The Exclusive (and EXPENSIVE) Merchandise at Disney World’s Star Wars Hotel

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Do people go shopping in space?

Let’s go shopping!

If that’s a pressing question you have about Disney World’s Galactic Starcruiser, we’ve got an answer for you. Yes! People do shop in space and there is a ton of unique merchandise available that’s perfect for souvenirs and gifts to take back home when you return to Earth.

The shop onboard the Halcyon (that’s the name of the ship) has a huge variety of merchandise sure to please even the pickiest of shoppers, so let’s take a look at everything available.


Dress like a space princess with the Princess Leia Dress for $129.99.

Leia’s iconic white dress!

Even better? You can get this dress online, too!

Click Here To Buy The Princess Leia Dress Online

This Dress is also available for Kids for $99.99.

For Kids, too!

Grab it online, too!

Click Here To Buy The Princess Leia Dress For Kids Online

You’ll strut in style with the Padme Amidala Cloak.

Be like Padme

Grab it online, too, for $149.99.

Click Here To Buy the Padme Amidala Cloak Online

The Padme Amidala Cloak is available for Kids, too.

For kids

Get it online for $79.99.

Click Here To Buy The the Padme Amidala Cloak For Kids

How about this Senator Bail Organa Security Aide Tunic?

Senator Bail Organa’s shirt!

This tunic is also available online for $69.99.

Click Here To Buy The Senator Bail Organa Security Aide Tunic Online

This red Chandrila Star Line Jacket looks comfy. It’s $59.99.

Red jacket

If you’re still feeling red, check out this Red Zip-Up Jacket for $49.99.

This one looks spacey!

The Chandrila Star Line Shirt is very fashionable.

Be a fashion icon in space

Make a serious statement in the Black Hooded Dress for $149.99.


If you like it, you can grab it online, too.

Grab the Black Hooded Dress Online

Go more casual with a Cargo Jacket for $74.99.

Cargo jacket

Grab a Chandrila Starline Tee for $39.99.

Black Tees are classic

Sport a tri-color Halcyon Sweatshirt for $39.99.


This Sleeveless Top has the Chandrila Logo in a pattern on it. It’s $29.99.

Sweet tank!

This Halcyon Tee for Kids is fun — you can grab it for $29.99.

Kid’s Tee

Here’s the Saber Training Tunic For Kids for $59.99.

For Saber Training

This one is also available online.

Click Here To Buy The Saber Training Tunic For Kids

Dress up for dinner in a Formal Tunic for $69.99.

Formal tunic

Kids can get their own Mechanic’s Jumpsuit for $99.99.

Mechanic’s jumpsuit

You can also grab this jumpsuit online.

Click Here To Buy The Mechanic’s Jumpsuit for Kids

Gloves are a great accessory — and you can get either Long Gloves or Short Gloves.


The Long Gloves are $19.99 and the short gloves are $16.99. And both pairs are online.

Click Here Buy The Long Gloves Online
— or —
Buy The Short Gloves Online

Sport a Halcyon Baseball Cap for $24.99.

Baseball Cap

You can even get a Twi’lek Headpiece — it’s $99.99 for adults and $79.99 for Kids.

Become a Twi’lek

Home Goods

A Chandrila StarLine Mug for $22.99 is always a good souvenir to bring home.

Raise your mug!

Put that mug on the Chandrila Star Line Coaster for $34.99.

It’s a fancy coaster

Bring the Halcyon home with you as an Ornament for $29.99.

Halcyon Ornament

Imagine sipping beverages out of this uber-cool Chandrila Star Line Glass for $24.99.

Fun glass

Remember your journey on the Halcyon with a Framed Poster for $150.

Framed Poster

Or you can hang a Gaya Print on your wall for $14.99.

Gaya Print

Record your thoughts about space in the Chandrila Star Line Journal for $34.99


Grab an Executive Pen for writing in that journal — the pen is $39.99.

Nice pen!

How about a Wine Bottle Stopper for $22.99?

Wine Bottle Stopper

Jewelry and Accessories

You want pins? We’ve got pins! There’s this Halcyon Pin that has a relief of the ship on it for $12.99.

Halcyon Pin

This Silver Halcyon Pin is $9.99.

Silver pin

There’s also an Orange Halcyon Pin for $9.99.

Halcyon Pin

This Shiny Chandrila Star Line Pin is $9.99.


There are a couple of Patches to choose from, too. Each patch is $9.99.


Carry all your stuff in the Chandrila Star Line Halcyon Backpack for $54.99.


There’s a Halcyon Keychain that has a model of the ship on it — it’s $12.99.

Halcyon Model keychain

You can also grab a Halcyon Logo Keychain for $12.99.

Halcyon Logo Keychain

You can also get a Keychain with a Chandrila Star Line Logo on it for $12.99.

Unique keychain

Grab a Lanyard Pouch with Charm for $9.99.

Lanyard pouch

Add a Lanyard for $12.99.

COOL Lanyard

This Halcyon MagicBand is only available here — it’s $29.99.


If you want to take home some pretty cool jewelry, there’s a great selection, like these Earrings for $95 and this Jeweled Cuff Bracelet for $450.

Earrings and bracelet

Check out these Hoop Earrings for $75 and Cuff Bracelet for $125.

More bling

There’s a Necklace with the Chandrila Star Line Logo on it for $125.

THIS is a statement piece

Other pieces available are this Neck Wrap for $175 and Earrings for $75,

Loads of jewelry

Here’s what the other pieces of Jewelry look like, including a Wavy Bracelet for $450, a Ring for $125, and a Brooch for $150.

More jewelry!

Toys and Games

The Chandrila Star Line Legacy Shield is $150.

Legacy Shield

Grab a Training Lightsaber for $49.99.

Training Lightsaber

You can get an Exclusive Legacy Lightsaber Hilt onboard the Halcyon for $170.

This can only be found on the Halcyon!

Bring your own SK-620 Droid home with you!


You can also get a Miniature SK-620 Droid Figure for $14.99.

Mini SK-620

Or get a Remote Control SK-620 for $99.99.

Remote Control Droid!

Do you love Sabacc? You can grab a set of Sabacc Cards and Dice for $29.99.

Sabacc Cards!

You can get a Halcyon Figurine for $14.99.


Put together your own Halcyon with this Model Kit for $29.99.

Halcyon Model Kit


You can get an H20 Tin Set with some face clothes and bubble face masks in it for $30.

Tin set

You can also just get a box of H20 Face Cloths for $24.99

Face Cloths

…or a Box of Bubble Masks for $39.99.

Spa day?

Bring home this Marble Collectible with the Halycon on it.

It’s marble!

There were a few items we saw at the media event that aren’t available in the shop yet, but they will be coming soon. That includes a Sabacc Set

Care for a game of Sabacc?

…and a Wind-Up SK-620 Droid Toy.

Mini droid!

Terminal Merchandise

And that’s not all, once you exit the ship and head back to the terminal, you’ll see a shop set up there with a few more items to buy, including a variety of Patches and Pins.

Pins and Patches

You’ll also find Star Wars T-Shirts and MagicBands

Star Wars tee and MagicBands

…and MORE Star Wars T-Shirts.

More T-Shirts

If you want a Galactic Starcruiser T-Shirt, that’s available…


…along with Baseball Caps and Water Bottles.

Caps and water bottles

So that’s EVERYTHING you can buy when you go on a voyage on Disney World’s Galactic Starcruiser. We’ll be covering EVERYTHING about the Starcruiser, so don’t go anywhere!

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Disclosure: We were invited by Disney to attend a media event for Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, and later attended on opening day where we paid full price for travel, stay, and expenses. This did not affect our reporting of the event — our opinions are our own.

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