BIG CHANGE Announced for DVC Membership Cards

If you’re a Disney Vacation Club member, you’re likely very familiar with the perks, benefits, and discounts that come with being a DVC Member.

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Sometimes those perks include early access to special bookings, exclusive merchandise,  or other benefits. If you’re a fan of these Membership Extras, you’ve probably had to use your physical Membership Card to take advantage of the special deals. But, soon things with that Membership Card will be changing.

As we mentioned above, the Disney Vacation Club Membership Card allows Members to take advantage of those special Membership Extras like special offers, discounts, and more. In the past, this Membership Card has been provided as a blue, physical card. But, soon that will be changing.

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According to the Disney Vacation Club website, DVC is “developing an enhanced digital replacement for Membership Cards.” The physical blue membership cards will expire on December 31st, 2021.

Starting in January of 2022, DVC Members will be able to access a digital membership card in the My Disney Experience app through the Magic Mobile feature (this is the new feature that also allows guests to access a digital version of their park tickets for entry and more).


When answering why this change is taking place, the DVC site simply notes that DVC is always looking for “new ways to enhance the Member experience,” including making changes that “align with Member preferences and usage patterns.”

Keep in mind that the change to the digital card doesn’t impact the membership extras you have access to. It will simply change the method of accessing those benefits.

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Effective November 2nd, existing members will no longer receive and are no longer able to order a physical card. Until this digital replacement is in place, DVC members can continue to use their physical cards (if they have one) or access a digital card by visiting

Vacation Club

Can you continue to use your physical card after December 31st, 2021, instead of the new digital form in My Disney Experience? According to the DVC website, no. Once the physical blue cards expire, they will not be recognized as a form of DVC member identification.


In terms of those who might not have a smartphone, DVC has stated that any member listed on the DVC membership or anyone who manages the membership will be able to use their smartphone to access and verify the membership.


If you have questions about the DVC card situation when it comes to your membership, be sure to reach out to Disney to get clarification. In the meantime, make sure your My Disney Experience account is set up and ready to go so you can access the digital replacement once it becomes available.

We’ll keep an eye out for more updates on the situation and let you know what we find.

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2 Replies to “BIG CHANGE Announced for DVC Membership Cards”

  1. This is yet another Chapek money grubbing effort that really angers us. We are 20 year DVC members and we are appalled at the perks being reduced or eliminated , the huge increase in Annual Passes and all the other ways we as DVC members are being taken advantage of. But this change is really insulting as our “ blue card “ was a sign of pride of membership and now we have to use our damn phone again for something involving Disney. We HATE this and it’s ridiculous to have to pull out our phone dozens of times per day while trying to get away from work on our vacation.

  2. I spoke to DVC through chat today about this because my husband and I don’t have smartphones. When I log into our dvc account, it only shows my husband’s name and I was told to create an account for myself. when I tried I couldn’t because I needed a code that was apparently provided to us back in 1998! They then told me they couldn’t help and I wouldn’t be able to access my card! INSANE!