Magic Kingdom’s Happily Ever After Dessert Party Prices Increasing: How Much More Will You Pay?

The Happily Ever After fireworks and projection show is a popular nighttime offering at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, and dessert parties with reserved viewing for the show are a big hit with many guests.

Happily Ever After

But these extra-ticketed dessert parties — of which there are three standard types — are an added cost, and while many guests enjoy them, still others see them as too expensive to justify reserving. And those prices are going up even higher.

For the Fireworks Dessert Party at Tomorrowland Terrace, prices are going from $84 for an adult to $99. Children ages 3-9 are rising from $50 to $59. For the Fireworks Dessert Party with Plaza Garden Viewing, prices are going from $69 to $79 for adults and $41 to $47 for kids.

Happily Ever After Dessert Party

The third Happily Ever After dessert party offering is the After-Fireworks Dessert Party that invites guests to enjoy sweet treats after reserved viewing. The prices for adults are going from $69 to $89 and for kids from $41 to $53.

The increase in price goes into effect for parties beginning February 1, 2020, so be sure to factor that in when you’re making your plans!

Have you attended a Happily Ever After Dessert Party? Let us know what you thought about the Party — or what you think about the price increases — in the comments! 

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9 Replies to “Magic Kingdom’s Happily Ever After Dessert Party Prices Increasing: How Much More Will You Pay?”

  1. Don’t bother wasting your money. We paid for 4 adults on our last trip & found out once the show starts they open the ” reserved area” to all guests. You will essentially pay 99 dollars for dessert. People flooded the grassy area & stood in front of people that had been sitting on the grass. A lady with a stroller wedged her way in front of the family next to us sitting on the grass & put her stroller in front of their children then an argument ensued. There is no way you could possibly eat 99 dollars worth of dessert even at Disney prices. Before we left for the night I stopped by guest services to complain & there were at least 10 other families in front of me with the same complaint. They apologized & offered a free fast pass to any park I wanted, but I was still out close to 400 dollars.

  2. I agree that everything is just getting so expensive… like so many things the haves and have nots are being separated more and more. It’s tragic. But I don’t feel that alchohol has taken over food and wine but maybe that’s because I go at 11 and then at 5 and get out before it gets too late. As to the dessert party. I’ve never done the MK but have enjoyed the Epcot dessert party and the Ferrytale Dessert Party. Pricey but enjoyable. Is it worth it? It’s as worth it as the whole expensive vacation. We find it all worth it because we have so much fun as a family. But we are lucky that we can do it, even though it’s a stretch some years. We no longer buy souvenirs,we drink a lot of quick serve free water and eat sparingly…LOL. We enjoyed the Epcot the most because we got to go ride Frozen afterwards and that really was fun and we felt “special”. The Ferrytale on the Ferry Boat not as much. That’s because it was May and those stupid lovebugs got into the food and that was truly unappetizing. Plus they didn’t have the action station as expected so that was disappointing. We also had a member of our party who has difficulty with stairs so I stayed down with them. Everyone who went upstairs had a better time, more breeze, less bugs. I would do it again. But watch videos on you tube and review what DisneyFoodBlog says about each one to see what might suit you. Definitely not a yearly thing for us. We have been to Disney about 100 times in the last 23 years and only done 2 dessert parties. So it’s only because we are running out of “new” experiences to keep our now grown kids coming with us. May 2020 bring the country prosperity for all so everyone can enjoy fireworks and desserts!

  3. It should not come as a surprise that another price increase has occured, since our families last trip in december drinks,food,snacks and annual passes have all increased and because of that the first thing that will happen is we are not renewing my wifes pass which just expired in September and when my pass expires in December I will not renew. I know we will lose the by not renewing in 30 days of expiring but we do not plan on returning in the near future as disney has priced us out of vaction plans as we have already began planning our next years vacation which will not include Disney world for the first time in 14 years.

  4. Another thing at Disney World that has gone over the break point on cost! Never mind the cutbacks on the live entertainment that makes WDW so special. I still majorly resent Off Kilter being taken away from EPCoT!!!! Those live Cast Members, whether an organized band, the custodians drawing with water on the cement, the nightly parade, or the Talking TrashCan, are the things that made WDW outstanding. These ‘extra’ ticketed events keep getting added, then price increased, while the core entertainment vanishes. What next? Cancel the nightly Flag Retreat????

  5. Disney continues to raise their prices making it near impossible for average families to explore and delight in the wonder Walt Disney imagined all those years ago. I think the Disney family might be made aware that Walt’s dreams and love for Mickey and friends has turned into nothing more than corporate greed. I wonder if in time we will be charged for the air we breathe while visiting a park. After many visits to the parks over the years with my own children, I no longer support trips for most. I have always been a big Disney fan but the reality is clear. These parks no longer support the mission and the dreams that Walt originally supported. There is more alcohol served and promoted than food in any given visit. A visit to Food and Wine Festival is all about alcohol and little about food that is limited and offered a small tasting for upwards of $10. Save your money and vacation elsewhere. Make it a family vacation with memories without emptying your savings account. Sorry Walt.

  6. When Disney 1st offered the “Wishes Dessert Party” in summer 2009, it cost us $16.95 per person. We enjoyed it and had a great spot to video the fireworks, seating was not assigned. After that, the prices began skyrocketing so we haven’t been back.

    1. My family also was lucky enough to do the dessert party when it first started way back when and thought it was a fair price for what you got. The last time I went was when the price had gotten to about $35 pp. Once they raised it beyond that, I thought that there was no way I was going to pay that much for an ice cream sundae bar, free iced tea and coffee and mini desserts.