PHOTOS: What Crowds Were Really Like on the Opening Day of Super Nintendo World

The time has finally come!

Get Ready!

Super Nintendo World has finally opened at Universal Studios Hollywood. We’ve seen some intense opening day crowds for new lands like Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, but how bad were the opening day crowds in the world of Mario? Let’s take a look!

When we arrived at Universal Studios Hollywood, the fans were READY for the opening of this new land.

Looks like we aren’t the only ones excited to see Mario and Luigi!


And while we didn’t have to get a virtual queue to enter the land because of our ticket type, note that a virtual queue CAN be put in place depending on crowd levels. We saw it put in place pretty early in the morning. Click here to learn more about the virtual queue system and how to sign up.

Check for a Virtual Queue

Within the land, there were some serious crowds. The estimated wait at the land’s only ride, Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge, was 100 minutes!

SO Much to Look At!

Also, at around 11:28AM PT, we went to get a return time to eat at Toadstool Cafe (the main restaurant in the land). We received a return time for SEVERAL hours later — 3:45PM PT! So yeah, things were busy!

Toadstool Cafe

Throughout the land, we saw some serious crowds…



Oh My

It felt like every space we went to was full of other guests trying to experience some of the fun.


There really were long lines to do just about anything. At one point, we were in line to meet Mario and Luigi and the estimated wait was 1 hour.

No Joke

While the lines could die down eventually, we expect things could be busy for a while since the new land has only just opened. So if you’re heading to Super Nintendo World in Universal Hollywood, our advice would be to arrive early and mentally prepare for longer lines at the ride, restaurant, and other experiences within the land.

Would you wait in these long lines or wait for a few months until the lines quiet down a bit? Tell us in the comments!

Things Are BUSY

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