NEW AllEars Video: Don’t Make These 8 First-Timer Disney Mistakes!

Planning your first trip to the Disney Parks? Been a bunch of times and still learning all the ins-and-outs? We’ve got an AllEars YouTube video for ya!

Don’t Make These 8 First-Timer Disney Mistakes!

We’ll tell you why you should book your FastPasses ahead of time, when to make those Advance Dining Reservations, how to make sure you don’t have to lug your souvenirs around all day, and more! Basically we’re covering all the big Disney Parks planning topics!

Click the video above to check out this AllEars TV offering, and then visit our YouTube channel to see all the other great stuff we’ve got for you. Check out ride POVs, find out what challenge Molly’s taking on this week, and get loads of helpful tips and advice for planning and enjoying your Disney Parks vacations!

What’s one Disney first-timer mistake you made back in the day? How’d you learn from it? Share with us in the comments below. 

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One Reply to “NEW AllEars Video: Don’t Make These 8 First-Timer Disney Mistakes!”

  1. character lines are inevitable anymore. we just got back from a week-long trip. we booked as many character meals as we could to get the greatest variety possible, and try not to meet characters that we’ve met in the past. but that even in doing that, characters that don’t offer fastpass have ridiculous lines. and don’t even get me started on the holiday party exclusives with hours-long waits. that’s just insane. disney needs to invest in character greeting overhaul and create situations where the same character in in multiple “rooms” and you are taken to a specific room. this allows that personal interaction but keeps the wait times manageable. we used ride fastpasses very wisely and kept our wait times low, but had no choice with most characters we wanted to see outside of meals that didn’t offer fastpass.