Dreaming of the Grand Canyon

I’ve always wanted to visit the Southwestern United States. Years ago, when my travel didn’t include so much Disney, I loved experiencing the National Parks of the US. I can clearly picture my adventures in Yosemite, the BadLands, Mt. Rushmore, and Crater Lake – ah those bring back great memories. Yet, the Southwest has always eluded me…..

Until now….

The phone rang one night as I was working on an upcoming issue of the All Ears® newsletter. It was Beci Mahnken, my travel agent from MouseFanTravel. Beci told me that she had worked out a special Adventures by Disney Trip to the Southwestern US and was able to offer a discount too! After hearing a few of the details, I quickly logged on to the Adventures by Disney Website and became fixated on the Itinerary…… Sedona, the Grand Canyon, the Archs, Moab. Most meals included…oh and the hotels look awesome!!!

From there I went to the National Park Service website for the Grand Canyon. The photos alone brought tears to my eyes…… I called Beci back to tell her I was ready!!!! Let the planning begin.

Sound interesting? You can join us!
Read more about the trip!

I’ll be writing more about this Adventure by Disney and update you on my planning soon!

Life — it too short!

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