The Good, the Unique, and the EXPENSIVE — See Super Nintendo World’s New Merchandise!

Let’s “a go” and check out the latest merch to hit Universal Studios Hollywood!

Get Ready!

Super Nintendo World is finally open with its new restaurants and attractions, and of course we could expect new stores and merchandise to follow suit. So what exactly is being sold to market some of our favorite Super Mario characters in their world? Let’s go check it out!

The main merchandise location in Super Nintendo World is the 1UP Factory.

1Up Factory

We headed inside to find all the goods. Some of the strangest things we found were these Mario and  Luigi headbands, which have plushes of the characters attached to the top.


If you don the headband, it’ll look like Mario or Luigi are hanging out right on top of your head. Each headband costs $18.

Luigi headband

We also spotted some Yoshi merchandise, including plushes, t-shirts, and string backpacks.

Yoshi Merch

These mystery block pillows are $30 each.

? Mark Blocks

Luigi fans can grab mugs or t-shirts with his face on them.

Luigi Merch

There were some t-shirts with various Mario Kart cup symbols on them for $35 each…


…and a King Boo t-shirt for $27.

King Boo shirts

There was a jigsaw puzzle for $35


…a Yoshi Stacking Game for $35

Yoshi game

…and a Mario figure for $37.

Mario Figure

We found miniature plushes of Goombas, Toad, and Bloopers.


If you need a quick snack, there are Candy Bars here for $7, in the flavors of milk chocolate, milk chocolate caramel, white chocolate cookies & cream, and milk chocolate with popping candy.

Candy bars

There were some pricey plushes of Mario and Luigi!

Mario Plush

Each plush costs $60.

Luigi Plush

We found a Chef Toad figure for $37.

Chef Toad figure

You can get the popcorn buckets outside at the snack stand, but you can also find them inside this shop! The Super Star Popcorn Pail was $39.99

Popcorn Bucket

…and the Mario Kart Popcorn Bucket was $42.99.

Mario Kart Popcorn Bucket

Finally, we found these zip-up hoodies that will make you look like Mario or Luigi.


There were all kinds of souvenirs in this shop, so it’ll definitely be a must-hit if you’re a fan of Mario.

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