Our Obsession with the Child Continues: New Baby Yoda Shirt Spotted in Disneyland!

Every day we get one day closer to the next season of The Mandalorian on Disney+. We also get more Baby Yoda (aka The Child) merchandise. And because Baby Yoda is the cutest in the galaxy, we are going to get ALL.OF.IT.


Now a Baby Yoda shirt has been spotted in Star Traders in Disneyland, and we have to have it. This new shirt can be picked up for $19.99.

This new shirt reminds us that we don’t know what species The Child actually is. The same goes for regular full sized Yoda, his (and Yaddle’s) species has never been officially named. Even in the original scripts for the original Star Wars trilogy it wasn’t named. Yoda was just described as a green elf like creature.

Yoda ©Lucasfilm

We hope they never reveal what their species is called, as part of what makes Yoda, the Child, and Yaddle so great is the mystery surrounding them! Plus, they are just so darn cute! We can’t wait to get more Baby Yoda merchandise. Keep it coming Disney!

Yaddle ©Lucasfilm

What Baby Yoda merchandise do you want to see next? Let us know in the comments.


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