VIDEOS: Your Complete Guide to Universal’s Super Nintendo World

The time has FINALLY arrived!


Grab your hats, overalls, parasols, and mushrooms — Super Nintendo World has officially OPENED in Universal Studios Hollywood. The land is expected to open at Universal Orlando in 2025 at the new Epic Universe theme park, but while we wait for that to happen, let’s-a-go to Hollywood and see EVERYTHING this new land has to offer!


We started our morning by heading into Universal Studios Hollywood.

Though there had been some previews of the land previously, February 17th was its official opening and the Nintendo (and theme park fans) showed up.

Let’s just say we weren’t the only ones looking to take a trip inside Bowser’s castle and race our way to victory.


Within the land, you could see crowds…well…everywhere.


The Mario and Luigi meet-and-greet had a 60-minute wait when we visited, while the Peach meet-and-greet was 30 minutes. There was also a 100-minute wait for the land’s ride — Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge. And we had to obtain a return time for Toadstool Cafe that was hours after our initial request.


From what we experienced, there were lines to do just about everything.

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Virtual Line

Note that you may need to join a virtual line to get into the land. It’ll all depend on the times and crowd levels. When you arrive, be sure to check the Universal Studios Hollywood App to see if the land appears in the options selection for Virtual Line Venues. If it does NOT appear, then a virtual line entry will not be required.

Check for a Virtual Queue

If it does appear, it’s time to tap away and get your spot. The image below details just how to sign up for the Virtual Line.


Once you’ve selected the land, you’ll want to select how many people are in your party and follow the steps to reserve your place. Then you’ll head to the land when your time arrives.


Reservations will be limited in number and based on availability. But Universal Hollywood does note the following: “Guests with Universal Express privileges will have reservation-free entry into SUPER NINTENDO WORLD™ once per day (after 3 p.m. for Platinum Pass members) when reservations are required to enter the land.”

We had a Universal Express Ticket and were not required to get a virtual queue when we visited.

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The Universal Hollywood App

Before visiting Super Nintendo World, take a second to download that Universal Hollywood app. Not only will it allow you to enter a virtual queue if needed, but it also has quite a few Super Nintendo World-specific things that you can enjoy!


For example, you can use the app to collect stamps, see your rank, and review how many coins you’ve collected throughout the land. To get started, scan the QR code on your Power Up Band (we’ll talk about those in one second!).


With the app, you can also look at the team rankings (you join these by getting a Power-Up Band)…


…tap sections of the map to learn more about the story…


…see a full map of activities…


…and make adjustments to certain options.


Now, let’s get to our next stop.

Our First Stop

Before we stepped into the land we made a quick stop at the nearby popcorn and snacks cart.

Snack Stand

You’ll find a variety of popcorn buckets and sippers here themed to Mario and his friends, so give it a look when on your way into the land.


Also, note that there are some drinks available here too (fruity cream soda) themed to the characters).

Here’s a Look!

Next, it was time to pop into a store nearby and grab a power-up band!

Power-Up Bands

If you want to take your Super Nintendo World experience to the next level, you’ll be able to pick up a Power-Up Band. These cost $40.

Power-Up Bands

We opted for the Luigi version!


The bands come in a variety of designs so you can rep your favorite character.



The bands let you interact with certain elements in the land and they’ll help you complete challenges, collect digital coins, and more.

Tapping Away

Throughout the land, look for touchpoints where you can tap your Power-Up Band. They might just make special effects appear!

You’ll find these bands at “retail locations in Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal CityWalk as well as inside the land at the 1-UP Factory™ store.”

Stepping Into the Land

Unlike other lands that may just “appear” as you walk from one space to the other, Super Nintendo World has a unique entrance. That’s because you’re truly meant to be transported INTO the world of Mario, Luigi, and their friends.

At the front of the land, you’ll find some signage and a giant warp pipe. This is a GREAT spot for some photo opportunities.

Get Ready!

Once you’ve snapped those epic shots, you’ll step through the pipe, hear some of those ICONIC Mario pipe sounds, and soak in the lighting effects around you.

Then it’s time to step into the video game land of your DREAMS. The landscape unfolds before you and it can honestly be a bit overwhelming with ALL of the details to look at.

LOTS to See!

There are coins, piranha plants, clouds, Mario flags, spike blocks, goombas, and SOOOOO much more.


Once your eyes have feasted on your surroundings, it’s time to get in line for this land’s only ride (which is sure to be popular).


Super Nintendo World has one main ride — Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge. It is similar to the ride at Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World, but there it is called Koopa’s Challenge.

The ride combines a few different elements — elements of a classic dark ride, visual and practical effects, and more. To get on the ride, you’ll want to look for the sign for the attraction with the Bowser flag near it. The wait time was around 100 minutes when we visited.

Get Ready to Wait!

Inside, you’ll find a queue full of themed elements Nintendo fans will surely recognize.


There’s even a Yoshi!

There’s a LOT to look at here!

After making your way through the queue, it’s time to grab the special Mario hat that connects to the goggles on the attraction vehicle. Those two combined allow you to see the special AR effects used in the attraction.

Here They Are

Once on the ride, guests will battle Team Bowser alongside Princess Peach, Mario, and Luigi. You’ll work to collect digital coins, throw shells, and do everything you can to win the Golden Cup! Here’s a look at the Power-Up Band on the ride and a bit of the ride itself.

Just be sure to watch out for that Thwomp!

It’s sort of like a different version of Toy Story Midway Mania since you’ll be using buttons on your steering wheel to throw things and collect coins throughout the ride.

Click here for a full tour of the queue and more details about the ride!

Character Meet-and-Greets

While that may be the only ride, that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing you can do in Super Nintendo World! In terms of other experiences, you’ll have the chance to meet characters and snap pictures with Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach.

The lines for some of these can get long so just prepare for that!

The Duo!

Still, the lines might be worth it to snap a photo with that iconic duo.

Click here for more details about the character meet-and-greets!

Other Experiences

Another “attraction” or experience you can visit in Super Nintendo World is Bowser Jr. Shadow Showdown. Basically, this is an interactive experience where you can swing your arms, jump, and do other actions to interact with the things shown on the screens around you.


But wait, there’s MORE! If you’re hungry, you’ll want to stop by the land’s new restaurant — Toadstool Cafe. 

Toadstool Cafe

The restaurant has dishes from “Chef Toad” along with BEAUTIFUL seating inside and magical windows that showcase scenes from the Mushroom Kingdom.

Plenty of seating!

Dishes here include the Piranha Plant Caprese…

Piranha Plant Caprese

…Toadstool Cheesy Garlic Knots…

Toadstool Cheesy Garlic Knots

…a Mario Burger…

Mario Burger

…Super Star Lemon Squash…

Super Star Lemon Squash

…and much more.

Princess Peach Cupcake

Of course, we had to try a bunch of dishes to give you our thoughts!

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Within the land, you’ll find a store called the 1-UP Factory store.

The Store

This is your go-to for all things Mario including plush characters…





…and more!


There’s a lot to check out here so be sure to take your time to explore it all.

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