What’s New on the Disney Fantasy? The Muppet Adventure Game!


I know a lot of you are wondering what’s so special about Disney’s newest cruise ship, the Fantasy — what’s new about it, and what makes it different from its sister ship, the Disney Dream? Deb Koma and I will be writing about those differences for the next several days, as we try to recap our experiences from our three-night media preview cruise on the Fantasy.

The Midship Detective Agency is an interactive “mystery” game which involves the Enchanted Art found on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy.

Midship Detective Agency Muppet Adventure

This is a game the entire family can play – together or alone! It debuted in 2011 on the Disney Dream to rave reviews by cruisers of all ages. It’s a fun adventure that takes you from one end of the ship to the other as you try to solve the Mystery! Two mysteries are available on the Disney Dream.

New on the Disney Fantasy is a third mystery, “The Case of the Stolen Show” starring the Muppets.

Midship Detective Agency Muppet Adventure

Start out on Deck 5 Midship or Deck 2 at the Midship Detective Agency self-serve Kiosk.

Midship Detective Agency Muppet Adventure

Pick up your game card, ship map and instructions.

Midship Detective Agency Muppet Adventure

Each Detective Badge card has a 2D barcode, read by the camera, resulting in interaction with the Enchanted Art. Be sure to keep your Detective Badge with you through out the cruise! It is coded with a unique number and keeps track of where you are in the game. By playing with the same card you can experience the games over and over with a different culprit each time.

Midship Detective Agency Muppet Adventure

Each game features several possible endings and multiple randomized events – so each time you play you have a different adventure.

The games are available to play at your leisure. At the end of the introduction video (see below) you’ll be sent to your first location.

Midship Detective Agency Muppet Adventure

After that, you can play the game in any order that you please. The adventure will take you all over the Disney Fantasy. If you wish to play the game all at once, allow approximately 90 minutes.

Your task is to help Kermit and Pepe find the missing show props so they can put on their latest production!

The new Muppet Adventure also adds new physical props to game. Pepe not only took over the Detective agency from Mickey, but he is sailing on the Disney Fantasy.

Be sure to visit Pepe’s cabin door. You have to find it as part of your detective hunt. There are clues on the door that are integrated into the adventure (tip: take a photo of his door when you see it because you may need to refer back later in the adventure) Also, be sure to call Pepe’s Wave Phone!!!


Notes and Tips

Playing the game is a fantastic way to get to know the ship as well as seeing the amazing enchanted art! Before you activate your game card take a few minutes to watch the Enchanted Art come to life.

The game operates daily but generally closes around 10pm each evening (check at guest services for times during your cruise).

On Deck 5 outside the Buena Vista Theatre is a “call board” with additional clues for the game.

The game will be most crowded during Sea Days, so plan accordingly.

Muppet fans will enjoy seeing some favorite characters not often seen today.

Don’t think this game is just for kids and families! You’ll see many adults playing the game too.

If someone is at the Enchanted Art when you get there, no worries! There are multiple sequences that play and you won’t see the same one as the person in front of you.

The Muppet Adventure was shot last October/November with the Muppet Team.

The game was play tested in Glendale, CA. Hundreds of kids were brought in to the mock-up in a warehouse. The Imagineers found it quite interesting to see how they reacted to the various segments.

From a technology standpoint, once the core game was developed it became easier add additional segments. The software is very flexible.

At this point, there are no plans to add the Muppet Adventure to the Dream, but if the decision is made, it would be possible to do so.

Special thanks to Imagineers Bob Zalk (Senior Show Producer and Director) as well as Karen Leung (Interactive Show Producer Associate).

Midship Detective Agency Muppet Adventure

DISCLOSURE: As an invited media guest, AllEars’ cruise expenses for the Disney Fantasy Preview Cruise were paid by the Disney company. Opinions expressed herein are solely mine.

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