NEWS: Disney Comments On When It Expects To Recover from Loss of International Visitors

Last year, Disney World closed due to the global health crisis. And throughout most of the crisis, international travel to the U.S. was restricted for non-U.S. citizens.

Disney Parks are recovering from last year’s closures

This means that Disney World was no longer receiving revenue from international travelers. However, now that it has been announced that these travel restrictions will be lifted for vaccinated visitors, when will Disney World recover from that loss of revenue?

During today’s fourth quarter earnings call, Disney not only shared their recent upward trend in attendance over the past few months at the parks but also commented on when it expected to see recovery from international visitors.

Main Street, U.S.A.

And it may be a little longer before Disney World recovers that revenue. Disney commented that this recovery might not happen until the fiscal end of 2022. In the meantime, though, attendance at Disney World has risen by double digits since the end of the company’s third quarter.

We’ll continue to cover all the news from Disney’s Q4 Earnings Call, so stay tuned for more!

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Are you an international Disney World guest? Let us know when you plan on traveling to Disney World in the comments!

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3 Replies to “NEWS: Disney Comments On When It Expects To Recover from Loss of International Visitors”

  1. If Disney wants to increase its international visitors, there’s one simple thing they can do: have their health clinics offer onsite COVID-19 testing. We recently visited from Canada and had to be tested within 3 days of our return home. This meant finding a clinic near WDW that did PCR (i.e. swab) testing and could give us results in 48 hours or less; then taking an Uber there and back. The whole thing was expensive and inconvenient – ended up costing us almost half a day that we could’ve spent in the parks. If Alleve Health was able to do these tests on Disney property (at a cost of course), it would have been much, much better.

  2. What you mean to say is overseas visitors. Canadian and Mexican have been traveling to Disney for months. We came down from Toronto for 3 weeks for the 50th. Non US guests account for 30% so gotta figure Disney will increase attendance. Also, since Canada has a fully vaccinated rate of 88% and most of Europe is in the 70 percent range at least it will be safer then the abysmal US rate.

  3. Does this mean they are going to increase attendance limits? If they ae already having days where they are hitting the limit on park reservations what does the international travelers matter? Except that they will probably cut down the passholder and US visitors to allow more international as they hope they will spend more in the parks.