Name Released For Tokyo DisneySea’s Largest Expansion

As we have known for a while, Tokyo DisneySea is getting an all-new port. And according to a press release by Oriental Land Co., Ltd. this new port will be named Fantasy Springs. 

Fantasy Springs Concept Art ©Disney

Fantasy Springs will be the eighth port and largest expansion at Tokyo DisneySea.

But, that’s not all that’s coming to Fantasy Springs — this expansion will also include a new Disney hotel! To make this massive project possible, the press release has shared that Oriental Land is investing 250 BILLION yen, which happens to be the biggest investment to date for existing facilities.

To give us a glimpse into the new port, Oriental Land Co., Ltd. shared a few pieces of concept art!

Fantasy Springs Concept Art

According to the press release, the new port is themed to a magical spring that leads to a world of Disney fantasy. Fantasy Springs consists of three areas inspired by Disney films that are beloved by Guests of all ages — Frozen, Tangled and Peter Pan.

Fantasy Springs Concept Art ©Disney

As guests step inside, they will be surrounded by waterfalls and ponds. To take the overall experience a step further, new restaurants and attractions will allow guests to feel as though they are a part of these stories.

Fantasy Springs Concept Art ©Disney

Fantasy Springs will have four attractions, three restaurants, and a shop. Each one will likely be themed with the myths and legends of the sea in mind.

Read all the incredible details of these attractions here! 

Fantasy Springs Concept Art ©Disney

This new hotel will also overlook Fantasy Springs and will be located INSIDE Tokyo DisneySea. It will be themed to Disney fantasy and feature 475 deluxe and luxury guest rooms, two restaurants, and a merchandise shop.

Fantasy Springs and the new hotel are set to open in the 2022 fiscal year. Be on the lookout for more updates soon!

To dive even deeper into Fantasy Springs — click here to learn more! 

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