Disney Movie Throwdown Update: Battle of the Disney Renaissance Classics!

The AllEars Disney Movie Throwdown CONTINUES as we approach the final round for all four of our leagues!

Maurice is ready to THROW DOWN ©Disney

Tonight, our ’37-’94 Animated League and our Pixar League fight to see who reigns supreme in their respective categories, while our Contemporary Animated and Live Action Leagues gear up for as well! Who will win? YOU DECIDE!

As always, voting will take place on Facebook and Instagram.

FIRST UP, Beauty and the Beast faces off against The Little Mermaid to see which classic animated film will reign victorious! It’s the battle of the Disney Renaissance! Will Lumiere be serving up seafood tonight? Or will Ariel add those talking thingamabobs to her collection? YOU DECIDE!

I’m Triton contain my excitement, but I just CAN’T! ©Disney

Speaking of talking thingamabobs, our Pixar League is coming to an epic conclusion! The original Pixar Pals of Toy Story are ready to defend Andy’s bedroom from the frightening beasts of Monsters, Inc.!  Will Buzz and Woody save the day, or will Mike and Sully scare up a win?

Hard to beat this level of physical comedy ©Disney

Also tonight, our Contemporary Animated League comes to an epic conclusion as veteran entry The Lion King faces off against Moana! Simba has been singing about how he just can’t wait to be king, but no one knew how far Moana would go in this competition!


Then in our Live Action bracket, the supernanny, Mary Poppins, faces off against the wicked witches of Hocus Pocus! Flying Umbrellas vs Flying Vacuum Cleaners? It’s a match for the ages, folks!

There will be no eating of children on my watch! ©Disney

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Austin Lang is an Orlando local with a love of Disney, puns, and Disney puns. He's been a contributing writer for AllEars since 2019, and has been sharing his quirky view of Disney life ever since.

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