Thursday, 28th of May 2020 Menu Changes to Lunch/Dinner Menu at Morimoto Street Food

Thursday, May 28th 2020 changes to Morimoto Street Food Lunch/Dinner Menu

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Pork Egg Rolls costchanged from 8to 6
Bottled Watercostchanged from 3.5to 4
Popping Boba Teacostchanged from 6to 7
Craft and Canned Beers costchanged from 9to 12
Braised Chashu Pork Rice Bowlcostchanged from 12to 18
BBQ Pork Buncostchanged from 6to 7
Seven Daughters Winecostchanged from 9to 12
Chandon Sweet Star Sparklingcostchanged from 12to 16.5
Morimoto Easycup Junmai Sakecostchanged from 12to 13
Joto Onecup - Honjozo Sakecostchanged from 12to 13
Removed Morimoto Spare Ribsfrom Menu Items
Removed Takoyakifrom Menu Items
Removed Shrimp Tempura Rollfrom Menu Items
Removed Orange Gator & Waffle Conefrom Menu Items
Removed South Seas Slushfrom Menu Items
Removed Spicy Dan Dan Ramenfrom Menu Items
Removed Korean BBQ Pork Rice Bowlfrom Menu Items
Removed Daily Special Rice Bowlfrom Menu Items
Removed Asian Tamalefrom Menu Items
Removed Sesame Ballfrom Menu Items
Removed Futomakifrom Menu Items
Removed Spiked Street Slushfrom Menu Items
Added Tonkotsu Ramento Menu Items
Added BBQ Beef Tenderloin Rice Bowlto Menu Items
Added Japanese Pork Curry Rice Bowlto Menu Items
Added Entreesto Tonkotsu RamenMenu Categories
Added Entreesto BBQ Beef Tenderloin Rice BowlMenu Categories
Added Entreesto Japanese Pork Curry Rice BowlMenu Categories