Disney Characters We Love to Hate!

Whether they’re rotten to the core or just downright annoying, Disney is great at giving us characters that are just the WORST. We pulled together a small list of some of the most evil-minded characters; some you may know well, and a couple you may have forgotten about (or blocked from your mind!).

Read on to see the characters we all love to hate!


Let’s start with one of the OG baddies who blazed the trail for all villains to follow. From the 1959 animated classic Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent is one of the gold standards of pure evil and unsavory behavior.

Maleficent ©Disney

She didn’t snag an invite to a party for a baby. Her reaction? Curse the newborn baby to die, obviously. Maleficent curses Aurora, the daughter of King and Queen who snubbed her, to prick her finger on a spinning wheel and DIE before the end of her 16th birthday. Yikes. Ultimately, of course, she’s not successful in her aspirations of royal teenage murder. She manages to get quite worked up when Prince Phillip and the fairies try to stop her, transforming into a giant green fire-breathing dragon then quickly gets…stabbed in the heart. Sounds like karma, if you ask us.


Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear, or Lotso for short, is probably one of the most unredeemable Disney bad guys around. This strawberry-scented fluffball from the 2010 hit Pixar film Toy Story 3 may look sweet and cuddly, but he is certainly anything but!

Lotso and his prisoner, Buzz ©Disney

Lotso has the typical villain backstory: he was a good guy who went bad. One day he was accidentally lost by his beloved kid. Heartbroken, Lotso searched endlessly for his child, only to find her parents had replaced him with– gasp!– a new Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear. He moves on  miserably, acting as a prison warden over a slew of daycare toys that he beat, verbally abused, and tortured into submission. Pretty heavy stuff for a kids’ movie. In the end, he never does find his way back to being good.

Prince Hans

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last six years, chances are you’ve seen (and probably sung along with) your fair share of the 2013 hit Frozen. Early on in the film, we are introduced to kind, shy, pretty-boy Hans. 

Prince Hans ©Disney

Hans and Princess Anna fall quickly in love, blissfully singing and dancing together around Arendelle. Life is perfect — at least for a few hours.  But when everything goes cold (literally!), a dying Anna rushes to Hans to be saved by what she believes to be his true love’s kiss. He goes in for the kiss then stops and smugly tells her he doesn’t love her. Ouch, dude. That’s colder than Elsa’s ice powers. We’re not too shy to say we cheer every time Anna decks him in the face at the end.

Cruella DeVil

If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will.” This glamorous dame is the star of 1961’s One Hundred and One Dalmatians. Don’t get too attached to her classy demeanor– she has one of the most sinister storylines of any Disney film.

Cruella De Vil ©Disney

Cruella has a soft spot for lavish fur coats. So much so, that when she encounters an old acquaintance and her husband, the Radcliffes, she insists on buying their newborn dalmatian puppies…to murder and skin into coats. Whoa. It’s later revealed she has such a dark lust for puppy fur that she has almost one hundred sweet little puppies locked up awaiting their fates as a fashion accessory. That’s just the puppies we see when her demonic puppy mill is broken up–  our adult selves wonder how many puppies did this woman go through already?!

The Coachman

Finally, let’s go way back to 1940’s Pinocchio to look at a villain you may have forgotten all about. The Coachman isn’t the only baddie Pinocchio encounters on his journey to be a real boy, but he’s certainly the darkest.

The Coachman ©Disney

The Coachman shows up on the scene looking for little boys — red alert number one. He tricks these young fellas into letting him escort them to Pleasure Island, a place with no regard for rules. They’re encouraged to drink, smoke, and indulge in their wildest desires. As the boys revel in their indecent behaviors, they begin to transform into donkeys. Once fully transformed, the Coachman rounds them up in cages and sells them off to the highest bidder. He made Pinocchio a LOT darker than hearing “When You Wish Upon A Star” would lead you to believe!

These are just a selection of characters that we found particularly nasty. Any you would have added? Let us know in the comments!

Maybe we’ll catch some of these films on Disney+ later this year! Check it out below!


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  1. Frollo from HBND-he tried to murder an infant and when he is stopped he locks the child in a tower for his entire life, he set fire to a house in the village with the family still inside, he has such lust for a gypsy woman that he can’t have that it turns to hate and when she turns down his proposition he burns her at the stake in town square (she’s rescued of course) . Pretty evil guy