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Room Service. Available 24 hours/day at no cost. Hours are limited on last night of ship.

Reviewed by bellebookworm9 Review Date: 02/20/2018

Rating: (9)

We ordered from room service several times on our recent three night cruise. Two evenings for a bedtime snack we chose the All Hands on Deck cheese plate. This is kind of a vague menu description: A selection of international cheeses. They don't tell you what they are, so you're kind of left to guess unless it's very obvious. The first night we received three cheeses; the final night, five. Each time a different kind of cracker accompanied it. We also ordered cookies (oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip). I had previously read these were "huge" but alas, they ask how many you would like, and they're actually pretty small.

We also ordered from the continental breakfast menu one morning, with an 8-8:30 delivery time. They delivered early, around 7:50. We chose two fruit bowls (plentiful and delicious) and I had cereal; we also asked for the items listed as "assortment of muffins" and "danishes". Somewhat confusing, as they do not mean you will GET an assortment of muffins, but rather they HAVE an assortment of muffins and will select one for you! We received one muffin (coconut?) and one cinnamon roll as the danish. Now we know better for next time!

Keep an envelope of small bills in an accessible place where anyone in your room can find it when room service delivers. There were a couple of occasions where my mom was on the phone or in the bathroom when the server arrived and I did not know where the envelope was to tip them!


Great food, makes you feel like you're living a life of luxury


Some menu items are not specific
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