AllEars TV: Disney World FREE Genie Challenge!

Disney Genie has finally arrived in Disney World! A lot of focus has been on Genie+, its use of Lightning Lanes (the new paid FastPass replacement), and Individual Attraction Selection or “Fancy Rides”. 


However, there’s also the free side of Genie (A.K.A. Freenie), which features an adaptive itinerary that uses your interests and your “must-do” Disney activities to create a plan for your day that can change based on crowds!

Today on AllEars TV, Molly is going to ONLY use free Genie for the whole day, starting at Animal Kingdom and then park hopping to Magic Kingdom. Is it worth it to use the free Genie itinerary? Let’s find out together!

Click below to follow Molly as she uses the free Disney Genie!

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