Why Disney Should Bring Back This AMAZING Transportation Hack

Getting between the four Parks at Walt Disney World can sometimes be difficult.  There are a few different ways to travel between them including buses, the Monorail, and the Skyliner.

But what if there was a more direct way? What if there was a direct (and kinda secret) way to get between all the Parks? Years ago there was such an option available: Express Transportation.

Express Transportation was an option that  could be added onto a vacation for an additional fee that would help guests hop between the Parks more easily. This was a reasonably priced option and provided quick transportation that cut through the backstage area of Disney. For a single day use of the Express Transportation it cost $19 per person; a multi-day add-on was $29 per person.

The Express Transportation wasn’t just quicker than using other forms of transportation and connecting through Resorts; it also allowed you to get between the Parks without having to go through security again at each Park. Sometimes the main delay when getting between the Parks can be the long security lines. During high traffic seasons the lines can get quite long to get your bag checked, even with all the security lines open.

New Bag Screening and Security Area

Express Transportation, then, had the added bonus of being the Disney World equivalent of having TSA Pre-check. You’ve already been cleared by their security and haven’t left the Parks. This was a huge time-saver for folks on top of the time saved by traveling directly from Park to Park using backstage roadways.


We wish they’d bring back Express Transportation to Disney World. It was reasonably priced and a quick way to get between all of the Parks. When Park Hopping returns to the World, we’d love to see this transportation hack come back, too!

Did you try Express Transportation? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.

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9 Replies to “Why Disney Should Bring Back This AMAZING Transportation Hack”

  1. I wish the would bring this back too. I hate having a stranger go through my bag (still happens to me even with the new system) and at least with this option I only have to deal with that once a day when park hopping.

  2. Absolutely one of the best trans options Disney NEVER told you about. We had the opportunity to utilize this service on just one vacation before it was shutdown. Personally, I would pay double the rate for this service. (Of course,only once park hopping is allowed again.) Would be very interesting to know the true story of why this was so short lived. I suspect politics from within Disney management killed the project. Not the first time Disney has started something and abruptly shut it down for no apparent reason, same as the numerous projects that get started up, don’t pan out, but still hang around years later. Obvious, someone with power refuses to be “proven wrong”.

  3. We used it when it as available and loved it! It was so convenient being able to skip security and really made park hopping nice. I wish they would bring it back

  4. It was magical seeing the backstage areas and going to all four parks in one day. Wish they’d do that Security bit for ACTUAL park hopping! Saves a lot of time.

  5. This was an amazing option. I loved the convenience, how much time it saved,and being grateful for actually having a seat at the end of an exhausting day. I wish they’d bring it back for a reasonable cost.

  6. Totally agree. We got to use it for two days during our trip when it was available and really valued the convenience and the time savings.