We’re Answering Your BIGGEST Questions About Park Hopping in Disney World

Since Disney World reopened back in July, Park Hopping has been suspended in the parks as Disney Park Passes and capacity measures were instituted.

Park Hopper Sign

However, Disney announced that the ability to Park Hop would be returning again at the beginning of 2021 for guests to explore each of the parks. As we’ve made our way around Disney World to see all the modifications to the park-hopping system, we’ve gathered a list of everything you need to know before you head back to the parks!

When are Park Hopping hours in Disney World?

As per the Disney website, the current Park Hopping hours in each of the parks begin at 2PM through the parks’ closing. However, they are subject to change as Disney updates its parks’ schedule over the coming weeks.

How do I know if the park I am looking to go to has availability?

Disney has put in place a phone number for guests to check park availability and capacity at 407-560-5000. However, the number only works for phone calls and not text messages.

Magic Kingdom

When we used Disney transportation to go park-to-park, there were also Cast Members available to ask whether a certain park was available.

Find out all the details about the park-hopping number here!

How many parks can you visit per day with Park Hopping?

When we kicked off our park hopping spree, we were actually able to visit all four Disney World parks in a day.

Molly in Magic Kingdom

If you make sure to plan accordingly with Park Hopping hours, transportation, Disney Park Passes, and more, it’s definitely possible to visit each park in one day!

Find out how you can plan your park hopping day here!

Do I need a Disney Park Pass reservation to park-hop?

Guests will need to have a Disney Park Pass reservation and valid theme park admission with the added Park Hopper option to visit their first park of the day. However, after 2PM, guests can visit another park without a Park Pass as long as it isn’t at capacity.

EPCOT MagicBand Scanner

It’s important that guests must head to their initial park with a reservation before they can start Park Hopping.

Molly in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

We saw several guests turned away because they didn’t use their Disney Park Pass reservation prior to visiting their next park of the day.

Here’s everything you need to know about modified Park Hopping!

Will I be able to take transportation to different parks during Park Hopper hours?

Park-to-park transportation has returned for guests wanting to visit different Disney World locations throughout the day. The operations begin ahead of the Park Hopper hours each day. At this time, guests can use the Disney Buses, Skyliners, and the Friendship Boats to travel between parks.

Disney Bus

However, guests will need to have their MagicBands or tickets scanned by Cast Members to ensure that they have a Park Hopper option before they can use park-to-park transportation.

Cast Member scanning for Park Hopping

Guests will also need to go through a round of security and temperature checks at each park after they arrive.

Find out all the details on park-to-park transportation here!

What park should I visit first during the day?

Many guests heading to Disney World probably have a dream of riding Rise of the Resistance in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. If that is a must-do for you, it’s important to remember that only guests with a Park Pass for Hollywood Studios will be eligible to get a Rise boarding group. If you choose it as your second, third, or fourth park of the day you will not be able to get a boarding group.

Rise of the Resistance

Here’s what you need to know about planning your day in Disney World with Park Hopping!

Am I able to return back to my original park?

Yes, you can go back to your initial park of the day, after you use your Disney Park Pass reservation there!

Bye bye, Christmas Cavalcades!

However, as with going to any park, it will depend on capacity. For example, if you have a Park Pass for Magic Kingdom, go to EPCOT, and then return to Magic Kingdom, you will only be able to re-enter if it has not reached capacity.

Cinderella Castle

As we continue to make our way around Disney World with the newly modified Park Hopper system, we’ll be sure to update you on everything you need to know before you head back to the parks!

These 3 Park Hopping updates may change how you visit Disney World in 2021!

Do you have plans for a Disney vacation in 2021? Let us know in the comments below!

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