We Now Know How Long Soarin’ Over California Will Be Back at Disney California Adventure!

Disneyland guests were ecstatic when it was announced that Soarin’ Over California would be coming back to Disney California Adventure for a limited time starting this month!

Soarin’ Over California

This classic attraction was replaced in 2016 with Soarin’ Around the World, a version of the ride that brought the trip from just California to a globetrotting adventure. While there is a lot to love about both versions, when the original returns it tends to bring in crowds of fans! And now, we have a better idea of how long you’ll be able to soar over Cali!

While we already knew that Soarin’ Over California would be returning for a limited time to the park, we now have a timeframe for how long! You can ride Soarin’ Over California from February 28th through April 21st at Disney California Adventure.


What’s more, on March 11th, 18th, and 25th, Annual Passholders will have access to the ride for an extra hour!  If you’re wanting to soar over the West Coast, be sure to check out Soarin’ Over California February 28th through April 21st at Disney California Adventure!

Which do you prefer — Soarin’ Around the World or Soarin’ Over California? Let us know in the comments below!

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7 Replies to “We Now Know How Long Soarin’ Over California Will Be Back at Disney California Adventure!”

  1. Soarin over California was far superior to Soarin over the World. Venues look fake in the latter, and none of those great smells, like orange groves, pine forests, and ocean from the original are present. Why oh why would you replace an outstanding ride with a mediocre one???

  2. Soaring over California for sure! I am not happy replacing Twilight Zone drop and especially Uncle Remus’s Splash Mountain. Replace Winnie the Poo. That ones not that good.

  3. No other version will ever top Soarin over California, it has such a beautiful score, beautiful visuals, more than anything they pump smells of pine and evergreen which is my favorite, I can still go on soarin around the world but I will never have the same emotional connection as I do with soarin over California

  4. I would prefer soaring over California because I like the graphics and the music. It would be interesting to have soring around the world together.


      1. This is a complete no brainer. Soarin over California at Disney World was our favorite ride. soarin around the world is not even a good ride. This is one of the biggest mistakes Disney has ever made. And they don’t make that many. Whoever was in charge of this decision should be replaced