Wednesday, 27th of May 2020 Price Changes to Lunch/Dinner Menu at Morimoto Street Food

Wednesday, May 27th 2020 changes to Morimoto Street Food Lunch/Dinner Menu

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Pork Egg Rolls costchanged from 8to 6
Bottled Watercostchanged from 3.5to 4
Popping Boba Teacostchanged from 6to 7
Craft and Canned Beers costchanged from 9to 12
Braised Chashu Pork Rice Bowlcostchanged from 12to 18
BBQ Pork Buncostchanged from 6to 7
Seven Daughters Winecostchanged from 9to 12
Chandon Sweet Star Sparklingcostchanged from 12to 16.5
Morimoto Easycup Junmai Sakecostchanged from 12to 13
Joto Onecup - Honjozo Sakecostchanged from 12to 13