NEWS: Disney World Surveys Guests About Re-Opening and Closure Impacts

Since Shanghai Disneyland will be opening this week on May 11th and Disney Springs announced its phased re-opening beginning May 20th, guests have been waiting to hear what the US Disney theme parks will be doing in regards to reopening.

Shanghai Disneyland ©Disney

And, although Disney World extended its closure indefinitely and has started canceling vacations through the end of May, the parks have put out a survey about trips to some guests.

Disney World has been asking guests with upcoming reservations about how future plans may be impacted and what decisions will be change their trips following the park closures.

An empty Magic Kingdom ©Jonathan Salazar

Some of these questions include asking what factors will influence guests to keep their reservations to the parks, and what may cause them to cancel their upcoming vacations.

Magic Kingdom

Since many people are coming to ride the world-class attractions that Disney World has, the survey wanted to know what rides “must be available” in the opinions of guests visiting.

Rise of the Resistance

In order to better determine what entertainment will be offered, representatives from Disney World also wanted to know what experiences guests would consider participating in soon.

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Disney also asked how soon they would feel comfortable returning to the parks.

While we still don’t know what offerings will be limited to when the domestic Disney Parks re-open, a recent change on their website states that, “upon reopening, theme parks, Disney Resort hotels, restaurants, attractions, experiences, and other offerings may be modified and will be limited in capacity and subject to limited availability or closure, based on direction from health experts and government officials to promote physical distancing.”

Disney has also released statements on which entertainment offerings will not be available initially in Shanghai, including parades.

Shanghai Disneyland ©Disney

As always, we’ll keep you updated with more information about the parks re-opening!

Did you get a survey from Disney? Let us know in the comments!

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Do you have a Disney World trip planned for 2020? Let us know in the comments below!

Rachel Franko has been going to Disney Parks since she was a baby, and her love of Disney has only grown into a SLIGHT obsession since! She's been writing for AllEars since 2019 and loves sharing the magic with all the readers. When she's not writing, you can catch her heading to Disney and Universal Studios with a heart full of dreams and a backpack full of themed ears!

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21 Replies to “NEWS: Disney World Surveys Guests About Re-Opening and Closure Impacts”

  1. I guess I’ll be the odd man out here, but, I doubt I will go back to WDW in the next 6 months if Disney DOESN’T require masks on everyone. Come on people, it’s agreed by all medical experts that a mask helps prevent the wearer from spreading the disease. To declare you won’t wear a mask tells me you don’t care about other people and as far as I’m concerned, you don’t deserve to enter the park if you have that attitude. Take my and every other guests temperature, require us to wear a mask, and make us wash our hands periodically, and I’m there. Short of a miracle cure plus a vaccine, it ain’t business as usual and we might as well come to grips with that. WDW is not a necessity nor a right. I love it as much or more than anyone, and have been a victim of cancelled May 5th trip for son’s Bday, but I’d rather live to be healthy and see it many times later than to risk going recklessly and possibly only see it that one time.

  2. I haven’t received a survey for my rebooked September trip. Mask requirement would be a deal breaker for us. I would cancel the trip and let my passes expire.

  3. I’ve come to grips with the fact that WDW as I’ve known it over the last 25-30 years is gone, and is probably not coming back until at least mid 2021. At a minimum the resorts and parks will be at 50-75% capacity through 2020, and there will be requirements for masks and social distancing until then. It does not matter if Florida requires them, Disney will make it a terms / conditions of entry – like it or not. I see no point in even thinking about booking anything until it is clear what the “rules” are and how they will be enforced. I feel for anyone who’s in the “no mans land” of having reservations and not knowing how this will play out, but I suspect that Florida opened too soon and will see a spike by Memorial Day. I’m very sorry for the Cast Members who will get caught in the middle of this – enforcing masks in August / September will be a nightmare. In my opinion, Summer 2020 is lost as far as WDW is concerned and hopefully Disney will do their best to make everyone whole who’s already signed up to go.

  4. I see many of the respondents say they will not go if they have to wear a mask. I wonder how they will feel if there is an outbreak of Covid and it is linked to WDW? Would they go anyway then? Would they then wear a mask? And considering the fact that people go to WDW from all over the world, the risk is much higher, I imagine, than say going to the beach in St Petersburg. We have reservations for January. We made them when we figured once Disney closed down, people would be looking to re-book and availability would become non existant. I’d like to know that the parks will remain open and not be closed down because people were unwilling to wear masks for the common good. If you stop and think about it, it is a small price to pay. You have NO problem whatsoever going through airport security, taking off your shoes and belt and so forth. But wearing a mask. C’mon we aren’t talking for the rest of your life here, folks. Just remember…go on down to WDW…. Have a great time…. Don’t wear a mask…. Go home and tell grandma and grandpa all about it. Then cross your fingers. I hope to go even if the parks are limited. And I will wear a mask for me and for everyone else who is there. I also think it would be great for Disney to develop a system like fast pass for standby. You get your time to get in line for a ride on your phone or at a kiosk, but don’t actually stand in line. Imagine how long the line would be for Avatar if the line is 4 hours long and people are 6 feet apart. You’ll have to get in line in the parking lot.

  5. We have a first week of June trip scheduled 😬 This has already been rescheduled from March 15th week (boo lol). We are checking Disney news daily. We have not received a survey either. I would love to visit with a deceased attendance but not like to be made to wear a mask!!

  6. Wish I would receive one. I will not go if mandated to wear a mask. That feedback needs to be received.

    1. I emailed guest services that a mask was a summertime deal breaker and got an almost automated response of everything is closed indefinitely except certain Disney Springs locations as of May 20. I am not going if forced to wear one in a state not requiring one.

  7. I received a survey for my July reservation. July 1st is the last day of our reservation. Now I’m concerned about my days in June.

  8. We have a trip reserved in September. We finally splurged and reserved the Polynesian Resort. I will be so upset if we have to give that up but I want to keep my family safe and get our moneys worth!

  9. Have a July 24 arrival date and live in US, but so far no survey. Honestly the first deal breaker would be a required mask. Were I going in winter I might feel differently, but I already get heat rash visiting in summer, I don’t want it on my face too. I would cancel over the mask. Then would be ride access. I have some rides I want to get on at least once every time I visit a park and use FP to insuRe a ride and rope drop to get a second ride on it. Then there are rides I only want to do once a trip. If whatever they do has rides closed or makes getting on them require a magic trick because they ban rope drop horde and want virtual queues it is not worth flying down there to mill around a park in the heat getting on 3 rides a day if lucky and then sitting at the hotel…unless they are going to refund half the cost of the trip. If they cancel existing ADRs or limit already limited seating at QS locations might make me rethink going too.

  10. I’m guessing they will only survey Florida residents and/or US citizens. Considering the borders are closed and many countries are not allowing international travel. In addition, Disney might not being surveying all guests with reservations or only surveying guests with reservations within a specific time frame.

  11. I have a reservation for the end of June and I did get the survey. I believe it’s for those with existing reservations for June/July.

  12. We have reservations in September, but I don’t know if we will keep them. We’ve not received any survey. I can’t picture my husband and I plus three grandchildren walking around with masks on in the Florida weather and who knows what attractions will be open.We are WDW regulars and I just can’t figure out how they will maintain “social distancing”.

  13. I have a reservation for the end of August and i have not received a survey yet — coming from Canada.

  14. I have a trip planned for Thanksgiving week 2020. If a significant amount of rides and attractions are not going to be open, we will reschedule. We love Disney and will return, but I can’t justify paying full amount for a subtracted product. We are hoping for the best, but planning for a 2021 trip if need be.

  15. I’ve a reservation for September. I made it last August. I suspect they will only survey US and Canadian guests and not overseas ones. I haven’t received any survey, which is a shame.