Tomorrowland Skyway Station

On November 10, 1999, a favorite ride for many of us closed. The Skyway that once carried guests over Tomorrowland and Fantasyland stopped running. It was a sad day. The towers and cables were removed soon after, but both stations have remained – until now. Today, backhoes and bulldozers are busy in Tomorrowland, eating away at this opening day attraction. I have no idea what, if anything, will be replacing this structure.


While riding the TTA yesterday I could see that the demolition portion of the project is complete. It appears that Disney is keeping (and remodeling) the restrooms that were located under the station.

Tomorrowland Skyway Station

Tomorrowland Skyway Station

Tomorrowland Skyway Station

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14 Replies to “Tomorrowland Skyway Station”

  1. Jack,
    I was wondering when they would remove the remaining pieces of this ride. I loved it as a child and I am sad to see it go.

    Thank you fro the awesome update, as usual!

    Jack’s Answer:

    After the Tomorrowland Station is removed, the only vestiges of this attraction will be the Fantasyland Station. I have no idea when this will be razed, if ever.

    I have written a blog about the Skyway attraction. Watch for it in the days to come.

  2. Hi Jack,

    I know it is sad for some that the Skyway is gone but, it makes it a little safer to walk where the Skyway use to go over.

    A few times I witnessed kids dropping stuff or spitting off the side of the Skyway.

    It was a fun way to see the World (Walt Disney World).

  3. It’s sad to see the last bit of the skyway go. For anyone that never hada the ability to ride it offered an unparalleled view of the Magic Kingdom. I remember the shop that existed underneath this station. I guess lack of use for so long finally caused its demise. It’s always sad to see an original portion of the Magic Kingdom go by the wayside.

  4. I loved the Skyway Buckets and they remain one of the most memorable Magic Kingdom images in my childhood memory – I found the primary colors so alluring and the heights so thrilling!

    But I can see why they needed to 86 them. My last ride in a bucket was in the Spring of 1997 and I was furious at a group of rowdy teenaged boys throwing drinks overboard to the ground (and tourists) below.

  5. Well I guess after 10 years sitting there doing nothing they finally decided to take in down!!

    I agree with the people above, for those of us that only can make it once a year these updates are great!!!

    I remember though the bathrooms in this area being a busy place….Off the top of my head I cannot remember where the next closet is. Any thoughts?

  6. Jack –
    What would all of us who live far away (we live in Iowa) do without your regular updates about our favorite place? We only get to Disney World every other year, so your blogs provide such a wonderful connection to what’s happening most recently. We also miss the Skyway. When our children were very little, they thought it was a “thrill” ride! Gotta love it!

  7. This was my favorite ride as a child – aside from Dumbo. I am going for my 19th time (I am 24) in March, and I still feel a twinge of sadness when I see the old entrance where it used to be.

  8. Jack: Thanks for keeping us apprised of the latest developments at our favorite place. I’m sorry to see it go, because of the liability issue or whatever it was. I only had the opportunity to ride it once, but it was enjoyable. Maybe this is the beginning of the Fantasyland expansion?