Four More Magic Kingdom Restaurants to Serve Beer, Wine Starting December 23


According to an item in the Orlando Sentinel this morning, a number of Magic Kingdom restaurants will start serving beer and wine next week.

These restaurants will serve alcoholic beverages suited to their themes as follows:

— Cinderella’s Royal Table, located in the park’s iconic Cinderella Castle, will serve sparkling wines and champagne.

— The Jungle Cruise-themed Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen in Adventureland will feature a “global” beverage menu to pair with some of the more exotic dishes it serves up.

— The colonial-themed Liberty Tree Tavern in the park’s Liberty Square will offer beer, cider and domestic wines to go with its traditional American fare.

— The “Lady and the Tramp”-themed Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, will have Italian wines and beers to match its Italian cuisine.

The new beverage offerings, which have been chosen with the aid of Master Sommelier Brian Koziol, concept development director for Disney Parks Food & Beverage, will be available daily at lunch and dinner starting Friday, December 23. Be Our Guest Restaurant in the park’s Fantasyland will continue to serve alcoholic beverages, too, as it has done since 2012.

There will be no bars or take-away kiosks serving alcohol in the Magic Kingdom — the beer and wine will only be sold in these five table-service restaurants.

EDITOR’S NOTE: For years, the Magic Kingdom did not serve any sort of alcoholic beverages. We wonder what your thoughts are on this change in policy for the Magic Kingdom? Please leave your comments below!

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31 Replies to “Four More Magic Kingdom Restaurants to Serve Beer, Wine Starting December 23”

  1. The fact is MK already opened the door to alcohol in the park. It was only a matter of time IMO. I am sure Disney has seen great revenue over the years from people having alcohol at Be Our Guest. My guess is part of the reason why it is so hard to get a reservation there is the high demand for alcohol among guests. Maybe this change will spread the love a little more and Be Our Guest will not be as hard to get into.

  2. I do not think it’s a good idea or necessary. There are plenty of places at the Disney properties to have a cocktail but inside the MK is not one of them.

  3. This is totally about profit and the ability to generate cash. Everyone is quick to complain that the rides need refurbishing and they need to build better attractions but no one wants to pay higher ticket prices. Responsible adults can have a beer or glass of wine with dinner (or two) and be perfectly fine to enjoy Disney in a wholesome family matter. If you see a park guest who is out of control, complain to a cast member and chances are the guest will be spoken to or thrown out. And if a large amount of people are thrown out or there are a lot of complaints, Disney will change the policy. But honestly, most people are responsible enough to enjoy a drink with a sit down meal.

  4. Oh please people -get over it! This is beer and wine for adults-not heroin for school children! The idea the park should continue to be “dry” because Walt wanted it that way is silly -many things have changed and the MK must continue to evolve. People need to stop minding other people’s business-if you don’t want to drink alchohol-don’t–but stop being the morals police.

  5. I wouldn’t be supportive of an alcohol cart on every corner of MK, but a drink in a table service restaurant is another matter altogether. One of the restaurants is even a Tavern.
    You’re not allowed to take drinks to go, I’m sure like most restaurants, they have a cutoff per ID. Im going to have to disagree with the majority here. It’s not handing out shots and chugging contests, it’s a glass of wine at dinner.

  6. The last time we were in the World there were drunk people on the bus from Disney springs. The gentleman not only was loud but also was fowl mouth. We are staying away from Disney springs on future trips. Serving beer and the alike at the magic kingdom is not a good idea. Like many people stated that this was not Walt’s dream. The theme parks were for the whole family to enjoy together. Walt did not like the amusement parks of the time due to the lewd behavior. If an adult wants beer or wine there are plenty of places on Disney property to chose from. Most are only a monorail ride away.

  7. I feel this is a bad choice on Disney’s part. I enjoyed going to Magic kingdom without the influence of alcohol on other people. I was just at Epcot for the food and wine show and between the drunk people, the fighting and how rude they all were; it was not a place for a family with children of any age. We actually left Epcot that night and went to Magic Kingdom BECAUSE I knew there would not be any drinking there. Also who is monitoring how many drinks a person has. Not everyone who goes to Disney stays on property and they do need to drive home.

  8. One word what this is all about….$$MONEY$$
    I do not get the reason to start serving these beverages at the World. I love me some Epcot, and love my trips around the countries but I see no reason to have it in the World.
    I get some poeple on vacation may like to have some wine or beer while eating but that is why there are so many other options in the other parks and resorts. To have it here just screams for the sales and it stinks to me. money driven and that’s all. Disney makes a 300-500% markup on many of these items (that is not an exaggeration its the truth) and guess the botton line is all their looking at AGAIN.

  9. I really appreciated that Magic Kingdom was one spot devoted to innocence and childhood. It set Disney as a whole apart from the other theme parks in the area (and elsewhere) that it was a completely dry attraction. So while I can understand the point of view of those adults who would like to be able to have alcohol with their lunch or dinner, I do not see the necessity for it when literally every other restaurant on property offers that as an option already. I’m very disappointed at this departure from the original spirit of the park. Some things shouldn’t be worth the extra profit.

  10. 1) Beer & Wine are served at table service dinner locations ONLY. And you can’t take it to-go. Many here are misinformed.

    2) Having a glass of red wine with your meal is a health benefit and recommended by doctors. Good for your heart.

    3) Did all of you know Walt personally or something? Anyone who does something to “respect his vision” is an outright loon. Do you smoke cancer sticks because he did?

    I’ve been the person responding to Disney surveys for years on end begging them to serve alcohol in MK. Those who can’t enjoy a beer or glass of wine with a meal are the ones with the problem. Soda?! I should be appalled that sugary death beverages are sold at any park. Yet I don’t care, because if others enjoy, so be it. I don’t try to ruin other people’s fun. Because hyped up kids running around on sugar are any better than a drunk guy stumbling around? It’s the same.

    And yes, there will be marijuana sections to smoke in the park no different than cigarettes. Because guess what, they legally are treated the same now in CA. Don’t discriminate.

    As a DVC and AP Holder, it seems like I vacation in Disney much different than others. Too many here are trying to ruin other people’s fun bc it doesn’t mesh with theirs. They do not know how to handle opposing wants and desires.

  11. I remember going to the Liberty Square tavern and trying to order a beer. Obviously, they didn’t serve it. And I said to the waitress, “I can’t order a beer at the LIBERTY SQUARE tavern?”

  12. Just another Disney snafu…

    It’s the millennial approach to profit. First take away Main Street Bakery and replace with Starbucks, now offering booze, in such a sacred institution. I love beer and I can have it at my resort if I choose but the parks need to be free from it. What’s next? Chewing gum?

    Can’t wait to see what management has in store for it’s loyal guests and repeat visitors to further push them from the Magic…This was a nothing but a money grab and slap in the face to Walt’s vision.

  13. My wife and I ate at Be Our Guest in 2012 and 2013, in 2014 we ate there as a 4-some with another couple. At each dinner, I chose not to order wine out of respect of Walt’s decision not to have alcohol in the park. At the time, I hoped more people spoke their mind with their wallet and the park management would have seen the error of their decision.

    This decision to expand the over-21 offering in the park tells me that my technique failed to reach the upper management. The only saving grace is that that this will stay in the sit-down restaurants. But, we’ll see if that changes.

  14. People are not going to be falling down drunk in Magic Kingdom because they had beer or wine with lunch/dinner at a table service restaurant. Come on people!

  15. The big fear? MK will look like Epcot’s World Showcase. UGH! We were there in the early fall and you’d have thought we were at tailgate row with all the drunks–no exaggeration. We are a non-drinking family, but are fine with others who choose to have a drink or two, but it was clearly excessive. I want to be able to be at our happy place without having to hear and/or deal with those who cannot enjoy their families and friends without over-consuming.

  16. Do I like this decision? No, not really. But I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Walt Disney World is a business, and in the end, money is what it’s about. And while the commenting few are quite vocal, I’m sure those who reject this idea, or even care, make up a sliver of the visitors to the Magic Kingdom. The general public will like this decision, and that’s why it was made.

  17. Bad idea. EPCOT is where you go when you want adult beverages in WDW. Hollywood Studios is also good to have a nice beer or cocktail. Magic Kingdom is for little kids, not drinking.

  18. Oh, good grief. Lighten up, people. This is table-service only … not stroll through the parks sloshing drinks everywhere. I’m quite sure that Walt’s vision for the park did not include Starbucks, either … but I suspect those of you searching for remotely decent coffee at any of the parks would stoop to buying it!

  19. I am deeply disappointed. We attended the final two days of EPCOT’s Wine & Food Festival this year, and I was appalled at the number of drunk, loud and crude guests….some pushing baby strollers and bothering other guests in the attraction queues. At the time, we were thankful that at least the MK was dry and “clean”. What are they teaching our kids? By allowing alcohol in the MK, they have created a crack in an otherwise clean, wholesome and family-dedicated park. Shame on them.
    I was so of WDW banning smoking except in designated areas. Why are they giving in to alcohol?
    We have decided to no longer visit WDW during the W&FF; October was always our favorite time to vacation at WDW, but all good things come to an end, huh? Even WDW can be brought down little by little. I feel so sorry for the kids who will never experience the wholesome fun I have come to love.

  20. Being a annual pass holder, which means I am a frequent visitor I have to say I am a little disappointed. The Magic Kingdom is something magical and a happy place for families of all ages. I have to tell you after coming back just yesterday from Disney World – I do not want to see the Magic Kingdom turn into what is at Epcot – I can’t tell you the number of people I encountered while there walking around with glasses of an alcoholic beverage bumping into to other visitors and just being stupid – there is no place for this at the Magic Kingdom. Can we just not keep one thing that is good ole fashioned magical fun for all as Walt envisioned?

  21. In my opinion this is a bad idea, although I do have to say that so far I have not seen many bad interactions due to the alcohol served at the Be Our Guest restaurant. However, there are concerns that this will change the safety and wait times in the parks as we clean up after drunken sick people on rides. I am an Annual Passholder to all Disney parks in Orlando, FL.

  22. I’m very disappointed in this decision. Our society’s flippant attitude towards this destructive drug amazes me. I agree that this decision boils down to squeezing every dollar Disney can get from people.

  23. terrible idea…I thought MK was for all ages kids should have someplace free on vacation to not have to worry about adults drinking then being an idiot as we all know happens time to time. bottom line Magic Kingdom should be ALCOHOL FREE its more for the kids than the adults that need to excape with a drink

  24. Not really happy about this. It was Walt himself that didn’t want alcohol in the Magic Kingdom..His wishes should always be upheld and respected. There are plenty of other places to get alcohol on Disney property.The Magic Kingdom should not be one of these places. It shouldn’t be about money or profit. This park is Magic and innocent and should remain Walt’s honor.

  25. Infuriating to me. Walt himself said he never wanted alcohol served in Disneyland and he said that he “didn’t want” people to come if they couldn’t do it without drinking. This was said in an interview with a paper in about 1955 or 1956. I knew the Be Our Guest decision was just a trial balloon to ultimately open the door to get it served throughout the rest of the MK. Seriously there is no level Disney won’t stoop to to make an extra dollar anymore. I’ve never been to BOG because of their decision to go against Walt’s wishes. We won’t even take our kids to EPCOT at night because of how people act over there when they get all liquored up. I guess it’s just a matter of time before that incredibly UNDisney behavior comes to the place that was supposed to be much more wholesome. Just a terrible decision from Disney.