Our Favorite “Streetmosphere” in Each Disney World Theme Park

What’s “Streetmosphere?” you ask. Well, it’s a Disney-type word for “street atmosphere” performers — musicians and shows that don’t have a theater or a home, per se – they simply perform in the street for our entertainment!

Magic Kingdom Trolley Show at Magic Kingdom

Often, these sorts of performances aren’t high on people’s to-do lists. They’re not flashy fireworks displays or thrilling attractions, and a lot of people don’t even know that they exist! But slowing down and watching the street entertainment can be a great way to take a moment and immerse yourself in the magic of the land you’re in.

Here is a list of our favorite “streetmosphere” in each park!

Magic Kingdom

The Dapper Dans

Dapper Dans

Performing daily is the best barbershop quartet within a two block radius: The Dapper Dans! The “Dans” sing a variety of songs – from old school love songs to classic Disney hits. They make their way up and down Main Street U.S.A. a few times throughout the day, usually in the morning. The Dapper Dans are the perfect way to make you feel like you’re really in a turn of the century American town. Stop and sing along – it’ll bring a smile to your face!

Here’s a performance by the Dans from a few years back — not their usual repertoire, but still fun!


The Jammitors

The Jammitors

The coolest custodial team you’ll ever see! The Jammitors rock out in Future World near the Innoventions breezeway several times a day. They are a very funny group and you will be amazed at the music they can make by banging on a bunch of trashcans! If you’re scooting through Future World, make sure you slow down and listen.

Here’s a look at the Jammitors in action!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The Citizens of Hollywood 

Making their way up and down Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards are the Citizens of Hollywood. Coming from the magical era of the Silver Screen, “The Hollywood That Never Was and Always Will Be,” these eccentric characters perform various sketches and games that are guaranteed to make you laugh. They often pull unsuspecting visitors from the crowd to participate, so if you want to be chosen, make sure you’re alert and ready to volunteer!

Citizens of Hollywood ©Barrie Brewer

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Tam Tam Drummers of Harambe

Tam Tam Drummers

Jambo from Africa! Most people head into the land at Animal Kingdom and run straight to either Festival of the Lion King or Kilimanjaro Safaris. But slow down and enjoy the music! There are several acts that play in the area, and one of our favorites is the Tam Tam Drummers! They are a high-energy percussion band, that will have everyone clapping and dancing along!

So there you have it! A few of our favorite street performers throughout Walt Disney World. These are a great way to relax and be entertained for a few minutes before rushing off to you next FastPass or dining reservation.

Do you slow down and watch the entertainment? What is your favorite street performer? Let us know in the comments!

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Molly is a lifelong Disney enthusiast, and former Walt Disney World Guest Relations Cast Member and tour guide. Her Walt Disney World favorites include Festival of the Lion King, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Fantasmic!, Mickey-shaped pretzels and rice krispie treats, and anything with Buzz Lightyear! She lives in Orlando with her husband (who she met in Guest Relations) and their two rescue dogs, Kronk and Cruella de Vil (Ella for short!)

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8 Replies to “Our Favorite “Streetmosphere” in Each Disney World Theme Park”

  1. I remember those white living statues in EPCOT- they were fascinating and gorgeous! Another fun performance was Merlin the Wizard at the Sword in the Stone in Magic Kingdom

  2. These street performers are a big part of the Magic, im not a dancer my wife is and the Tam Tam Drummers actually fooled me and blocked my way so i had to get in the group of people dancing. i had a lot of fun and shook hands, talked with and high fived the drummers after their show. There was a group of street performers when it was still MGM Studios and they would round up people that were Celebrating their Birthdays and put on a show using these people in it they would build up the HYPE that they were eventually going to Sing Happy Birthday to everyone and then they would sing the shortest Happy Birthday song to all of them walk away and be done, it was hilarious. These are things you never forget and make the rest of the Day or Trip even better.
    And yes the Moving Statues that used to be at Epcot were excellent and the Jammitors are always fun.
    IN MGM/Hollywood Studios not sure if they are still there, they had 3 guys that were dressed as DPW workers and would put on a 3 Stooges like show by the Hollywood and Vine restaurant area, it was Great to watch while waiting for your table to eat at Hollywood & Vine.

  3. ALL OF IT. And I say that with sadness b/c I’ve been visiting for years,since the ‘old days’ when it seemed there was sreetmosphere everywhere you turned. Now? Not nearly as much. I have to go searching to find it now. And I do, bc it’s always been my favorite part of a Disney parks visit for me,even as a kid. I love stopping and watching just about any live show going on,and Disney always had such excellent talent,it was great! My hands down favorite was the Hollywood Studios characters, I spent hours in the studios,watching their shows,as it used to seem like every few minutes a different skit would start up along the road. I got pulled in a few times,and still proudly possess a small trophy they gave me for some game a few years back! I was DEEPLY saddened when the Disney co. dialed back the performers,and their acts. What a change,and not for the better. To me, every theme park has rides, but not every theme park had a “THEME”. Disney used to…. now? it’s more about rides. Kind of like everywhere else. (I still enjoy the few and far between streetmosphere I can find though)

  4. The best one they ever had were the Living Statues at Epcot. They were actually one of the best parts of Epcot in my opinion. They really blew away these new street performer statues that you see at Disney Springs today that are made to look like pewter or gold. They are nowhere near as impressive looking as the Epcot statues that were solid bright white. There seemed to be less of a margin for error in the make up and costumes in the white. It was such an impressive group of artists. I believe they were called Imaginem? Not sure of the spelling, but if you can find them on you tube check them out. I think WDW needs to spend more money in the area of streetmosphere for those of us not willing to wait in 2 and 3 hour lines anymore. The overcrowding has made it near impossible to enjoy the rides as of late so it would be in their best interest to create other entertainment for us. As for Devine, I thought she was long gone. I’ve not been able to find her for at least the last 10 trips or so. Many many years, whereas you used to see her quite frequently.

  5. We love the streetmosphere options. Did not realize the Jamminators. will have to take them in. Some of our fondest memories are of being pulled into these opportunities. Here are a couple others we love.
    Jeweled Dragon Acrobats – Epcot, China pavilion. They are amazing to watch as well as other amazing talent we have seen throughout the years at China Pavilion. Keep eyes on the Times Guide.
    Norway Vikings – Epcot, Norway Pavilion. These two crazy vikings like to interact with guests and it is fun to watch or be a part of.
    Pandora Drummers – Animal Kingdom, Pandora
    Burudika – Animal Kingdom, Harambe – My daughter has had amazing experience with the music and dance shows in Harambe (Tam Tam Drummers of Harambe). I have video of her dancing and just pure joy on her face. There is an acrobat show too that is awesome, but cannot find on website.

  6. I wish I had known more about some of these performers a few years back. I had one of the Citizens of Hollywood engage me as I was walking down the street. I had no idea what was going on and kept walking! I missed a great opportunity to be part of the magic.

  7. The Dapper Dans are bearly bearable but the Jammators simply remind me of the homeless in my town who sit on the street corner banging on a Home Depot bucket and a corroded piece of aluminum siding begging for money. And the Tam Tam Drummers, while a bit less annoying, remind me of a 6 year old banging away on his new drum set on Christmas morning. And the Citizens of Hollywood have got to be the most annoying, irritating and obnoxious group of failed actors on the planet. Whenever I see them I head straight for the other side of the street and speed walk away.