Cruising the Mediterranean Part 1 – It Begins

Wow! It was March 2006 when all the Disney sites seem to be a buzz speculating where the Cruise Line would spend the summer of 2007. Alaska? Hawaii? Europe? When it was announced that the ship would sail to Barcelona and offer 11 and 10 night cruises of Italy and France…. I had to take a serious look.

Palermo! Oh my gosh…the first stop on the cruise is where my mother’s family is from. Quickly, I decided this would be my one chance to visit my “homeland” and I had to go.

Then I stopped and said — Ok, let’s think about this rationally (hmm.. does one ever plan a Disney trip rationally?). This cruise could be quite an expensive venture. Not only would we be paying Disney Cruise Line prices, but we would also need airfare to and from the US, pre-stay hotel accommodations, excursion costs and who knows what else.

I started emailing my cruise buddies. (Yes, there is a group of us that seem to cruise together annually. I’m sure it will come as no surprise to you that we all met on a Disney ship! LOL.) Well, several folks were very excited… so we talked and thought and decided to go for it!!!

I’m not real crazy about traveling overseas these days but since I never have, I figured why not do it with Disney.

We have a Category 7 Navigator’s verandah booked and plan to fly in a few days early to tour Barcelona.

My next post on the Med Cruise will talk about our excursions!

Life – IT too short!

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