Bay Lake Tower

Yesterday (May 27, 2009) I was one of a privileged few to be allowed to view a Grand Villa at Disney’s Bay Lake Tower, a Disney Vacation Club property. Scheduled to open in early August of this year, this new resort is sure to become one of the most popular at Walt Disney World. Its close proximity to the Magic Kingdom combined with its beautiful styling will put this property at the top of many folk’s lists.

Bay Lake Tower Exterior

Since Bay Lake Tower is still under construction, we entered the building through a loading dock rather than the main entrance. We boarded an elevator and up we went to the top. Upon entering the Grand Villa, everyone’s reaction was the same”¦ Oh my god! The view of the Magic Kingdom is stunning when seen from this level through two-story windows. We were all blown away.

Bay Lake Tower Exterior

BLT Room Door

BLT Living Room

Here are a few more pictures of the living room. Note, the flat-screen television is wired for surround sound.

BLT Living Room

BLT Living Room

BLT Living Room

A dining table seats ten and can be expanded to twelve.

BLT Dining Table

BLT Dining Table

The kitchen has a very modern design and features granite countertops and stainless steel appliances.

BLT Kitchen

BLT Kitchen

A Grand Villa has four spacious balconies, one off of the kitchen and others off of the three bedrooms. The balcony off of the first floor bedroom can also be accessed from the living room. Take a look at the view!

BLT Balcony

View from BLT Balcony

View from BLT Balcony

View from BLT Balcony

This next picture hangs in the entryway. Also, notice the hidden Mickey on the rug.

Mickey Mouse Picture in Entry

Hidden Mickey in Rug

Since the resort is still under construction, many of the amenities like towels and small appliances were missing from this unit. In addition, we were asked not to take pictures of the beds since they did not have sheets or bedspreads.

Here are some pictures of the master bedroom and bath located on the first floor. The bathtub is separated from the sleeping area via sliding doors.

BLT Master Bedroom

BLT Master Bedroom

BLT Master Bath

BLT Master Bath

BLT Master Bath

Now we venture upstairs where we find a loft and laundry room. There is also a second door to the hotel hallway on this level.

BLT Stairway

BLT Stairway

BLT Loft

BLT Loft

BLT Loft

View from BLT Loft

BLT Laundry Room

These next pictures are of the second-story bedrooms and baths that flank each side of the loft. Note, the bedrooms have windows that look down into the living room.

BLT 2nd Story Bedroom

BLT 2nd Story Bedroom

BLT 2nd Story Bathroom

BLT 2nd Story Bathroom

BLT 2nd Story Bedroom

BLT 2nd Story Bedroom

BLT 2nd Story Bathroom

BLT 2nd Story Bathroom

I think Disney did a great job of creating a “contemporary” décor that doesn’t sacrifice warmth for styling. From what I could see, the color palette looks vibrant and compliments the dark woods chosen for the cabinets and flooring. I’m looking forward to seeing one of these units when all of the final touches have been added.

Here are two pictures of the pool area. The pool offers zero-entrance.

BLT Swimming Pool

BLT Shuffleboard Court

I asked a few additional questions of my guide, and here’s what I found out. The Contemporary and BLT will share the existing bus stop for folks traveling to the Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Downtown Disney, and the water parks.

Check-in, concierge, and bell services all originate at the Contemporary.

As of today, only members staying on points and guests of members staying on points may use the lounge at the top of Bay Lake Tower. Guest using cash to stay here are not eligible for this perk. But please note, this policy is still in flux and could change frequently until all the dust settles and actual demand can be determined.

As far as food service, the lounge at the top of BLT will offer light appetizers (afternoons and evenings), but that’s all. At this time, I do not know what food will be offered at the pool.

There are no restaurants at BLT. For these you need to walk over to the Contemporary.

Room service is available at Bay Lake Tower via the Contemporary kitchens.

The entire resort and all of its amenities will open simultaneously.

In all, Bay Lake Tower will offer 295 units made up of studios, one, two, and three bedroom plans.

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  1. The number on the door is wrong here, it should be ‘8416’ 🙂 Obviously decided to change how they numbered the villas last minute.

    Looks stunning though, i’m hoping to stay in one of GV with rented points in the near future.

  2. We are new DVC members and are looking to schedule our first visit to BLT this summer, can you tell me whether a Studio room is adequate enough for a family of four. We generally are not the type ofnfamily that spends a lot of time in our room.

    Jack’s Answer:

    The Studio units at the BLT has a queen bed and a “double” sleeper-sofa. If bedding is all you’re concerned about, a studio will be fine. A little tight, but fine.

  3. I’m trying to determine the room number of the Bay Lake Grand Villa indicated in the picture by the red arrow. We’re booking one of the villas and wanted to request that one. The picture below it shows 8417, but I thought the odd room numbers faced the pool. I’m guesssing that it should be 8418. Do you know? By the way, great review of the property. Thanks!

  4. we check into a 2 bedroom villa next week-would love to be able to see the Magic Kingdom fireworks from the balcony-are there just certain rooms where that is possible?

  5. Hi these are very beautiful photos as well as great information. Since it seems that you are the Disney Resort Expert I would like to know which resort is best to stay for a family. I will be having my wedding on the disney property and will be staying for 10days. I can’t decide which resort to stay at because they are all soooooo beautiful and each has its own unique qualities. Can you please give some input.

    Thanks Alot

  6. Ok we stayed in the grand villa in November it was beautiful however the maid service is not up to par and because your in a big villa they will not give you the food plan upgrade we paid for that and we could not get buy 4 nights get 3 free. They told us to downgrade to a smaller villa. It was totally worth not getting the freebies. The view we had was kingdom view and we got to see the fireworks everynight and the castle was stunning with the icicles.

  7. Any chance you have pictures of the studios? That is all that is open when we go in February 10, I keep reading how small the studios are but I am sure they are still very nice. We have a Bay Lake View. Any information on the studios you can provide would be great.

  8. Two words: Wow. Za.
    Okay, that’s probably technically one word.

    I just booked my extended family into one of these villas for March, and can not WAIT. The price tag was a bit of a sticker shock, and the family MAY decide to go with something cheaper, but I suspect once they see these pics, they’ll totally be on board.


  9. Got upgraded to a 3BR Grand Villa this month. Amazing! Couple weird things: no WiFi network in the room (only paid Internet), no way to use the DVD player that was connected to the big flat screen in the living room (or instructions on how to do it), and I was surprised there was no way to use the Top of the World lounge if you are not a DVC member. Only way to get a cocktail at the end of the day is to go over to the more crowded restaurants/bars at the Contemporary. But overall, it was great — and the BLT felt quieter and less chaotic than the Contemporary.

  10. HI JACK,


  11. This looks unbelievable, I only hope that waiting that seven month period to use our DVC points from other Disney Resorts will still allow our family to stay there. This trip which were planning for the summer of 2010 will be our forty eighth trip from the Philadephia area, and what an incrediable trip it would be staying there.

  12. Staying there in February 2010 and can’t wait, but I am dissapointed in how getting into the lounge will work.

    We’re vacation club members but we’ll be staying there on cash. I think first priority should go to vacation club members (no matter how there paying) and then let in those who are borrowing vacation club points. Or just let all staying there enjoy it

    Jack’s Answer:

    At the moment, Disney really doesn’t know what the demand vs. capacity is for the lounge. I’m sure they’re expecting big crowds in the beginning because this is new and EVERYONE will want to experience it. I’m sure their policy will be modified as time and needs dictate.

    For example, when the Animal Kingdom Lodge first opened, only guests staying there could even gain access to the resort. After the initial crowds subsided, it was opened to anyone who wanted to look around.

  13. Thanks for the awesome pictures Jack! We made our reservations for next June when DVC opened for business on the 8th. We can’t wait for our 2br MK view room! I am hoping that Disney will keep the BLT lounge just for DVC members with points. I think since we have paid so much for our membership, there should be some kind of perk.

    On another note unrelated to BLT… A quick question, maybe you can investigate it. Do you know why Disney gives people on the quick service dining plan a refillable mug and not on the more expensive table service plan?

    Thanks for all the great info!

  14. Hi jack –thanks for the info. we are staying here aug 9th thru the 16th in a one bed room lake view could your give some insight on what to expect

    Jack’s Answer:

    I’m really at a loss as to how to answer your question “What to expect?” Since I haven’t stayed here myself, I don’t have any insights to share with you. I’m assuming you’ve been to Disney World before and have a basic idea of what vacationing here is all about. If not, I suggest you start reading Allears because there is much to learn.

  15. Hi Jack
    thanks for these great pictures my daughter and I check almost everyday for more pictures of the BLT. We cant wait until you get to stay there in August and report back to all of your fans.

    Thanks so much for always keeping us informed
    Monica And Randy Hatch

  16. Jack, Do you know if all of the Grand Villas are located on the upper floors? Thanks!

    Jack’s Answer:

    I’m 99% certain that ALL of them are. To my knowledge, the Grand Villas are all 2-story units. If you look at the exterior of BLT, you can plainly see these units on the upper most floors and not on any of the lower floors.

  17. Jack, I have been going through your blogs in preparation for our 11 day trip starting this Saturday. We are staying at the Wilderness Villas and we have watched the construction of BLT and have been absolutely drooling over it. When you said “members staying with points” — is that only members staying at BLT with points? Or can us members staying with points at another DVC property drop in? Thanks. Marlene

    Jack’s Answer:

    At the moment, and this could change, only members (or their guests) using points and STAYING at Bay Lake Tower can use the lounge at the top. However, there is nothing to stop you from visiting other areas of the resort.

  18. I bought into BLT as soon as it was announced and was lucky to be one of the “Founding Members” of the resort. Did you get to see the fountain with the “Founding Members” plaques? I will be checking in on Opening Day 8/4/09 and stay through the weekend in a 1-bedroom MK view room. I can not wait and love the pictures you took of the Grand Villa. Even though I am a DVC member we typically stay at Polynesian or Grand Floridian when we go done. We like the area around the MK. I am so glad that we can finally have our own resort on the Monorail loop and with such great views. Thanks for the pictures.

  19. Wow…very cool! We have reservations for Opening Day in August!!!! I cannot tell you how much of a Dream Come True for me it is to be staying at the Bay Lake Tower @ The Contemporary Resort…as a child all the way up until now (42 now) I cannot tell you how excited the Contemporary Resort makes me when I first see it in the distance….

    Thank you for the photos!!!!!

  20. Hi,

    Thanks for posting such great photos.

    We are new members of the DVC and are so excited to have booked the MK view for April 2010 but were wondering whether you think the view is restricted at all for the lower level rooms??

    Jack’s Answer:

    I have only been on the top floor of Bay Lake Tower so what is to follow is just an educated guess.

    Obviously, the higher you are, the better the view.

    Looking at my pictures, it appears that trees have been planted in front of the resort. This could block your view if you’re on the second floor. And as these trees grow, they could block the view from the third floor.

    Once you get to the fourth floor, there is nothing between Bay Lake Tower and the Magic Kingdom except parking lot, so there really isn’t much blocking your view. From the fourth floor you could still easily see Space Mountain and portions of the Train Station and Cinderella Castle. And you would most certainly be able to see the fireworks.

    The sixth floor is the lowest floor on the Contemporary Resort with a Magic Kingdom view. I have stayed on this floor and was completely satisfied with my view. I know when you check into the Contemporary, they automatically put you on as high a floor as they can. They realize that everyone wants the best view.

  21. Love the pics and I am not at all suprised of the Disney quality. I am a huge Contemporary fan and my only worry when I visit this August is the potential crowding on the 4th floor concourse. There will now be 2 resorts worth of visitors using the Contemp Cafe and anything else on the 4th floor. I hope that eventually the BLT will get their own resteraunts for both resorts to share and disperse.

  22. Hi Jack,

    WOW! We will be staying in the Grand Villa in Dec on points MK view and we were very excited before but now we can’t wait. What a beautiful suite! And a whole laundry room. On the floor plans it was shown on the first floor, is it on the second floor now? We will be using the room to put my kids clothes in, we can never find enough closet or drawer space and that will sure help instead of putting them in the dining room hutch. Thanks again for the great pictures.

    Jack’s Comment:

    It’s very possible the laundry room IS on the first floor. I was so overwhelmed with information that day I couldn’t remember all of the details.

  23. Hey Jack, Great pictures. My wife and I are Disney Vacation Club members and our home base is The Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. In the past DVC resort openings and for Bay Lake Towers they have allowed existing DVC members to purchase as few as 25 points during the construction of the new DVC resort. For Bay Lake Towers you had to buy them by the end of last year. The very non-pushy DVC sales team (Our favorite is Aldemar Ramirez 1-800-501-8669) will tell you many seasoned DVC members will buy just 25 points to each DVC resort to own just a little piece of the Magic of each resort. You also get the reservation perks at each resort. We bought 25 for Bay Lake Tower and we hope they make the same offer for Hawaii. Aloha!!!!

  24. I have heard, through a good source, that sales at BLT are going extremely well. So I guess if you can afford it, buy now! We’ll try it out, but our favorites will always be Wilderness Lodge and Animal Kingdom Lodge.

    Jack’s Comment:

    My sources also tell me that sales at BLT are doing well, even in these difficult times.

    Something I learned shortly after moving to Orlando is, if you see something you want, but it — it very possibly won’t be there tomorrow. Now I was talking about merchandise in the shops, but I suppose this also applies to BLT.

  25. Thanks very much for all of the pictures. I must say that the view towards MK to see the nightly fireworks would be the only draw for me. The suite though nice, was not the knockout difference that I expected compared to several Orlando, Vegas and Puerto Vallarta timeshares we’ve stayed at over the years. Don’t get me wrong, it’s next door to MK and I’d be thrilled to stay there, but the suite wasn’t what I thought Disney would hit for a standard above all the rest. Thanks again for the in depth tour and photos!

  26. Hey Jack,

    Thanks for all the great info and pictures. I have booked my family for 8 days in a two bedroom park view in August and september. we were excited before, but thanks to you we are ecstatic about our trip.


  27. Thankks for the photos, great job! I have not heard do you know if there will be any restaurants or food service locations at BLT or will guests need to go over to the Contemp. for restaurants?

    Jack’s Answer:

    The lounge at the top of BLT will offer light appetizers (afternoon and evenings), but that’s all. At this time, I do not know what food service will be available at the pool.

    That vast majority of services for BLT will be at the Contemporary.

  28. Wow! Makes me want to buy into DVC at BLT PDQ!

    Someone recently told me (after I stayed at the Contemporary tower in a Magic Kingdom view room) that you can turn on the TV to the resort channel and hear the music from Wishes synched to the fireworks.

    Jack’s Answer:

    While I was touring the Grand Villa, someone specifically asked one of the Imagineers this same question. He answer was no, the sound will NOT be piped into the rooms.

    However, I would not count this as a definitive answer. These were “construction” Imagineers and they might not have all the answers. Deb Wills and I will both be staying at Bay Lake Tower when it opens. One of us will try to answer this question in subsequent blogs.

  29. Thank you for the beautiful pictures. We recently just got upgraded to MK view for our mid-September visit and are even more excited about our trip after seeing your pictures.

    We hope that they maintain the policy for members only for the lounge because that should be a perk for members and the fact that we pay annual fees every year to help maintain the property.

  30. Jack,
    Thank you so much for the first look! How awesome it must have been to be included in that tour! One question though, how long is the walk from the Contemporary Tower to the BLT? I’m thinking monorail… And getting downstairs, through lobby, and over to BLT after a long day. Was the walk very far? Although with that view, who cares?? Just curious. Thanks again for the outstanding pictures~

    Jack’s Answer:

    When I was on the press tour, we were dropped off right in front of Bay Lake Tower so I can’t answer your question definitively. However, I’m a frequent visitor to the Contemporary so I can guess.

    I think you could exit the monorail, ride down the escalator, walk to and across the sky-bridge in about five minutes max. That’s right, sky-bridge (check the first picture in the blog). There is an elevated walkway from the fourth floor of the Contemporary (Grand Canyon Concourse) to Bay Lake Tower. Because of the sky-bridge, it’s much faster to get to the BLT than it ever was to the old North Wing.

    Also, BLT is a closer walk to the Magic Kingdom than the Contemporary.

  31. We have scrib to allears for years and have always found excellent information. But we recently found Jack Spence’s Blog… what fantastic information. And then today we found the BLT photos too. We are so excited about our Nov. trip being new DVC members. We are also coming is 4 weeks staying in Saratoga Springs too. Love Disney, love Allears and now Jack Spence’s Blog. Thanks

  32. Wow, all I can say is WOW!!! I would love to stay there. Disney has truly out done themselves this time. Fantastic pic’s Jack. You have the best blogs. Thank you.

  33. We are staying the first week in November in a one bed villa w/ MK view and are even more excited now that we have seen the “real deal”. We fell in love with the BLT Model, but now we know we choose the right location!!! Any word on restaurant or quickie eats at BLT, it seems as if all are located in the Contempory.

    Jack’s Answer:

    The lounge at the top of BLT will offer light appetizers (afternoon and evenings), but that’s all. At this time, I do not know what food service will be available at the pool.

    That vast majority of services for BLT will be at the Contemporary.

  34. I hope they open the lounge to “Cash” guests. We’re staying there Thanksgiving weekend in a 2 bedroom villa, but can’t stay on the MK side (because we need a handicapped room and they’re all on the Bay Lake side).

    I’m thinking about buying there but wanted to try out the elevators first. We prefer Contemporary to other resorts due to easy access to MK (for our wheelchair party member), but the tower elevators stink. We’ve never really considered DVC because of the access.

    Does anyone know how easy or hard it is to get DVC reservations handicapped accessible? Do they book out early (in general)?

    Jack’s Comments:

    Here’s some interesting information for you. When the Contemporary and Polynesian Resorts opened in 1971, very little thought was given to those with special needs. This wasn’t so much an oversight but simply a sign of the times. Up until about five or six years ago, the Contemporary did not have an elevator up to the monorail platform. When the resorts were being planned in the 60’s, conventional wisdom figured that if someone was wheelchair bound, they could stay at the Poly. In Disney’s mind, they felt they had fulfilled their obligation by offering ONE wheelchair accessible resort.

    I’m assuming you don’t like the Contemporary elevators because they’re small. Once again, the thought was you’d stay at the Poly if you were in a wheelchair.

    Today, Disney is a leader when it comes to ADA compliance. Thank goodness things have changed.

  35. A little too dark/modern for my taste, but the view is great!

    The shuffleboard photo made me laugh…that game is awesome.

    I’m still holding out hope that i’ll eventually pay off student loans so i can afford a dvc membership heheh. 😉

    Thanks for posting!

  36. We’re staying from Dec 27, 2009 to Jan 2, 2010. We can’t wait to see the fireworks from our balcony. Thanks Jack and ALLEARS!!!!!!

    Jack’s Comment:

    I have stayed in a tower room at the Contemporary many times. Let me tell you, nothing beats watching the fireworks from the privacy of your own balcony.

    Just so you know and aren’t disappointed. Disney does not broadcast the firework music to your room. All you hear is the boom sound they make when they explode. But it’s still pretty cool to see them from here.

    Also, you have picked the busiest week of the year to visit. Plan accordingly.

  37. I am staying here on Christmas and thanks to your photos I am more excited than my first ever Disney visit and that was back in the 70’s. Also this will be extra special as it’s my new baby’s (don’t know the sex cause he/she is due in October) first visit. Keep up the great work Jack!!!

  38. Jack, one question: Do the second floor rooms in the Grand Villas have an outside access door (to a hallway)? Thinking about handicapped access.

    Jack’s Answer:

    Good news. All of the Grand Villas have access (a door to the hallway) on the second floor. And not just at BLT, but also at Saratoga Springs and Kidani Village.

  39. How beautiful!!! Great Job with the photo’s. You have captured the essence of the vacation club. We were able to book two nights in October. Our home is Boardwalk and I was so surprised to be able to get a studio.
    I can’t wait to stay at Bay Lake.

  40. Hi Jack!

    First of all, I LOVE your site – it has such great info! I am a huge Disney fan and I love the fact I have a 3 year old that is just now really LOVING Disney World too! He is Mickey’s biggest fan 🙂

    In case anyone else wants to know about the pricing for the BLT – I found it here…

    The prices are actually more reasonable that I would have imagined. Thanks so much for responding, and once again, thanks for the great information!



  41. As a “cash” guest, I don’t understand Disney’s current policy not allowing us to use the lounge at the top. We (thankfully) have a Magic Kingdom view suite, but had considered a lake view with the idea of using the lounge to watch the fireworks. I hope Disney reconsiders this decision quickly and opens the lounge to ALL BLT guests!

  42. Pictures looked great … wife, kid and I are booked for a one bedroom (lake view) in October. After seeing those pictures, it might be worth the extra points to move to a one bedroom, magic kingdom view

    I hope Disney maintains the policy of restricting access to the lounge to members only. There are soooo many other disney perks that we as members cannot take advantage of (for example, the annual free dining)

  43. If I was the person in South Dakota who just won the 230 million $ Powerball I know what I would be doing first!

  44. Wow! Thanks for posting all the pictures. Everything looks amazing, especially the view. (I can only imagine imagine the spectacular views BLT offer for the nightly fireworks). All the rooms are nicely done and the colors are really pretty. I think the pool is pretty awesome too. I hope sometime in the future I get the chance to stay here 🙂

  45. Just curious as to the view, they look amazing but I did notice the parking lot in many of your photos, how distracting is that? Not sure I want to see the parking lot that much. However, I’m sure at night when the castle, space mountain, etc. are lit up you won’t even notice the parking lot. I was just curious as to your opinion and how much it distracted from the wonderful view of the MK. Thanks for the info!!

    Jack’s Answer:

    The parking lot is smack-dab in front of Bay Lake Tower. There’s no getting around this. However, if you’re standing on the balcony, your eyes are drawn to the Magic Kingdom, Seven Seas Lagoon, and the Grand Floridian.

    I have stayed in the tower of the Contemporary a number of times with a Magic Kingdom view. To be honest, I pay little attention to the parking lot and just enjoy the “good” sights.

    And there is nothing like watching the fireworks from the privacy of your own balcony!

  46. Hi Jack

    Great information on these property’s. Now for the more important question. If you were asked to give advise to someone who is looking to buy into DVC, which property would you suggest and why?

    Thanks Gary

    Jack’s Answer:

    My advice to you is buy at the property you want to stay at most frequently. If you were to buy at Bay Lake Tower, this would become your “home” resort. You can make reservations for your home resort 11 months in advance. You can’t make reservations for other resorts until 7 months in advance.

    I suspect that the BLT is going to be one of the more popular DVCs and if I’m correct, this resort will book quickly.

  47. This looks stunning! I didn’t realize this was opening in August! I just booked at the Contemporary and wish I was able to stay here instead! Anyone know how much this will cost per night? It is beautiful!

  48. Jack, did I say Treehouse Villas? What was I thinking?

    BLT has now moved to the top of my where to stay at WDW list alongside Kidani Village.

    Yet another fantastic description Jack! Keep them coming!

    Thank you for sharing (yet again)

  49. I am absolutely wide eyed, stunned at BLT!!!
    Thank you Jack for another brilliant report and photos, it felt like being there!
    Can´t wait to visit!
    Geetings from Brazil!!

  50. Whoa,

    I had to slap myself and wake up because I was daydreaming about my family and I staying at the BLT (what a nickname “The BLT”). Thanks for the pictures. I wanna go now!

  51. We just bought into the Bay Lake Towers and will be staying there in a one bedroom Magic Kingdom view on September 15th and 16th, 2009 for the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!! We are soooo excited!!

  52. We are happy to own here and will be staying in December. It is fun when we talk to others about DVC and explain how it work and now telling them that they can own at BLT overlooking MK. Who wouldn’t want to be a DVC memeber and say “Yeah I own there”!!!

  53. Awesome job. Was wondering if you had any of the Bay Lake side-like the pool shot, but up a little. That looks like a great view as well-plus no parking lot. Thanks again.

  54. Hey Jack, the price $14,866 on the television in one shot for the second floor bedroom, is that the advertised price per night? LOL!

    Jack’s Comment: I wouldn’t be a bit surprise if that’s what it costs. LOL I keep buying my lotto tickets so I can afford to stay here someday.

  55. Wow! Even in these economic times, I believe the BLT sales will increase once it opens and more pictures and comments float around.

    We had a difficult time deciding to buy DVC, but we finally purchased a few months ago at BLT. These pictures make us think even more that we made the right decision.

    Funny – someone mentioned getting a grand villa with an MK view for the 50th. We were thinking the same thing! Maybe we should “pool” our points.

    We cannot wait to stay at BLT this September!

    Thanks so much for the great post and the pictures!!

  56. Jack, I want your job! We go 4 times a year and it isn’t nearly enough.

    Disney does everything with passion and precision. You have to love and respect it!

  57. Well my mind is made up! BLT it is! i needed to see “real” pics of the MK view and wow! BLT will be my home resort! As Always Great Job Jack!

  58. Fabulous pictures and info as always. Hubby & I are staying in a one bedroom mid Sept. for 10 days. Can hardly wait. Pool looks amazing and again what would we do without you?!!!

  59. I agree with Janine, you are the best blogger. I don’t comment often, but I always read your blog. Thank you SOOOO MUCH for this great blog and pictures of this new site. Since my home resort is the Wilderness Lodge, I wonder how much luck I would have trying to get the Grand Villa at Bay Lake Tower? You know, without actually buying points there. I’m holding out for DVC property at the Polynesian, any word on that yet? I would buy more points for the Polynesian, I don’t know why, but I just love it there. Although maybe I should re-think this idea, Bay Lake looks VERY nice!!

  60. Great Photos

    we are staying in a studio Mid August.cant wait

    Were you able to get up to the viewing area on the roof?

    Jack’s Answer:

    The rooftop lounge is still under construction so we did not get to view it. Shucks!

  61. Thanks for the wonderful pictures & information Jack – it is absolutely breathtaking! On a side note, can’t wait to meet you this weekend!

  62. great pictures!! you always deliver!! i bought a dvc membership for blt!! and me and my wife are excited!! just wondering what mattress brand they decided 2 go with!1 hopefully sealy posturpedic!! since its the only coil designrd with ortho pedic surgeons. you would think they would only want the best! for the best resort on earth!! thanks!! : )

    Jack’s Comment:

    I don’t remember what kind of mattresses Disney is currently using. But I do know they leave brochures in all of the rooms with information on how to buy one if you like it. There was a brochure in my room at Kidani Village two weeks ago — and I was very comfortable.

  63. We are staying at this resort Aug. 6 to the 13th. We are staying in a 3 bedroom suite. We actually got the 4 day three night special on this. We can’t believe it, I told my family this may be a one in a lifetime. So can not wait!! We visit annually and have stayed in a lot of the resorts, but this may be by far one of our best trips!!

  64. Great shots! Thanks so much. My wife and I recently purchased points at BLT and I can’t wait till July when I make my first reservation for a week’s stay in a 2-BR villa in June of 2010!

  65. That is an absolutely stunning villa. It looks like the city loft I’ve always wanted to live in.

    Thank you for the pictures!

  66. This looks like a beautiful new place to stay at Disney. I can imagine the view at night is lovely. And I can just picture watching the Magic Kingdom fireworks from a balcony! Thank you for sharing!

  67. Wow! And did you notice the hidden Mickeys on the slide area next to the pool?? One along the inside back of the structure, one on the left front curve. They popped right out at me when I looked at your picture of the pool area. Disney always amazes me on their attention to even the little things!

  68. I’m in LOVE!!! Is that one of the headboards I’m seeing reflected in the mirror? (2nd picture in master bedroom, has the look of piano keys)

    I’m going to make it a personal goal to one day stay there. That view is amazing!

    Jack’s Answer: Yes, that is a headboard you see in the picture. I’m looking forward to seeing the beds made.

  69. My jaw dropped and I’m just looking at the pictures on my computer. Wow! Thanks again for a great report. Someday hope to stay there.

    PS: The pool looks a bit small. Is that because the photo was taken from way up?

    Jack’s Answer: It’s difficult to judge the size of the pool from this height, but I think it will be adequate. And it sure looks nice.

  70. OMG! Thanks so much for the coverage, Jack. This unit is absolutely AMAZING! Disney did such a wonderful job creating these new units and I look forward to staying here in the (hopefully) near future – in a studio or two bedroom, of course. If only I could hit the Powerball and check into this grand villa for a LOOOOOONG time!

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    I guess someone has to be the best Disney blogger in the world – and that’s you!

    Next time you’re at “Beaches and Cream”, I’m buying.


  72. Thanks Jack for the great pictures and info. I know I can’t afford the grand villa but I am hoping to stay in a studio or one bedroom this fall. I check everyday hoping for a new blog from you. Thanks again

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    Can I reserve now for the 50th Anniversary in the GRAND VILLA??? HA HA!!!
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