According to Analysts, Disney Parks Could Take Two Years to Return to Normalcy

Currently, Disney Parks worldwide are closed, as health officials discourage any large gatherings during the current health crisis. While a definitive resolution likely won’t arrive for some time (when vaccines complete medical trials), Disney is already looking at ways to reintroduce guests to the park. In an interview with Barron’s this week, Bob Iger spoke to looking at potential options such as temperature screenings and other health-related measures. 

Cinderella Castle

However, analysts at banking giant Wells Fargo downgraded Disney’s stock value on Tuesday, claiming it could take up to two years for the parks to return to normal.

Currently, Walt Disney World has not set an official date for reopening. However, in an article for Variety, Wells Fargo analyst Steven Cahall stated that he believes “zero park attendance” could continue well into September, with the parks operating at limited capacity through 2021.

Magic Kingdom Entrance

Cahall continued that Well Fargo “see[s] the limiting factor as healthcare technology as assets like Walt Disney World will either need to operate with social distancing in-place – significantly limiting capacity – or a vaccine will need to be widely enough available that the population will again feel safe in such a gathering. Testing may also improve, allowing customers with immunity/antibodies to behave a bit more freely.”

Magic Kingdom

Without widespread testing or a vaccine, Cahall predicts that even when current measures are relaxed, guests could be reluctant to gather en masse at places like Disneyland. He continued to state that while testing could allow guests with immunity to move about more freely, the potential severity of the disease could scare consumers without immunity away from the parks until a vaccine is developed — particularly those who are at risk for complications.

Disneyland Entrance

According to Cahall, “while the healthcare community is working hard we think it’s overly optimistic to expect either a widely distributed vaccine or large parts of the population being immune in the next 12 months. As such our attendance forecasts are a best guess with a precipitous decline followed by a ~12-month recovery.”

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5 Replies to “According to Analysts, Disney Parks Could Take Two Years to Return to Normalcy”

  1. Love all the so called “experts” on the news. Economy was strong before this epidemic hit, we will rebound quickly in all sectors. People will be ready to get out when this clear, and get back to normal. Americans will bounce back quicker than anyone.

  2. Two years! Gasp! That’s ridiculous. Summer attendance is not crazy, open in July . People will return and escape and enjoy as always. Remember, we are the land of the free, and the home of the BRAVE. I’m packing my bags for summer!

  3. Just like 911 when the parks weren’t as crowded for a few months, Disney will bounce back fast from this glitch. People are going to be looking for something that will let them escape reality and put this time behind them even if just for a few days.