Med Reader Mailbag #3

Here’s the latest batch of Blog Feedback Questions and Answers:
Robyn writes: Our family will be cruising on 7/7/07! We have previously sailed the eastbound Panama Canal trip and that was fantastic. We are looking forward to wonderful time. My first question is, what kind of camera are you using? (your pictures are beautiful). Second, Disney has arranged our flights. We are flying into Frankfurt with only 40 minutes between connecting flights. Is this as bad as I think it’s going to be? We are staying a couple days after the cruise in Barcelona so we can see the city. Any advice? Can you tell I’ve never flown to Europe

Deb replies: My camera is a Canon, S2 IS (the latest model in that series is a S3 IS). I’m very pleased with it overall, but especially with outside photos. Glad you like the pics.

Regarding your connecting flight – not having flown into Frankfurt I can’t really answer your question. Make sure your bags are checked from your origin to your destination.

Barcelona is a great city. I would highly recommend the Bus Turistic. For $19 Euros each you can tour all day, get on and off. We loved it. Just buy your tickets when you get on the bus, no need to purchase in advance!


Eric writes: My family is leaving for the 11 night that sails on June 16th. One question we had is with the ship boarding starting so early what are the dining options that night or would you suggest boarding later and eating on shore in Barcelona? Also, is Barcelona an open port to get on and off or once on are you on like in Florida?

Deb replies: Dining options for the first night are your regular dining seating or room service. I’ll have to see if Topsiders was open, but I’m fairly certain it was.

You can get on and off the ship in Barcelona – so enjoy your day in the city.


Beth: You mentioned that you bought olive oil and wine while in France. How are you getting that home? I am concerned about carrying liquids in my carry-on baggage, and I’m also concerned about checking it! Do you have any advice? Have a safe trip home. We’re heading to the Disney Cruise August 8th.

Deb Replies: You have to take your chances. We packed the bottles individually in bubble wrap (brought from home), put them in large ziplock bags, wrapped them in clothes, and packed them in the middle of our suitcases. They all arrived safely. We weren’t sure if they’d be pulled out by security along the way; but all was fine. Also, I declared them all at customs and there was no problem. Each adult is allowed one bottle of “alcohol”.


Scottishwee35 writes: I am exciting for my Disney Cruise on 18th July. Question for Jumping into External – Rome, that we have been booking it for our Disney Cruise in July. We take our two children (10 and 7). I wonder if they have kids menu?

Deb Replies: The meals we were at had spaghetti and meatballs for the kids. I seem to recall seeing fries at some point too. We never had “menus” for any meal included in our excursion. Some were buffet and some were plates brought to your place at the table.


Pamela writes: We will be leaving on the 10 night cruise on June 27th. My question to you is that on the very first day of the cruise we have booked Palo as our evening meal that day so that we can be finished before the ship sails that evening at 9pm and we so enjoyed Palo last cruise and wanted to start off with something special. Our normal dining will be second session (I believe that is at 8:30pm) so we didn’t want to be in the middle of dinner when we set sail. Do you think this is a good plan?? Or did Disney make other arrangements that evening for dining since they know they set sail at 9pm and usually have a sail away party. We don’t want to waste a reservation at Palo.

Deb Replies: The sail away party was tight getting to from our late dining seating; however we made it just fine. If you have an early Palo seating, you should be fine. My personal choice is to not have anything planned after Palo dinner so that it can be very relaxing. Again, if you have it early, you should be fine.


Diane writes: My family is scheduled for the Med. cruise June 26, we have 2 boys 10 and 11. We have done over a dozen Disney Cruises and we are looking forward to this one. Unfortunately we booked just last week and have found all of Palo reservations gone ( any hints on this they have res. when you checked in at ship and is there waiting lists on this cruise) We went on 7 day Eastern and lucked out 2 days with the waiting list. Many of the excursions are booked too, so your information is extremely helpful. The internet connection has been mentioned a few times..Is the connection at the internet cafe ( on the ship’s system just as unpredictable?:) We were going to bring our lap top for the first time so that we could unload photos.

Deb replies:
A certain number of Palo ressies are generally saved embarkation day reservations. You’ll receive the standard “Welcome Aboard” flyer and it will tell you where to go for Palo reservations.

Also visit the Excursions Desk when you board the ship. Some tours have slots available for boarding day. Don’t hesitate to ask to be put on a wait list – you never know!

Internet is all the same now, whether you access it wireless or at the Internet Cafe. The Cafe, by the way, usually had waiting lines on sea days. You can also do wireless from your room on your laptop. Cove Cafe (Deck 9) has a few laptops you can use in the cafe.

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