What Your Favorite Piece of Disney Merch Says About You

There is a TON of Disney merchandise out there, like…SO MUCH STUFF.

Disney Merchandise

If we just think about the merchandise actually in the Disney Parks and resorts,  there are still thousands of different items you can choose from. And Disney releases new merchandise allllll the time. But, we’re sure you have those items you like to buy whenever you’re in Disney World or Disneyland, so let’s talk about what your favorite piece of Disney merch says about YOU!

Spirit Jerseys

If Spirit Jerseys are your favorite kind of Disney merchandise, we think it’s safe to say that you’re pretty outgoing! You’re not afraid to have Walt Disney World written across your entire back and shoulders for the whole world to see!

Orange Bird Spirit Jersey

You also probably are cold most of the time and like to feel cozy. You throw on your Spirit Jersey the minute you feel the temperatures start to drop a bit. You also love telling people how much you like Spirit Jerseys because they’re such a great option that’s in between a shirt and a sweatshirt!

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Mickey & Minnie Ears

If you’re an ears fan, you’re probably a bit of a fashionista. You need a pair to match every outfit, so your collection is pretty big.

Quincy’s 2022 EPCOT Food & Wine ears

You like to have options because you’ll get bored doing the same thing over and over again. You can’t even imagine just wearing the same 3 pairs of ears every time you’re in Disney World — you need variety! You also are most likely an over-packer, because again, gotta have options.

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Loungefly Bags

Loungefly bags are pretty popular in the Disney Parks — there are a lot of different versions of the backpacks, wallets, and more. But, if you’re a Loungefly fan we’re going to guess that you mostly gravitate toward the backpacks!

Look at all of them!

If this is you, then you are a total Disney pro. You are prepared for any situation and know exactly what you need in your park bag for the day. You can also fit an impressive amount of things inside your bag — you’re like Mary Poppins! When someone needs something, you got it. Sunscreen? In your bag. Ibuprofen? Front pocket. Change of clothes? They somehow fit in there, too! You are PREPARED!

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Starbucks Cups & Mugs

Remember when people were fighting over those Starbucks tumblers on the 50th anniversary in Disney World? That was you. Just kidding, it probably wasn’t 😂 but you DO take your coffee mug and cup collection pretty seriously!

50th-Anniversary Geometric Cup

You are obviously a coffee lover, but you’re not just a fan, you’re OBSESSED with coffee. You have to hit Starbucks before you do anything else in the Disney parks to get your cup of Joe. And, you can probably be found back in line around 3PM, too!

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If you’re a pin collector, you are an old soul. You’re into the classics! Honestly, with the vast amount of new stuff Disney produces, it’s impressive that you remain true to your pin collection. You stick to the tried and true favorites!

Pin trading board!

You’re also probably pretty social and like interacting with other guests and Cast Members. In fact, you might be a Cast Member yourself! But, you also have a bit of a competitive side to you, because you love the challenge of pin trading and the excitement of making a good deal.

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Stuffed Animals

There are several pieces of merchandise that fall into this category. We’re counting regular plushes of characters, nuiMOs, and Wishables as stuffed animals, so if your favorite merchandise is any of those, keep reading!

nuiMOs are a very big deal!

If you fall into this category, you are a kid at heart. Or, you might actually be a literal kid. If you’re not, you’re nostalgic for childhood and miss the good ol’ days of Disney when you were younger. You also probably love collecting things and you definitely have a certain Disney stuffed animal that you sleep with every night (which we honestly can relate to!).

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If you get a Mickey or character balloon every time you’re in a Disney park, you are very committed to your traditions. You also like the classics, but prefer for your Disney merch not to follow you home. You show your love for Disney in the parks and that’s it!


Or, and this is definitely a big possibility, you just want a super easy way to find your stroller in the parks and the balloon helps you identify it. Just do us all a favor and don’t let the balloon fly free during the fireworks shows, please! It ruins the view for a lot of people.

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Pandora Jewelry

Disney and Pandora are besties, meaning they make a lot of collaborations together and you can find their jewelry in a lot of different spots around the parks, hotels, and shopping districts. If this is your favorite kind of Disney merchandise, you’re probably the type of person who is in it for the long haul — you’re not afraid of commitment!

Pandora bracelet

We say this because things like Pandora bracelets are usually a commitment. You’re not just going to buy one charm and stop, you’re going to keep buying new Disney charms and wear that bracelet for years. It’s like a collection of memories that you’ve built one small piece at a time.

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Popcorn Buckets

Oh, popcorn buckets! We know a lot of you out there love to get new popcorn buckets when you go to the Disney parks, and we think you either love them because they save you money, or you love them for the DRAMA.

Figment Popcorn Bucket

By drama, we mean walking around with a giant popcorn bucket shaped like Figment hanging around your neck as well as the drama of waiting multiple hours in line for that purple dragon! You probably go to Disney multiple times a year and you also need a snack readily available at all times. You will rope drop the parks for a new bucket and you also probably have your whole collection on display in your house.

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There you have it — that’s what your favorite piece of Disney merchandise says about you! Do you think we got yours right, or were we off the mark?

If we missed your favorite piece of merchandise, we’re sorry! There are SO many things to buy at the Disney parks, so if we didn’t mention your fave, comment it down below and tell us what you think it says about you.

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What is your favorite piece of Disney merchandise? Tell us in the comments!

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