The Shocking McDonald’s You Never Knew Existed Minutes from Disney World

Did you know there’s a wildly unique McDonald’s just minutes away from the Disney World parks?


With literally hundreds of places to eat around Disney World, including highly-themed restaurants and character dining options, some guests might never consider stopping by a chain restaurant during their vacation. Especially one as widespread as McDonald’s. But before you write off this fast-food giant completely, hear us out. There’s a unique McDonald’s location just minutes away from Disney World that serves up both familiar favorites and unique menu items with a distinctive atmosphere to match.

For guests looking for a convenient meal and a place for the little ones to keep the fun going, we’ve got the spot for you. The World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s & Playplace is located at 6875 Sand Lake Road.


Barring any traffic backups, it takes 15-20 minutes or less to drive there from most of the Disney World parks.


As an eco-friendly location, it has a large outdoor seating area with solar panel awnings that serve the dual purpose of providing guests with shade and gathering energy to help power the restaurant.

Outdoor Seating Area

But if you’re not feeling the outdoor seating, don’t worry — there’s a large indoor dining area as well with several different seating options including booths, communal tables, and bar seating.

Indoor Seating

There’s even a second floor with plenty of windows that show off views of the surrounding area.


You can also choose how you’d like to order. There are several touchscreen kiosks where guests can place their own orders and a standard ordering counter for those that prefer not to use the kiosks.

Ordering Kiosks

Just like the name suggests, there’s a TON of entertainment to be found all through this huge location. Check out this moon we spotted serenading us with a piano.


Upstairs, there’s a large PlayPlace where the kids can burn off some of that excess energy.


There’s even an arcade for those that want a more high-tech entertainment option.


And, of course, we can’t talk about a restaurant without mentioning the food! Here, you’ll find classic McDonald’s favorites, like the Big Mac, Chicken Nuggets, and McCrispy sandwich. But another unique element of this McDonald’s is the non-traditional menu that features items like Build Your Own Pizza…

McDonald’s Pizza

…Philly Cheese Steak…

Philly Cheesesteak

…and Build Your Own Pasta!

Build Your Own Pasta

Plus, there are dessert options you won’t find at other McDonald’s as well, like the Peanut Butter Explosion Cake.

Peanut Butter Explosion Cake

Now that’s a spread you won’t find at your average McDonald’s!

Can You Believe This is All From Mcdonald’s??

In all, this gigantic McDonald’s offers up a combination of classic and special menu items in a location with plenty of space to dine and play.


Who knew there was such a surprisingly unique McDonald’s near all the Disney World action?? (Well, we did, and that’s why we HAD to share it with you!)


We’ll continue to give you the inside scoop on all of the surprising things you can find around Disney World, so stay tuned to AllEars for more ideas on making your next trip even more special!

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Have you visited this McDonald’s location before? Tell us what you ordered in the comments!

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  1. The Moon playing the piano is Mac Tonight. Another iconic mcdonald’s character. He was featured in commercials and advertising. Also had a run of Happy meal toys. Mac Tonight riding the jetski had to be my favorite Happy meal toy ever.