Tinker Bell’s Fairy Treasures

This next Disney detail is aimed more at the little ones – or at least the parents of little ones.

Check out Tinker Bell’s Fairy Treasures shop in Fantasyland of the Magic Kingdom.

Tinker Bell's Fairy Treasures shop

On the sales counter near the entrance is a bell. Children are encouraged to ring this bell and loudly call out Tinkerbell’s name.

Tinker Bell's Fairy Treasures shop

When they do, a tinkling sound can be heard and tiny lights dance in the overhead plants and flowers. (My camera didn’t capture the lights.)

Tinker Bell's Fairy Treasures shop

A moment later, Tinkerbell flies into view within a storage cabinet located behind the counter. Her appearance is brief, but it brings excitement to children.

Tinker Bell's Fairy Treasures shop

Tinker Bell's Fairy Treasures shop

This isn’t one of Disney’s most elaborate effects or shows, but it’s cute. And I’m sure the younger set will believe in fairies after seeing Tink appear.

Remember – you can see Tinker Bell and other fairies in Pixie Hallow in the Magic Kingdom.

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7 Replies to “Tinker Bell’s Fairy Treasures”

  1. Magical. As a child I loved the story of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. As you said it’s not the most elaborate of effects that Disney has ever produced, but sometimes even the simplest of things can make a person’s day.

  2. We were there in November 2008 and the shop was being renovated. The chest was gone by then and only half of the store was open. So it happened sometime around then. We hated to miss it.

  3. Hi and thanks for sharing this information! Is this something you can do at any time in the day or is it the thing that was use to be called ”waking up Tinkerbell” that you could do only if you were the first one at the shop in the morning??? I am so exited to show that to my daugther, she love Tinkerbell so much!
    Thank you thank you thank you !

    Answer: Tinkerbell makes appearances all day. You might want to check things out before you bring your daughter into the shop so she can ring the bell and not walk in while some other child is doing it.

  4. Hi Jack! Love the blogs. Any idea when they updated the chest and keyhole to this new Tink thing? I had also heard the rumor that you look into the keyhole and see Tink in the dresser.
    I went and did this probably about a year ago, and much to my disappointment, she was not in there. I then felt sort of lame, because people were watching and the trick did not work out as I had hoped! Haha!

    Answer: Sorry. I have no idea when Disney removed the chest and keyhole. This isn’t a shop I frequent so I was unaware of the changeover.

  5. Jack, loved learning about Tinker Belle’s Fairy Treasures shop, and ringing the bell, as a father of a young princess, we’re going to stop in there and try it on our next trip in Sept.

    I was hoping you could also tell me about another secret i heard about, tell me if it is true and where i can find it….

    I heard in Magic Kingdom somewhere, there is a chest of sorts, with a key hole, this is located in a gift shop. I hear if you look into the key hole, you will see Tink. Any truth?

    Answer: The chest and keyhole did indeed exist — and it was in this same shop. In fact, that’s what I was going to report on when I discovered that it had been removed and replaced with this current Tinkerbell sighting.

    In my opinion, the chest was a little more unique, but I think this new version allows for more guests to enjoy the magical experience of seeing Tinkerbell.