“Must Have” Items That You Purchase At Walt Disney World

If you’re like me, whenever you visit Walt Disney World you love to browse all the different shops. It’s funny because I’m normally not a good shopper and unless I have something I really need to purchase I dislike going to malls and shops. However, things are different when I’m at Walt Disney World. I love Disney merchandise.

Which brings me to the subject of this week’s blog. Things are a little different for me now that I live down here year-round, however when my wife and I came down from Massachusetts for visits we always were on the lookout for our “must have” items that we wanted to bring back home. For me, I always made sure that I brought back home a Walt Disney World T-shirt, polo shirt or sweatshirt. It was a “must have” item for me. As the hair on the top of my head began to mysteriously disappear that special “must have” item became Walt Disney World baseball caps. 🙂 For my wife, she was always on the lookout for that special piece of jewelry that caught her eye. More than often it was something “Tink”. Neither one of us went home without those special and “must have” items.


So, what special “must have” items do you bring back home from your trips to Walt Disney World? What special souvenirs are a “must” for you to purchase? They can be items you collect or just items that you like to wear. I realize that so many of you collect pins and Vinylmation figures. However, it would be great that if you do collect those items if you could also list any other items that are a “must”.

OK, I’ve told you mine, now it’s your turn to let me know what your favorites are.

You could win an AllEars® baseball cap. I will take all the names of those who post a comment (see below) with your list within the next couple weeks, and I will put them in a hat and randomly draw the name of the lucky winner. The only rules are that you must reside in the US, be 18 years old or older and you must provide your email address so I can contact you should you win.

All comments must be posted no later than Sunday, September 5, 2010 in order to be eligible to win the baseball cap. The winner of the AllEars® baseball cap will be announced shortly thereafter.

To make things a bit easier for you can just copy and paste the following into the Post A Comment section below and add your information:

My “Must Have” Items


Your comments:


In the coming weeks I will blog on more “favorite” things to do in Walt Disney World. Also, let me know if you have any suggestions as to other things you would like to see “top lists” of. I’m open to any and all suggestions. So far readers have suggested I blog on Magical Moments and Favorite Disney Tours. Great ideas! What do you think? Based on the number of comments, I think you all agree that these are fun to do.

Special “thanks” to Megan (TicTackGirl) for giving me the idea for this blog!

And the winner is: the winner of the AllEars® baseball cap for commenting on my “Favorite Character Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner” blog is: MaryAnn Eckenrode from Pennsylvania. Congratulations to MaryAnn and “thank you” to everyone who took the time to share their reasons “Why Do You Love Disney” with me and all the loyal AllEars® readers!

I also want to comment on last week’s blog. I must admit I was somewhat surprised that Mickey’s PhilharMagic was the most popular Walt Disney World 3D movie by such a wide margin. I thought that Muppet 3-D would be at the top of more folks lists. However, I think that everyone agrees, that those two along with Captain EO, Honey I Shrunk The Audience, and It’s Tough To Be A Bug are fantastic attractions that are not to be missed. So, if you haven’t already seen all of these 3D movies then you’re missing some great fun!

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Well, that’s all for now. As my good friend says, “see ya real soon”…DizneyMike

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126 Replies to ““Must Have” Items That You Purchase At Walt Disney World”

  1. My “Must Have” Items

    1) Pin from the resort
    2) Dated xmas ornament
    3) Ghirardelli Sunday (that stays in Disney and counts as a meal)

  2. Must Have Items:
    1) One or more Christmas ornaments for our tree
    2) Pins with favorite events, rides, the year, or one that we didn’t have already
    3) Charms
    We used to have a big Christmas tree and a small Disney tree. Now we have a big Disney tree and a small Christmas non-Disney tree. We get several ornaments per year
    My dad is the biggest pin collector in our family and he has a whole book of pins that he keeps special care of, so he enjoys finding many new pins every year.
    I don’t collect pins, but I have two charm bracelets and pick out special charms for every year.
    An old favorite “must have” was the caramel corn in a bucket we bought at Sleepy Hollow at MK. We’d come home with six or seven buckets of the corn and munch on it all year (we go in November and it actually rarely made it past Christmas). Wish they’d bring that back…

  3. Must Have Items:

    1) Mickey Snowglobe
    2) Christmas Ornament with year
    3) T-Shirts

    Going back in February and will come home with more than one snowglobe I’m sure!

  4. Must Have Items:

    1. Tabi socks from the Japan Pavillion
    2. Ornament–either Christmas or Halloween since my wedding anniversary is on Halloween
    3. Stationary

  5. My Extremely Embarrasing “Must Have” Items

    1)The Soap
    2)The Shampoo/Conditioner
    3)and The Shower Gel
    … from all the Disney hotel stays. 🙂
    Isn’t that awful? My husband laughs at me, but I can’t help it! If we’ve only been there one night, I can’t just LEAVE a perfectly good, unwrapped bar of soap with Mickey’s head embossed in little bubbles on it! That would be downright un-American of me!!! 😉 (In our defense, we don’t go grubby… they usually give two bars of soap. So we’re not filthy.)
    It sounds SO cheap, but I nab them everytime. They get used; I don’t have a hoard of soaps laying about the house.
    For actual PURCHASED items, however, can be a little trickier. I ADORE Stitch, so if I see anything that’s cute that isn’t made for a 6 year old boy, I’ll get that. Alice in Wonderland has been my favorite story for years and I’ve been haranguing the good people at the stores to get more Alice in there. Thanks to Mr. Tim Burton, Disney has obliged. Plus, we love Donald Duck. Anyone that was created for the strict purpose of making Mickey Mouse look well-behaved by comparison is OK in our books! So Donald usually find s his way home with us somehow.
    There is really only one time of year when I HAVE to get a certain something, and that is Star Wars Weekends at Hollywood Studios. I try to get all of the little figures of the characters, i.e. Mickey as Luke Skywalker, Stitch as Emperor Palpatine. I was fortunate enough one year to get Donald Duck dressed as Darth Maul, and then have Ray Park, the very nice and extremely limber young man who portrayed him in the movie, to sign Donald’s packaging. So that’s in a place of honor, now. 🙂 Enough out of me… what about everyone else???

  6. My “Must Have” Items

    1)Christmas ornament
    3)A family photo

    Your comments: I have enough ornaments now to have an entire “Disney” tree, but I can’t resist picking up at least 1 or 2 each visit! The photo can be from PhotoPass, a character breakfast, or from an attraction, but it has become a “must have.”

  7. My “Must Have” Items

    1)plush character key chain
    2)Refrigerator magnet of the hotel
    3)Christmas ornament with the year on it.

    Your comments:
    I buy a new plush keychain(s) from each trip and I bring them with me when I return and hang them on my backpack. They are quite the conversation piece, especially when you’re standing in line(s) and some little kip spots them and wants to play with them. My favorite is Mickey Fantasia! I have regular Mickey, Mickey Safari, Pooh Safari, Dumbo, Donald Duck, the Yeti, Nemo, a Dinosaur, etc. The backpack is getting full.

    I also collect the pins and always get a hotel themed one and epsically like the attraction themed pins as well as one with the year on it.

  8. My “Must Have” Items

    1)Christmas Ornament
    2)EPCOT* plush character in outfit from country
    3)splurge item

    Your comments:
    The Christmas ornaments started after my mom’s house got flooded in 1993. All of our family ornaments were in a cedar chest in the small room off of the carport, and the chest floated & tipped over. Everything was ruined, including the ones we made as children, the special Coca-Cola ones from an aunt who passed away many years ago – I think the only one that survived was one that was hanging in a window that wasn’t in the chest. I started buying her Christmas ornaments that year (non-Disney, just pretty stuff I found) and tried to find special ones. Then she started coming to visit me at Christmas, and brought the ornaments with her. Now they’re all at my house, so now the ones I buy are for me. I just started going to Disney every year about 3 years ago, so now I try to find at least one new ornament to add to my collection.

    The EPCOT characters – when I realized I would be planning to come back, I decided to allow myself to collect the country characters (who can resist Mickey dressed as a gondolier?) I started at the Mexico pavilion (Donald looks very fetching in his sombrero), and the next trip was Norway (Donald again – this time as a Viking.) Since I’m collecting them clockwise around the lake, I should have brought home a character from China on the last trip, but I couldn’t find one. Turns out that a few of the country pavilions aren’t “owned” by Disney or something, so they don’t follow the same themes. Huh. So, now I collect a character from Animal Kingdom if the Epcot country for that trip doesn’t have the plush characters. The 1st substitution was Eeyore in a safari outfit – I really kind of wanted him anyway but was trying not to start another collection (so the missing countries kind of gave me an excuse!)

    The splurge purchases started on a February trip a few years back when I brought a fleece owned by my sweetie to the park, and my sweetie brought nothing. Once the sun dropped it got chilly very fast. I felt kind of bad about being so toasty (even though I was gallantly told to hold on to it since I was the one with sense to bring a layer), so I went into a shop to find something for me. I found a really nice zip-up fleece with a hood (black, with silver stitched Mickey on the back). It was more than I really wanted to spend (over $50), but I needed something and that was the one I liked best. That fleece quickly became my favorite, and made me realize that a splurge on something I truly like is worth it. My splurges since then have included a straw hat with Minnie, and another jacket (not fleece, to wear over the fleece – the last trip was SUPER cold).

    Sorry I was so wordy … my next trip is in 4 weeks and six days (I started the daily count-down last week), and I’m having so much fun reading everyone’s comments and looking at everyone’s pictures here at allears. 🙂

  9. My “Must Have” Items

    1) Special Coffee Cup with year stamp
    2) Dated Christmas Ornament
    3) Disney sweatshirt
    4) Picture Frame to put a picture from our trip

    Your comments: This is our first trip to WDW and we are hoping to create special memories! I think a coffee cup for me to use at work to remember the times, a christmas ornament to start a new tree tradition and a picture frame to remember the times as well. The sweatshirt goes without saying for the Virginia winters!

  10. My “Must Have” Items

    1)Antennae toppers
    3)dated ornament

    Your comments:
    My must haves change every trip- An antennae topper was just added to the list this year, as this is the first disney trip i’ve had a car (though i’ve dreamed of having one on my car since i was 3 :]). now i’ll need a new one when i go back. as for the shirt and ornament, that’s been a life long deal

  11. My “Must Have” Items

    1) Silhouettes of my sons done by those amazing artists on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom
    2) A build-your-own item for the boys – stuffed dinosaurs at T-Rex, lightsabers, maybe the Ride Makerz store next year
    3) T-shirts for all the neices and nephews

    Your comments:
    The silhouettes are the best deal at Walt Disney World! $9 for two mirror image silhouettes. They were my mother’s day gift in 2009.

  12. My “Must Have” Items

    1)Mickey Icon ornament with my and my husband’s names on it and the date
    2)New Mickey bathroom our kitchen paraphenalia
    3)Caramel/chocolate/nut-covered apple from the Main Street Bakery (and chocolate drizzled rice krispie treat for husband)

    Your comments:
    We collect pins and vinylmation, too, which is probably our main souvenirs. When my husband was a cast member with Disney Store (he was an assistant store manager), we had great perks and bought all kinds of stuff on our frequent trips down to WDW. We increased our wardrobes with all the cute shirts and sweatshirts we probably wouldn’t have bought otherwise! LOVE Disney shopping!!

  13. 1. A pin representing something from that trip, maybe Limited Edition or Passholder Pin,for a ride, hotel, food, whatever!
    2. Something with the year-magnet, or something else small.
    3. My husband always gets a rice krispie, son gets a special toy he picks out, and we are always looking for a new antennae mickey head!

  14. My “Must Have” Items


    Your comments:
    The year we went to DWD for Halloween I dressed up as Minnie and she has been my charactor of choice ever since. The plush collection started with a Minnie I got as a Christmas gift from our Disneyland trip the Christmas of 2007. Then another one with a Pirate outfit also from Disneyland from a business trip my brother made. I now have a nice collection of Minnie’s with different outfits. I like pens that are unusual or glow and they are easy to pack. I sometimes get a pin or an unusual keychain or magnet too. Mom likes the refrigerator magnetic picture frames. There is so much cool stuff it boggles the mind!

  15. My “Must Have” Items

    1)Christmas tree ornament with resort and/or year on it
    2)A polo/button up shirt
    3)Something Donald Duck

    Your comments:
    I’d like to add a 4)Wrapped candy or snacks. My favorite, if they still have them, is the wrapped mint chocolate candy bars that look like Mickey money

  16. 1) PINS – PINS – PINS! I have frames all over the house with my collections!
    I could probably pay for my son’s college tuition if I would have put the money
    aside instead of buying all the pins!
    2) The maps from each park – I sit and look at them over and over re-living my
    3) My park pass (empty of course). I love carrying it with me – brings a smile
    to my face each time I dig in my wallet.

    Your comments: I know my #2 & #3 “must-haves” don’t cost money, but I have kept everyone of them from all my trips. I love to refer back to the maps to see how things have changed and have even given a few of them away to new visitor’s so they know what to look for.
    I still enjoy looking through all the shops, but after so many trips, the actual purchases have gotten smaller and smaller. I still enjoy a t-shirt or cap or knick-knack once in awhile, but the real memories come from the little things and the multiple pictures I always seem to take! I have re-lived my kids and grand-kids growing up looking back at the albums.

  17. My “Must Have” Items

    1)A Mickey t-shirt
    2)a key chain
    3)Goofy gummies

    Your comments: I usually end up with more and end up getting the “special” extras you can get if you spend a certain amount like a tote bag or a blanket.

  18. Hi Mike –

    It was great meeting you and the other All Ears team members at the Aug 22 meet! Here are my must haves:
    1) Park Maps & Times Guides (and any other WDW brochures & free printed matter) I can get my hands on- I must get a couple of sets to add to my collection!! In fact, whenever I hear of someone I know going to the World, I ask them to bring me back as many as they can!
    2) A monorail ride and an accessory for my monorail set for under the tree (while they last).
    3) A Disney T-shirt
    4) An absolutely fabulous time at my favorite place on the Planet!!!

    – Jeff

    DizneyMike replies: Jeff, great to meet you as well. Glad you were able to stop by and say “hello”….Mike

  19. My “Must Have” Items

    1)Picture frame from the year we visited to proudly display our family photo
    2)A photo album with the year we visited
    3)Always a coffee travel mug with the year

    Your comments:
    Of course there are many more “must haves” but those are always on my list. Love
    your Blogs and just signed on your FB page! Thanks for all your hard work… *O*

  20. My “Must Have” Items

    1) I must bring back something Disney for anyone in my family that wasn’t able
    to join us. Usually it will be Mickey pretzels or a chocolate covered krispie
    treat. YUM!
    2) PJS for me! For some reason I never have the “right” PJs with me on my trip.
    I always have to buy a pair while I am there. Hmmmm… wonder if I do that on
    3) My girls always have to buy a new Disney Princess doll. They could have the
    same one at home, but “Mommy… it isn’t the same!”. 🙂

    Your comments:

    Bringing home a little Disney magic is a must!

  21. My “Must Have” Items

    1)Christmas Ornaments
    2)Antennae Toppers
    3)Disney Art

    Your comments: I also must have the “thing” that I see everyone else wearing or carrying! I never ask where they got it. I like to hunt for it myself.

  22. My “Must Have” Items

    1) something i can use everyday (last trip, keyring)
    2)postcard from resort
    3)pens that say “walt disney resort ” I take them from everywhere I see (ex: public phones, eateries, etc.) I use them at home and work.

    Your comments:

  23. My must haves:
    1. popcorn in the buckets
    2. kitchen gadget
    3. small handheld toy for kids
    The popcorn buckets keep my kids entertained through the parade, and then they use them at the hotel pool. We also buy our kids a small toy (it must fit in the popcorn bucket. They then have easy access to the toys on the ride home. The 3rd is the cooking gadget, everytime I cut our pizza makes me thinking of good times on vacation.

  24. My “Must Have” Items

    1)Christmas decoration/ornament
    2)Mickey kitchen decor
    4) souvenirs for friends

    Your comments:My all time favorite is a painting of the Polynesian (purchased at the Poly). I had it framed when I got home & it’s hanging in my kitchen. Every time I look at the painting, I get to see & remember my favorite place. I’d live at the Poly – if they’d let me! :=)

  25. My “Must Have” Items

    1)Car Tag w/ the year
    2)Christmas ornament w/ the year
    (or sometimes the ornament reflects something significant for that visit and i paint the year on it)
    3)Key Chain
    4)1 new piece of Disney art to hang @ home (any size- from postcard to large painting)

    Your comments:
    I’m afraid I do the same as Whitney posted. I already know what I’m purchasing before I get there, but always tend to get tons more!!

  26. 1) Disney Mints

    2)ShortBread Cookies in the shape of Mickey

    3)Disney Socks

    4)Each visit I choose a new character and purchase a stuffed toy of that character

    Disney mints in the tins are some of the best I have ever had. The socks are the absolute best. I dont even bring socks on vacation any more i just buy them while i am there and picking a new character is one of my favorite things to do and then searching for just the right stuffed toy to represent that character.

  27. My “Must Have” Items

    1)Snow Globe
    2)tee shirts & sweatshirt for family members
    3)tee shirt & sweatshirt for me

    Your comments:

    Everytime I visit WDW I always get the snow globe specifically made for the year I go. I do the same for tee shirts & sweatshirts for family members. I always buy a special tee shirt & sweatshirt for the specific year I visit just for ME.

  28. 1.) WDW baseball cap
    2.) Pin showing year
    3.) Pin of Resort we stayed at
    4.) WDW bumper sticker with year if possible
    5.) car magnet

  29. My “Must Have” Items:

    1.) Dated pin and Tinkerbell Pin
    2.) Dated Christmas ornament and T-shirt
    3.) New can of Wonderland Unbirthday Tea and Mickey Rice krispie
    4.) Upcoming Trip- pick-a-pearl from Japan pavilion

    Comments: I’m such an overplanner that I actually research and pick out my souvenirs before my trips. Too bad this doesn’t always stop me from buying even more once I get there though.

  30. My “Must Have” Items

    1)Christmas Ornament
    2)Key Chain from each park visited
    3)post cards
    5)photopass CD

    Your comments: It is so hard to pick just a few things when visiting Disney World, but it does all have to fit in the suitcase.

  31. My “Must Have” Items

    2)New Christmas ornaments
    3)Disney watches

    Your comments:
    I am a Dopey fanatic and pick up anything I can find (I have hundreds of Dopey items but always looking for more)

    I keep the magic alive with my new watch waiting til next years visit.

  32. My “Must Have” Items

    1)Christmas Ornaments
    3)Magnet – with the year

    Your comments: We have magnets from all the years we have been and they are small enough to keep out on display all the time. The kids love to look at them and recall all the great memories from each trip. We always look for something that is a good memory for them.

  33. 1) A Disney tee, usually with Tink
    2) A trading pin (that I never actually trade 😉 representing something special from the trip (e.g., Food & Wine Festival)
    3) Mickey shaped food items to share with coworkers, friends and family back home

  34. My “Must Have” Items

    1)T-Shirts for the family
    2)A new set of Mouse Ears
    3)Christmas decoration or Halloween decoration maybe both 🙂
    4)Refillable mugs
    5)Stuffed Disney Character for our son

  35. My “Must Have” Items

    1) A Mickey backscratcher
    2) A smoked turkey leg
    3) At least one pin

    Your comments: I’ve lost count as to how many backscratchers I’ve rolled over on and cracked, so it’s always at the top of my list as I use it all the time.

  36. My “Must Have” Items

    1)car topper
    2)perfume from Epcot
    3)a free velcro frog from innoventions West.

    Your comments:
    It was fun thinking about my must haves. It made me realize that I must get a differnt velcro frog from Epcot each year. I then pass it on to a different child and they always love it.

  37. My “Must Have” Items

    1) new antenna toppers
    2) a WDW album with the year on it
    3) t-shirts

    Your comments:
    I always try to find new and different antenna toppers. I am a teacher and on my desk I have a big flower pot with a foam insert covered with moss. “Blooming” in the pot are many Disney antenna toppers. I put them on florist picks and they look adorable! A great way to think of WDW every day! We also must have a photo album with the year on it to keep our pictures organized and always be able to know on which trip they were taken.

  38. Our must-have items
    1. Ceramic character statue (hubby)
    2. Mickey jewelry (daughter)
    3. Dated scrapbook and accessories (mom)

    And usually a resort tee and beach towel.

  39. My “Must Have” Items

    1)coffee mug
    2)magnets & christmas tree ornaments
    3)beach towel

    Your comments:
    and we always make sure to bring home a map from every park to put in our photo album 🙂

  40. My “Must Have” Items

    1)a new eeyore something
    2)a dated christmas ornament
    3)a Photopass CD
    4)dinner at Coral Reef
    5) breakfast at Olivia’s

    Your comments: This list could go on and on and on and on…..
    Planning the Jan 2011 trip now. First time staying at the Wilderness Lodge, we can’t wait!!!!!

  41. My “Must Have” Items

    1) Christmas Ornaments
    2) Mickey Kitchen Items (egg timer, spatula, egg/ pancake ring, etc)
    3) Candy from Goofy Candy Co.

  42. My “Must Have” Items

    2)new Mickey dishtowel
    3)any new music CDs available
    4)pressed pennies
    5)stuffed animals for the kids
    Your comments: These are the must buy items. Other free must haves are the resort pen (shhhh)and park maps. As someone else mentioned, I too collect the different napkins. You know how when you have a meal you grab a pile of napkins and don’t always use them all? Well, rather than throw them away, we save them and take them home, then sparingly use them throughout the time until our next trip, using the last ones the day before we leave. Weird, I know.

  43. My “Must Have” Items

    1)beach towel with the year on it
    2)christmas ornament
    3)t-shirt or sweatshirt with Goofy on it (hard to find in women’s clothes!)

    Your comments:
    Going to Disney World in 22 days and can’t wait to buy new Disney stuff!

  44. 1.) Beach Towel
    2.) Car item
    3.) Something from different countries in Epcot.
    (Every year I go around Epcot and pick a country to get something from. 2009 was a cute otter plushy from Canada.)
    4.) Funnel Cake
    (Funnel Cakes are extremely RARE here in our house or anytime, so every time i go with my mom i make sure I get a funnel cake from frontierland)

    I used to collect the picture albums that had the year on them but they stopped making them. Also I keep forgetting to put the pictures in them and by the time I find enough time I’m not sure which SD Card is from that year. lol.

  45. My “Must Have” Items

    1)maps at each park in good shape to bring back as souveniers and for planning next trip 🙂
    2)picture (free for Disney Visa holders) at Epcot innovations with Mickey and friends
    3)an ornament to add to tree

  46. My must have items

    1. Christmas ornament

    2. small trinket from each country in EPCOT for scrapbook

    3. Photopass CD

  47. 1) A pin with the year of visit and a pin with the resort we stayed at.

    2)A new pair of mouseears

    3)A new mug (or three) for my husband

    4) A CD of park music

    5) a candy covered apple from Goofy’s Candy Co.

    Of course there are tons of other things we buy, but we don’t leave without those things.

  48. My “Must Have” Items

    1) A dated Christmas Ornament for the year that we were there. We started our collection in 2008 when we were there on our Honeymoon!!
    2) A new coffee mug (either travel or home use)
    3) Pirate Stuff for our Pirate Themed Bar at home!

  49. My “Must Have” Items

    1)Resort and year magnets
    2)New Kitchen gadget

    My understanding is that a lot of the resort specific merch is being discontinued. Anyone have a Boardwalk magnet they don’t need? They are already out off most items at the BC/YC and BW!

    I love buying items that I can use in my kitchen every day: I have the pepper grinder, the egg ring, the can opener, and lots of mugs. Next on my list is the tea kettle!

  50. My “Must Have” Items

    3)Christmas ornament

    Your comments:
    Wish I could buy everything I see! 🙂

  51. My “Must Have” Items

    1)Christmas Ornament
    2)Something from the Japan pavillion
    3)Candy, rice krispie treats
    4)Rose and crown souvenier cup

    Your comments:

  52. My “Must Have” Items

    1)PJ’s …both my daughter and I always have to purchase a pair of pajama’s when we go to Disney.
    2)Christmas tree ornament – we collect one for every time we visit.
    3)Lollipop – I don’t know what it is about Disney that always makes me buy one of the big, round colorful lollipops that they sell in all the shops.

    Your comments: It’s funny, but there is something special about Disney shopping. I absolutely detest shopping at home…malls, grocery shopping, anything. But, I could spend hours just browsing at Downtown Disney or the countries at Epcot.

  53. My “Must Have” Items

    1) Some sort of Pirates of the Caribbean Item…lately a clothing item
    2) A drinking glass of some sort
    3) And this is going to sound weird, but napkins

    Your comments:

    I really love Pirates of the Caribbean, so every time I go to Disney World, I like to get something Pirates, whether it is a sweatshirt, a long sleeve t-shirt, a pen, a necklace…anything Pirates. I also like getting a glass/cup of some sort. I have a refillable mug and numerous cups that I got with beverages. It is a fun thing because it comes with a drink, and then you can keep it! And one of my cups came with a glowy light ice cube thing. Extra fun! And then the napkins. A free souvenir! It started when my parents went to Disney World without my sister and I and they couldn’t find anything they wanted to buy me, so they brought me back napkins instead. Some people would be offended; I thought it was awesome. So now, I get napkins whenever I go. It is fun to notice how the design changes each time I go.

  54. My “Must Have” Items

    1) Picture of my kids and my nephews in front of the Pirate ship wheel at World of Disney and the photo at Chef Mickey’s to see how much everyone has changed
    2) Stuffed Mickey or Minnie in outfits
    3) Antenna topper
    4) Magnet for the fridge
    5) Two mugs minimum (regular dated and the special Christmas dated ones at the Christmas store)
    6) Pressed pennies
    7) Refillable mug – not as many different ones as there used to be.

    Your comments:
    I used to love the photo magnets they gave out at Chef Mickey’s because we have 4 years displayed on the fridge but they stopped that about 4 years ago 🙁
    My daughter has a wall in her room (floor to ceiling) covered in Mickey’s and Minnie’s that she has been collecting for 8+ years. She can tell you on each trip which one she didn’t get (she’s running out of choices). Last trip it was Fireman Mickey.
    I have the antenna toppers I am not using displayed above my kitchen window.
    We love to get magnets from resorts we have visited or eaten at.
    I try and limit myself to the two mugs but it’s virtually impossible. The Christmas mug is my favourite (they’re in a series of 5 at a time).
    My kids have about 4 or 5 books of pressed pennies – I think we’re running out of room.
    We also collect the different refillable mugs.

    Idea for next blog – favourite appetizer, entree and dessert.


  55. Must haves:

    1-Dated Disney Christmas Ornament
    2-Scrapbook Disney kit. Also maps, napkins, coasters, mickey confetti from parades.
    3-Disney pin with year.
    4-Something for hubby who stays home

    Can’t wait for our next trip!

  56. My “Must Have” Items

    1) A picture frame (I get one for each visit, and then bring the frame to work. My co-workers look forward to seeing what I pick out each year, along with the new picture from our trip I put in it)

    2) A couple boxes of the Mickey Mouse rice krispie treats (I hoard these and try to make them last until my next annual trip; you can’t order these over the phone once you get home – did you know that??)

    3) One t-shirt (Usually I try to get something without a date, and something I’ll wear frequently. This last trip was a t-shirt from AKL, where I stayed)

  57. My “Must Have” Items

    1)Dated Christmas ornament
    2)New Mickey earrings
    3)A box of the character shortbread cookies

    Your comments:
    Like others, I also make sure to get an unused copy of each of the park maps. I love to look through them and see the changes that had occured with each visit.

  58. _________________________

    My “Must Have” Items

    1)Mickey Mouse Shaped Ice Cream
    2)Disney Precious Moment (For the Wife)
    3)Mickey Golf Shirt

    Your comments:


  59. Must Have Items:
    1) Picture Frame
    2) Personalized Christmas Ornament
    3) Scrapbook stuff, be it pictures or souvenirs to go in the scrapbook or scrapbooking pages.

  60. My “Must Have” Items

    1)Rainbow Swirl lollipops
    2)A new Stich pin
    3)Something “Mickey”
    4)A new Christmas Ornament

    Your comments:
    My favorite Mickey item came home from my last trip to Disney. It is a Mickey pillow. It was very useful on the car ride home. The ornament thing has become a problem though because not only have I stared buying for myself, but I buy for other people too. Last trip I came home with ornaments for 5 people in addition to myself.

  61. My “Must Have” Items

    1) Magnet for the fridge
    2) Ornaments from either the Germany pavilion or Days of Christmas store(one for us, one for my in-laws)
    3) A bottle of wine from one of the countries in the World Showcase

  62. My “Must Have” Items

    1)Disney Christmas ornament (for our Disney-themed tree)
    2)antenna topper
    3)Mickey marshmallow treats to share with those at home

    Your comments:

  63. Even as an annual passholder, I cannot keep it limited to only three items. 🙂

    1)Christmas ornaments
    2)Antenna topper
    3)New scrapbooking items
    4)Photopass CD
    5)A piece from Jim Shore or a crystal character from Arribas Brothers.

  64. My “Must Have” Items

    1)A new charm for my bracelet and my daughter’s necklaces.
    2)My son has to buy something from the lego shop.

    Your comments:

  65. My “Must Have” Items

    1)WDW shirt
    2)WDW frame with year
    3)ANYTHING from the sweet shop!

    Your comments:

    I love knowing our kids have things from the years we are at Disney!

  66. My “Must Haves” are

    1) Shot Glass with the year
    2) Christmas Ornament with the year on it
    3) Something for the kitchen
    4) Pressed Pennies
    5) Anything for Scrapbooking (plus I’ll ask for napkins/coasters from around the world to use in scrapbooking. Most are the same where ever you go but there are some exceptions and write the place and year on the back too)

  67. 1)sweatshirt with the year
    2)new purse
    3)antenna toppers

    Your comments:
    Last year was my first trip to dinsey for both myself, and my fiance. we saved, and saved. on our first day there we spent $150 in the hotel souvenier shop!! there is sooo much awesome stuff to buy down there, and we go back in 54 days! already have a HUGE shopping/wish list!
    My “Must Have” Items

  68. My “Must Have” Items

    1)Magent form the hotel we are staying at
    2)Magnet from Epcot Food & Wine, we have only gone during F&W
    3)Something Grumpgy for my husband

    Your comments:
    I leave in 53 Days!!! Can’t wait!!!

  69. My “Must Have” Items

    1) Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars

    2) Goofy’s Gummies Candy

    3) A little trinket or souvenir to remember the trip.

    Your Comments:
    There’s something about the mouse ears that’s burned into your brain that makes you feel nostalgic about WDW whenever you see it. Ice Cream bars in that shape taste better than anything else in the world…especially at 10am before breakfast, and when you need a boost at 4pm before dinner. Goofy’s Gummys give you the same boost with no messy fingers. Just like gummy bears but in the shape of Minnie and Mickey. I like to bring home a small souvenir from each trip, a picture frame or something like the Darth Goofy bobble head figure I got last time:)

  70. My “Must Have” Items

    1)Lennox Treasure Box
    2)Pin with the Year on it
    3)Something “Princess” or Pluto

    Your comments:
    I check park merchandise on line before I go, so I’ll know what new items to look for! I usually have a very long wish list!

  71. My “Must Have” Items

    1) A picture frame with the year on it
    2) A new Xmas ornement with the year on it from the Xmas shop downtown
    3) A stuffed Mickey for our son with the year and a new Minnie for our daughter
    4) DH always gets a Limoncello in Italy and I always get a Baci candy there as well.

    Your comments:

    Love reading how each family has there own tradition.

  72. My “Must Have” Items

    1)T-shirt from special events like NSSHP or VMCP, Food and Wine festival or Flower and Garden festival
    2)Calendar for the next year
    3)Christmas ornaments

    Your comments:
    I want things that will remind me of our Disney trips over and over. My husband passed away last year but I have many special memories when I look at our great souveniers from our many trips to the world together.

  73. My “Must Have” Items

    1)Monorail playset items
    2)Pirates of the carribean new items
    3)Resort pins

    Your comments: This one was very hard as annual passholders we go so often every year that we dont really buy something each visit but only when we see something we must have and it varies greatly. Alot of times it is related to holidays for decorations or gifts.

  74. My “Must Have” Items

    1) Great memories
    2) Great photos
    3) special cards, chocolates, button, etc. that I might have received if celebrating an anniversary or birthday

  75. My “Must Have” Items

    1) Chip n’Dale Cashews (recently discovered and a new fave)
    2) Mickey shaped Coconut Patties
    3) Antenna Topper(s)(any cool new ones that I see and any holidays that I don’t have yet or that I have but need to be replaced)

  76. My “Must Have” Items

    1)Autograph books for the kids
    2)A photo album with the year on it
    3)A Christmas Ornament

    Your comments:
    I always buy the autograph books that hold pictures, we fill them when we get home and then the kids have their own special album to show all of their friends. When we buy the Christmas ornament we try to get something that will remind me of that trip. For example when my daughter was 2, she loved The Beast. She wasn’t interested in Belle or even Cinderella, so we bought a Beast ornament.

  77. My “Must Have” Items

    1)a Troll from Norway
    2)a Key Chain so I can put my thumb drive pictures on the key chain.
    3)a magnet from the resort we are staying in.

    Your comments:

  78. My “Must Have” Items

    1) A new trading pin for: year, resort, and an attraction that created the best memory on my trip
    2) Keychain
    3) Pen (I use it at work to remind me of the relaxation and happiness I just experienced while on vacation)

  79. My “Must Have” Items

    1)Dated Picture Frame
    3)Dated Ornament for our Disney Tree
    4)Holiday antenna topper

    Your comments:

    Mike, what a fun blog post. We each have our list of must have items on each trip. It is also fun to find special unexpected treasures as we roam the shops!

  80. My “Must Have” Items

    1) A “Winnie the Pooh” character stuffed animal.
    2) Postcards to send.
    3) A women’s T-shirt for one of my favorite rides or characters.

    I am a big Winnie the Pooh fan, at this point I have a Pooh in a bee costume, a Rabbit, a Tigger, and an Eeyore stuffed animal. Maybe Piglet or Owl next?

  81. 1. Cinnamon bun from the Main St. Bakery
    2. Dated Christmas ornament
    3. Vintage Mickey shirt

    Leaving on Sunday Sept. 5 for a last minute 5 day trip to the World!! Can already taste the cinnamon buns!! Always enjoy reading your blogs!

  82. My “Must Have” Items

    1)Polo shirt
    2)t-shirts for kids
    3)whatever the special, “Spend xx dollars and get this item (watch, bag, etc…) for only xx dollars.

    Your comments: I started buying a collared polo shirt on my first trip in 1997 and have been adding another shirt (or two) on each visit afterwards. I like that I can visit the parks for 10 days and wear a Disney shirt each day.

  83. My “Must Have” Items

    1)dated Christmas ornament
    2)shot glass
    3)photo in front of the castle

    Your comments:

    It used to be die cast ride vehicles. I wish they would start selling those again.

  84. My “Must Have” Items

    1)Christmas Ornament
    3)Scrapbook paper or paper pack
    4)either a shirt or jewelry

    Your comments:
    I am on my way to having a separate tree just for Disney ornaments. I love them. I get at least one every year. The magnet and scrapbook paper are put to good use very quickly upon our return. I leave in 35 days for Disney World – wooohooo – for my first trip while having a real job, so my must have list may get a bit more expensive. 🙂

  85. 1. Keychain
    2. Christmas Ornament
    3. Fun purse

    The Keychains were something I always got as a kid on my trips. Once I got married, I started buying an ornament, always something very unique. In the last 2 years since TrenD opened and fashion has come into the shops and resorts, I’ve been addicted to all the different tote bags and purses. So much fun for grown up girls!

  86. My “Must” Haves:

    1. Photo Pass CD
    2. Christmas ornament(s)
    3. pin(s)
    4. Nightshirt(s)
    5. Souvenirs for family
    6. If with niece and/or nephew, get photo watch
    Comment: The photopass CD is a very important souvenir. I also always get an ornament or a few for my tree. This past December I got a whole bunch of Tinkerbell ornaments at the Celebrity 5 & 10 on Hollywood Blvd. Pins are special to my niece, nephews and I. I love the nightshirts I find at World of Disney. This past visit I even got the Disney Photo Gallery CD-great for those of us that cannot take perfect photos lol. My souvenirs usually have to fight for space in my suitcase. This time I got wise and had them ship many souvenirs home.

  87. Our “Must Have” Items:

    1. Watch and jewelry
    2. Kitchen items and cookbooks (when new
    cookbooks are available)
    3. Handcarved wooden items from the African
    4. Polo or other nice shirt and/or tie
    5. Beach towels


    The first two are mine. (I just looked at the Mickey watch on my wrist to see how late it is.) The next two are my husband’s. The beach towels are for my children who use them as bath towels. (I love it when I’m wearing Disney jewelry and someone asks me if I know my jewlery is shaped like Mickey Mouse.)

  88. My “Must” Haves:

    1. Antenna Toppers
    2. Mickey Pin
    3. Mickey Earrings

    We just got back from a wonderful 8 day trip to the World and it was very hard to fit all of my Must Haves in the suitcase. haha

  89. My “Must Have” Items

    1)A Figment item
    2)A t-shirt or sweatshirt that is unique to either Epcot or Animal Kingdom
    3)A photo frame

    Your comments: Usually I try to find something that is unique to WDW that Disneyland won’t carry. I have noticed that WDW offered more home/kitchen items than at Disneyland. I got this great bamboo cutting board from WDW, and wish that I got two of them, because merchandise change all the time. Aside from that, thank you, Mike, for your blogs. It’s always nice to read someone else’s perspectives.

  90. My “Must Have” Items

    2)dated fridge magnet
    3)Christmas ornament

    Your comments:we just came back from the World and I bought 18pc of the fudge to come home with, there is 6 to box, 1 box never made it home due to fact that everyone ate it before we left.. Disney has the best fudge anywhere we have traveled


  91. My “Must Have” Items

    1)My daughter always get a stuffed animal (she is 20 now and will still get one!)
    2)a snowglobe/music box that I buy on the sly for Christmas for my daugther – yes, she is a princess
    3)a pen- love using it through the year

  92. My “Must Have” Items

    1) Treat from Goofy’s Candy Company
    2) Beverly (OK it’s free but …)
    3) Mickey Ice Cream Bar

    Wow my list is all food…

  93. My “Must Have” Items

    1) Unique Disney themed jewelry, clothing and accessories
    2) A trip to Basin for special bath bombs and soaps
    3) Pin from the Resort(s) we are staying in
    4) Disney themed Steif

  94. My “Must Have” Items

    1)Photo album with year on it
    2)Magnet with year on it
    3)New WDW t-shirt
    4)New WDW hoodie
    5) Antenna toppers

    Your comments: My 3 daughters collect pins but I prefer to collect t-shirts! 🙂

  95. 1. A Magnet from one of the parks. I love the old Disney movie ones.

    2. A Photopass CD.

    3. A new Disney necklace

    I love your column. Thank you for sharing my love for Disney. I’m also happy to see someone from my neck of the woods. I’m from MA too.

  96. My “Must Have” Items

    1)LOTS OF PICTURES of everything.
    2)Trading Pin
    3)Photo album with date
    4)Scrapbook paper package & postcards

    Your comments:
    My family is not really into trading the pins, but each year we pick one or two that means the most to us from that trip. It could be anything from a favorite ride,event, or even favorite park. Each one of us pics something different.

  97. My “Must Have” Items

    1)A tee-shirt or sweatshirt
    2)Grandchildren gifts
    3)Christmas ornament

    Your comments:
    Hi Mike,
    My husband and I are not shoppers but as you mentioned it is different when you are at the world! One Dec. my husband bought a winter jacket there and it still is his favorite jacket! He couldn’t believe he would find a warm jacket in FL!

  98. 1.- The refillable mug from the Disney Hotels. That is always our first purchase on any trip.

    2.- Fudge from the Confectionary on Main Street. It’s a tradition of sorts and no trip to Magic Kingdom feels right without a piece while we watch the parade.

    3.- Mouse ears for my daughter with her name embroidered in a different font each time we go. She has quite a collection now.

  99. My “Must Have” Items

    1) Beach Towel
    2) Christmas Ornament
    3) Assorted things (postcards, ticket stubs, park brochures) to put in the scrapbook with the snapshots

    Your comments:

    My son is on swim team and we use a lot of beach towels around here! These are good because usually there are not 20 other kids with the same beach towel, to say nothing of the reminder of our fun vacation.

  100. My “Must Have” Items

    2)Antenna Topper
    3)Retro Merchandise (i.e. T-shirts/Sweatshirts)

    Your comments:
    This one is hard because I really enjoy shopping at Disney World and I usually don’t like to shop that much at home. Something happens when you get to Walt Disney World as there is so much cool things you want to bring back with you. I am a HUGE pin collector and I am getting into Vinylmation a little. I have my home office as my “Disney” room, so I like to bring back things that I can display on my walls & desk of my office that remind me of the “magic”. I really like bringing home holiday ornaments too along with little figures to put on my desk of either the characters or the ride vehicles. I enjoy buying ANYTHING at Walt Disney World!!! Its all great stuff and so much fun!!!

  101. My “Must Have” Items

    1)a “year” magnet

    2)when my daughter was younger she had to have a new plush character for each visit

    3)a “mint” copy of all 4 park guides

    Your comments: it’s fun to go back and compare the new maps to the ones from our first family trip in 1991 and to our honeymoon guide from 1977.

  102. Ideas for Disney favorites:

    Favorite meal (not restaurant – just the meal!)

    If you could only do 3 attractions, which 3 would it be?

    Not park oriented but…Favorite Disney movie?

    Top 3 “rollercoaster” rides

    Favorite attraction pre-show OR attraction music

  103. My “Must Have” Items

    1)Disney Blend Coffee
    2)Magnets w/ year

    Your comments:
    I LOVE the Disney coffee and it’s wonderful to have the magnets an orinements to remind me of the wonderful time I spent with my son at the WDW. Love the blogs Mike.

  104. My “Must Have” Items

    1) Christmas ornament(s)
    2) Magnets
    3) Antenna toppers!

    Your comments:
    Last year I was able to decorate an extra Christmas tree with my Disney ornaments. It was only a 4′ artificial tree but it looked awesome! Our fridge is full of magnets from the Parks, resorts and attractions from our trips over the past 12 years. And we love the antenna toppers and have quite a collection. On our last visit we bought the new “Mickey Head” (Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar). It was PERFECT as my husband LOVES “Mickey Heads” and whenever we make bets that is the prize–“you owe me a Mickey Head.”

  105. My “Must Have” Items

    1) T-Shirt of the year
    2) Very cool jewerly
    3) Pencils

    Your comments: as you know I live in Chile, and even I can find some Disney products, is not the same…so, I always buy everything LOL. I usually get lost in the women clothes, pin post, pencils stands, or keychains racks…i have a Fantasmic bucket (the pop-corn buket) full of Disney pens and I love my collection!!! My mom always buy magnetos, she had a lot, but there is always space for a few (or 10) more. The other “must buy” item, is something Disney-Christmas item 😉 As you can see, I buy everything!!

  106. My “Must Have” Items

    1) A WDW picture frame
    2) Postcards with the year on them
    3) Wonka bars at the Main Street candy store

  107. My “Must Have” Items:

    1) a Henna Tattoo from the Morocco Pavilion

    2) An antenna bauble for my car

    3) The scrapbook paper package for the year I went.

    My husband and I are newlyweds and recent college graduates. As such, we are used to living in less than spacious quarters. So my must haves are things that don’t take up a lot of space! The henna tattoo is a special favorite of mine. I think the henna artist’s work is gorgeous. The antenna bauble collection stays in my car, and the scrapbook paper always gets put to good use. They are great ways to bring home some magic without accumulating a ton of stuff!

    -Mary Virginia

  108. _________________________

    My “Must Have” Items

    1)a calendar
    2)a dated ornament
    3)a new and different antenna ball


  109. We have been trying to teach our boys that when you travel you bring home a souvenier something that reminds you of your trip. This is not always an easy feat at Disney World. Our top three are:

    1. Something that represents all four parks.
    2. Christmas ornament
    3. Magnet
    4. Mickey gummies from Goofy’s Candy Company

  110. 1) Mickey Watch
    2) Grumpy ball cap
    3) Grumpy T-shirt Thanks to daughter-in-law
    4) EPCOT coffee cup or mug
    5) Something for granddaughters
    My wonderful daughter-in-law bought me a Grumpy T-shirt several years ago for some reason.

  111. My “Must Have” Items

    1)Coffee mug (Mickey or Grumpy)
    2)Disney Photopass CD
    3)A pin from the resort we stayed at.

    Your comments:
    Of course I always come home with other pins, T-shirts and hats. My daughter gets T-shirts and stuffed characters. Wifey finds earrings.

    Reagan Herman
    Pampa, TX

  112. 1) a dated year mug
    2) WDW shirt
    3) mickey rice krispie treats, pretzels and cookies to share with everyone at home.

    The pretzels are a big hit at school because we usually go during the school year and this is something nice and cheap to share. Usually 2 bags per class does the trick. I also bring a bag back to share at work. My parents love the cookies and the rice krispie treats are for my the other special kids in my life that couldn’t come with us. They sometime have a hardback book of what was going on at Disney that year but I haven’t seen them lately.