobile Order

But did you know that there are some items on Disney World menus that don’t show up on Mobile Orders?

Casey’s Corner

Sometimes Mobile Order isn’t 100% up-to-date with what’s available on the menu, especially if it’s a newer item or a seasonal treat. There can also be differences between Mobile Order and the menu listed in the app.

For example, right now, the Seaside Serenade at Prince Eric’s Village Market was listed as available on the physical sign, but it wasn’t on the online menu in the My Disney Experience app.

Prince Eric’s Village Market

Mobile Ordering can also be inconsistent when it comes to menu items in general. So if you really want to know what’s available from the restaurant or nothing is calling your name on Mobile Order, you may want to stop by the restaurant first. Check the signs before you Mobile Order, just in case there’s something additional that’s not listed.

Screenshot from My Disney Experience

We suggest mobile ordering at least an hour in advance of the time you’re hoping for on busy days in the park, and with summer approaching, those will soon be nearly every day. As always, stay tuned to AllEars for all the latest Disney news and tips!

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Where is your favorite spot to Mobile Order from? Tell us in the comments!

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4 Replies to “The DANGER of Using Mobile Order in Disney World”

  1. Completely misleading article.

    The only reason some items don’t show up on the MO menu is because of staffing issues or demand issues. Take Alien Pizza Planet for example. The alien macaroon is insanely popular. But if the restaurant gets a low quantity shipment, they won’t put it up on the MO menu because it’ll sell out within 10 minutes of opening. Same thing with allergy options. If a kitchen is low staffed, the restaurant will turn off allergy orders on MO because they are simply not able to keep up with the demand for allergy orders.

    If you really want those things, and it’s busy, your best option is to just order in person.

    MO is easily one of the best features Disney parks has implemented.

    ALSO, avoid using Apple Pay in Mobile Order. Sometimes Apple Pay will just put a temporary hold on your card, but the order never actually goes through. Use an actual card instead of a 3rd party service in the app.

  2. Prince Erics Market is a food stand. There is no mobile orders for outside stands. This is not a restaurant. This is where you buy walk around food. Like a popcorn cart.

  3. I don’t use this much because I can’t exclude things, like the tartar sauce on a fish sandwich, or other condiments! No allergies just don’t like them. Have to wait in line to order.