AllEars TV Video: The Secret Backstory Behind Your Favorite Walt Disney World Ride

You know there are 999 happy haunts in Walt Disney World’s Haunted Mansion — and that there’s always room for one more. But do you know all the secrets of the Mansion’s backstory?

Haunted Mansion Tour!

Molly’s got you covered! It’s time for her Haunted Mansion Tour, on which she shares the details of the popular attraction’s spooktacular backstory! Once you’ve watched this, you’ll notice a lot more pieces of the story the next time you ride!

Be a Haunted Mansion pro — watch this tour! Then, head on over to AllEarsTV on YouTube to check out the rest of our videos, including POVs, tips for planning your vacation, and challenges hosted by Molly!

Did you learn anything new from our Haunted Mansion Tour? Let us know in the comments! 

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