This Is The Way! Season 2 of “The Mandalorian” is Coming This Fall!

The season finale of The Mandalorian just dropped on Disney+, and we are breathless. There were thrills, reveals, tear jerking moments, and the return of a surprising element of Star Wars lore… but we’re not here to spoil.

We know what happens to people who spoil around these parts. ©Lucasfilm

Instead, we’re here with more exciting news: SEASON 2 IS CONFIRMED, BABY!

Was there really any doubt? I mean, would Disney really drop the Baby Yoda cash train after eight episodes? Of course not.

Jon Favreau announced the new season on his Twitter today, confirming a Fall 2020 release date. In addition, he tweeted this cryptic teaser.

What could it mean? ©Jon Favreau Twitter

That is a Gammorean; most famous as the race Jabba the Hutt favored as personal guards. Jabba is long dead by the time period of The Mandalorian, but it seems at least one infamous Pig Lizard will appear in the new season.

Other key things to note are… well… spoilers. Big spoilers.

Seriously, no spoilers. ©Lucasfilm

However, if you can’t get enough Mando-Lore, we recommend watching some other Star Wars TV shows on Disney+.

We recommend watching Star Wars: The Clone Warsespecially episodes that deal heavily with the Mandalorians. Season 2, Episode 12 in particular introduces a critical plotline relevant to Mandalorian lore. The upcoming final season of The Clone Wars, set to air on Disney+ in February, will focus on the Siege of Mandalore and serve as a direct prequel to The Mandalorian.

If that’s still not enough, Star Wars: Rebels also prominently features a Mandalorian character in Sabine Wren, and features elements that will later appear in The Mandalorian.

In fact, just… watch both of those entire series. You’ve got plenty of time, and they’re both fantastic. Enough to tide over your cravings for a year, at least. Until then, I guess we’ll need to settle for regular old Adult Yoda.

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