Why I Gave Up My Disney World Annual Pass

Disney World Annual Passes have gone through quite a transformation over the years, but they can still be a great value for folks who plan on visiting the parks frequently.

Magic Kingdom

Recently, though, many Annual Passholders have either let their passes expire or have reluctantly renewed them — but we wanted to know just how frequently people were giving up their passes or choosing to keep them, and why they did so. Here’s what they said.

We asked our readers on Facebook whether or not they let their Disney World Annual Passes expire and why — this is what they said.

Let Annual Passes Expire

When Disney World shut down due to the global pandemic in 2020, many Annual Passholders let their passes expire since they weren’t able to use them. One reader shared that being from Canada, they weren’t sure when they would be able to go to the parks again so they decided not to renew — and now regret it.

Annual Passholder entrance at EPCOT

For many, it seems like a matter of cost versus benefit — if a passholder doesn’t have any upcoming trips planned over the next year, spending the dough on an Annual Pass probably isn’t worth it. Another reader shared that since they wouldn’t get their typical use out of their passes, there was no sense in spending the money on them.

Annual Passholder Magnet

Some readers shared that they didn’t renew their passes simply because they felt like the magic was gone, and Disney World no longer felt like the place they once knew. One reader shared that the because “everything” needed to be planned out months in advance now, the spontaneity was gone and last-minute trips were a thing of the past.

Annual passes can get you exclusive treats sometimes!

A few readers even lamented that they let their passes expire in hopes to purchase new ones when they went back on sale, but other than the Florida Resident Pixie Dust Pass — that hasn’t happened quite yet.

What’s Going on With Disney World Annual Passes?

Kept Annual Passes

For some, keeping their Disney World Annual Pass is a no-brainer. One reader shared that as Florida Residents who live close to the parks, they love going to the parks as much as possible. Not having an Annual Pass would mean not being able to go as frequently, which was out of the question.

Annual Passholder cards for the 50th Anniversary

Others renewed because they weren’t sure when they would have the option to purchase a new pass should they let theirs expire. Since Disney has paused sales of new Annual Passes (other than the Pixie Dust Pass), out-of-state guests and those wishing to purchase certain pass tiers cannot do so.

Passholder entrance

One reader shared that while they still continue to renew their passes, it’s something they carefully consider each year when it’s time to make that payment. With price increases throughout the parks and rising costs everywhere else, the choice to renew is not an easy one for some.

A Complete History of Disney World Annual Passes

Considered Other Options

And then, there are those who are still on the fence or have pondered other options. Disney World isn’t the only theme park with an annual pass option, and some readers have considered jumping ship and getting Universal Orlando Annual Passes instead. Depending on where you live, Disneyland Magic Key Passes might be a viable alternative as well.

Universal Orlando Annual Pass

For some, the fear of not knowing when Annual Passes will go on sale again has pigeonholed them into renewing. Others have downgraded their passes for the first time since becoming passholders — not quite ready to fully let go just yet.

Annual Passholder Magnet

No matter what, the decision to keep your Annual Pass or let it expire is something only you can determine for you and your family. If going to Disney World a few times a year is something you can’t give up, an Annual Pass probably makes sense — but keep in mind that what’s best for others might not be best for you.

Annual Passholder popcorn bucket

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Which Disney World Annual Pass Is Best for You

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Did you let your Disney World Annual Pass expire? Let us know in the comments!

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4 Replies to “Why I Gave Up My Disney World Annual Pass”

  1. I’ve been to Disney World over 120 times and I live about 11 hour drive from Orlando.
    My 20 year old daughter has been 43 times.
    #donewithdisney !!!
    BOB CHAPEK IS GREEDY – Bragging about increased profits with fewer guests than 2018 …. But the lines are much longer than they were in 2018 BECAUSE CHAPEK has the rides running at half capacity.
    Chapek wants everyone to face long lines so he can keep folks in the parks from open til close SPENDING MONEY on overpriced food and souvenirs!!!
    DISNEY INFLATION IS WAY HIGHER THAN GROCERY STORES AND GASOLINE…. while their profits continue to increase.
    I await the day that Disney is empty because people are fed up with their greedy pricing, takeaway experiences, and long lines.
    I went to Disney world 3 times since the ending of the pandemic and I HOPE I NEVER GO THERE AGAIN.
    I am a platinum castaway club member and a DVC owner.
    DISNEY IS NOT WORTH $20 a day !!!

  2. Yes. And I fully regret it. Disney is so large that it’s worth having if you spend extended periods of time in Florida. We go for at least a month.
    I let ours expire because everything was going up in price. And I wasn’t sure I would go back but then after spending six months with no plans to go, my wife and I both got the bug again. Well, I never lost it but I never expected her to get it back so quickly.

    We like to go to Florida from northern Michigan for at least a month each year in our camper.
    We like to pop over to one of the parks for an evening while we are staying in the area and to buy tickets just to go for a couple hours seems ridiculous.
    We like to camp at Fort wilderness and though it is more expensive recently it’s still a good deal if you have visitors or a big family.
    Now we will be there for 10 days and do not have passes. We’re not really sure if we will go to the parks at all. But we still love the campground.

  3. Let mine expire. 2022 was my last (of about 25) Disney year. There is not enough space here to enumerate the reasons I’m done with Disney. Not that they care.