Have Disney Snacks and Desserts Gotten Out of Hand?

Cravings? Yeah, I’m definitely having some Disney food withdrawal.

Dole Whip Float with Pineapple Juice ©Disney

One of the best parts about Disney hands-down is the food. All around the park there are delectable treats, ready to be eaten. But, are Disney snacks and desserts getting a little too out of hand?

Hungry for something savory? Longing for something sweet? You can get anything you want in Disney World. Mickey Bars, Dole Whips, Churros, Turkey Legs — I’m going into a food coma just thinking about all the possibilities!

Photo of the Week
Enjoying a Mickey ice cream!

There’s always something new and creative in the parks when it comes to snacks and desserts. The specially themed items, crazy combinations, and delicious goodies are notorious at Disney.

Mickey Mouse Club Cupcake

Sometimes, people think the bigger, the better. In the Disney Parks, this is certainly the case. The creativity and thought that is put into the treats available make that special Disney magic even more prominent in the parks. I mean, where else can you get a Goofy Candy Apple or a Minnie Cupcake?

However, the appearance and variety of Disney snacks and desserts aren’t the only highlights. The Disney Parks have also frequently tried to accommodate different dietary restrictions. Did you know that the Mickey Soft Pretzels and Popcorn parkwide are both vegan? There’s even a vegan ice cream called Tofutti featured at places like the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street, U.S.A. While they still may have a long way to go, they’ve made a great start trying to consider as many guests as possible.

Mickey Pretzel

While I think the snacks and desserts themselves are wonderful, the only part that has gotten out of hand to me are the prices.

For a small Mickey Bar, the price is $5.75. I can purchase half a gallon of ice cream for that amount! A Turkey Leg, although much bigger, costs $13.25. In comparison, I could buy five pounds of ground beef at the store for that much. Eating in the parks is becoming much more difficult to afford with the continual hike in prices. It’s easier and cheaper to pack food to bring into the park. Dining out of the park can even shave hundreds of dollars off the total cost of your vacation at Disney World.

As much as I love Disney snacks and desserts, I can’t justify spending $5.99 for a cupcake. While the parks are some of my favorite places to grab a quick bite, I think Disney is getting slightly Topsy-Turvy with these prices.

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11 Replies to “Have Disney Snacks and Desserts Gotten Out of Hand?”

  1. My wife and I go to WDW 3-4 times a year and for the most part food isn’t that expensive for us. We split many meals , love eating at resort Bar lounges usually our bill is like $30. Thats what we spend going out in Omaha. Disney portions are usually HUGE it’s so funny to see a family of 4 eat 4 deserts 4 appetizers and 4 huge meals. They may be on the meal plan but thats just a waste. Almost forgot we are not big desert people, love looking at them but never eat them.

  2. Yes, the prices are crazy, but so are the snacks and desserts. It seems like WDW is after quantity, not quality. I’m not a goody two-shoes when it comes to diet, but who can eat all that stuff?

  3. Treats at Walt Disney World are something to behold! They are works of art! I enjoy just looking at them, and watching them being constructed. I will admit to a weakness for their delicious cupcakes, one is enough to cut in half for later. They could be $1or $2 less, it is hard to justify a $6 cupcake. However, the price is similar to good bakeries at home. I think there is a market for donuts also, fully stuffed with cream, or fruit. How about peanut sticks? Here in upstate New York we have amazing donut shops on every corner. They are easy to eat on the go also. How about pies? They are practically non existent. Their croissants are very good, but again pricey. How about some variety with sweets, instead of a hundred cupcake varieties or way too many Rice Krispie treats?

  4. I’m sorry, but I don’t think it’s really fair to compare the price of a prepared meal or snack (at a theme park, stadium, or even a restaurant) to grocery store prices.

  5. Like everything else at WDW, the price of snacks is getting out of hand, not to mention how many carbs must be in some of those cupcakes with 3” of icing. They look pretty, but I cringe when I think of the sugar overload. I feel sorry for families just wanting a snack. Our favorite snack, Dole Whip. Refreshing and not as sugary.

  6. Could not agree more. The choices are awesome and they should be. But the prices are out of hand across the board. From room rates to food Disney has priced out the average middle class family. Unfortunately, the more affluent will continue to pay the prices and Disney will think how great they are for all.

  7. The food in the Parks is becoming cost prohibitive. I remember when you could get a quick service meal for 2 for about 20 dollars. Not now. I do not know how a family can afford to go anymore.